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  1. Throwback

    Jack vs. Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    What the hell is a Goat any way? Jack was the best in his day, Tiger the best in his. The real question is who is next.
  2. Throwback

    Caddie picks up ball in hazard- incorrectly?

    Yes, But it was ruled on, interpretations of the rules, opinions, are fine.But what I see in this is a person doing a job badly and looking for an excuse, no sympathy for his actions. Sorry just don't see this as something I would want to dwell on.
  3. Not his biggest Fan, but I hope he does well.
  4. Throwback

    Caddie picks up ball in hazard- incorrectly?

    You guys need to find something real to discuss
  5. Pre-Shot just to keep everything in a groove, my post shot routine is trying to find the ball.
  6. Throwback

    How old are your irons?

    Also have my vintage sets : '67 Arnold Palmer Tru-Matics 2-the SW with Matching woods, and a set of MacGregor M65 ColoKroms with Matching woods from the 50's
  7. Throwback

    How old are your irons?

    1996 golfsmith squaretoed blades 1 iron thru 56 deg SW + 60 deg lob all with 1 inch over project X rifled flighted spine alighned 5.5 shafts with golfpride multi compound cord grips, love them with my Powerbilt Citation Persimons for the long shots
  8. Throwback

    Define The Bad Golfer

    A bad golfer is one who is constantly trying to improve my game not his.
  9. I had a set of these years ago and loved the simplicity, does anyone know what year they were made? My guess is the forty's but what do I know.
  10. Next thing You guys will tell me is to get one of them toyotos on a stick they call drivers these days and put up my powerbilts citations on the shelf. I simply stated that distance without accuracy is useless, and the short game is just as important as the long. Statistics can prove anything including that the world is flat.
  11. At the time you are probably correct about my weak iron play, And I've improved as that was almost 30 years ago, but I will still take accuracy, I still hit 280+ drives and have found the gap problem for me is my short irons are too long, 145 for my PW, 125 for my 56 deg SW. so I play for 150 to 125 yards from the pin any closer it becomes a partial swing situation and that requires a hell of a lot more thought than just ripping as far as I can. AS for what the pros do, let em has nothing to do with what the average Sunday golfer can do, If it did we would all be on the tour.
  12. Both are equally important, the key word is accuracy not distance, most consistant player I ever new was a 70 year old 5' tall Japanese gentleman never hit a drive over 200 yards but straight as an arrow, fairway wood to the green and a put or two, he beat me everytime with my 280+ yard drives into where ever they felt like going, and scambling to make a rescue Iron shot. It at least taught me how to use my irons. nuff said
  13. Throwback

    Macgregor 390w Par win

    Thanks Here's the one I just bought looks like new condition not refinished
  14. Throwback

    Hidden Golf Destination in Asia!

    Royal Golf Club Nihn Bihn Outside Hai Noi Beatiful Place Around $100.00 a round with Caddy remember to tip, Best course I've ever played (honestly I loved it, had to ride 2 hours in a mini bus from my job site to get to it, every Sunday)

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