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  1. Had half cast, binding and dressing removed this morning. Felt good to move my fingers and to see my pinkie straight for the first time in about 3 years. Stitches run from mid knuckle to base of hand, about 3-4 “. Very neat looking incision. Therapist cleaned up my hand and rewrapped it but only in gauze. Only a little dried blood and couple of tiny bruises were evident. Fingers remained free to move after rewrap and she set me up with some home exercises until next week Thursday. See surgeon in 8 days and most likely stitches come out. Meanwhile I wear the premade splint at night only. All in all things appear excellent and pain is quite tolerable, very modest.
  2. Not sure if many share my sentiment but should a major look as easy as this one did yesterday, despite perfect conditions?
  3. Thanks for responses.....They anaesthetized me & by the time I came to it had taken less than an hour. More time in pre-op & recovery, about 3 hrs in total. Haven't seen the incision yet, my hand still wrapped and in half cast. In 3 days it gets unwrapped at therapy and the cast discarded. Dressing will be changed then and I begin wearing a molded plastic splint pre-made for my hand but only at night when sleeping. Stitches out in 2 weeks, therapist once a week and a take home set of exercises to follow. So far so good, pain tolerable but annoying. My surgeon had suggested the snip but an orthopaedic surgeon acquaintance of mine said best get it all removed. So I'll see what happens in few days and keep you updated.
  4. Had surgery on my right hand two days ago. Doctors told me I have a hereditary disease called Dupuytren's Contracture. A cord of fibrous tissue develops under the skin your palm eventually pulling downward one or all of your digits, even the thumb. Starts with a fleshy pad forming at base of finger(s) that resembles a callus and it's painless. Can happen with toes also and is more prevalent in men. In my case it's my little finger. Resulted in my finger bent down on my palm with very little chance of moving it consciously. The cord was very tight, hard and a ridge formed on my palm from first knuckle to almost base of hand, made it difficult to grip a club, let alone swing consistently well. Last 3 years I tried doing things to compensate but as condition got worse, surgery was inevitable. I just recently read an article on PGA tour player Tim Herron and was surprised to learn he had developed the disease conditions also. Until he got it fixed he could no longer compete. Him, his sister & dad have videos out on the subject. He seems eager to join Champions Tour, and is getting into more PGA events as he readies himself. Anyway I start therapy Monday and hope I can get in more golf this year with the thought of hitting the ball like I used to. Anybody else ever had to deal with this or something similar, and were you able to return to some sort of normalcy concerning your golf game.
  5. Don't see anybody withdrawing after shooting a high opener. When was last time someone did or how many times has it happened in past at Masters? See it all the time on regular tour. I'm guessing if someone does this at Masters it might be frowned upon. A call from the Commish maybe?
  6. Can't stand Aphibarnrat, probably because like me, he looks so non-athletic but can play whereas I can't. Don't like the slow players, especially Ben Crane. Followed a group behind him one day, and he takes forever. Can't remember what year it was when Sabattini, on a TV broadcast, got tired of waiting and drilled one over his head from behind. I always liked Sabattini after that. A special dislike for the players who shoot a bad round opening day and then withdraw from the tournament, some with excuses. And then, there they are again next week.
  7. Argumentum ad hominem ..... "When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff." ..... Cicero .
  8. Going to agree with Vinsk, he handled it well. At least that's how the show portrays it. Never said if he cashed in on all the infamy or if he did, how much? There was one part I wondered about. When he physically went into the water to assess the situation, Van De Velde said the ball sank even deeper. Is that a penalty, being in a hazard and causing the ball to move?
  9. Just looking at the field & their official photos on the PGA site. Trey Mullinax doesn't even look old enough to have a beer.
  10. What I'm saying is this... other than zero points, there is no penalty for missing the cut. Then I asked whether there should be more emphasis placed on making the cut and should it reflect upon the fedex point scoring system. Also should DQ'd or even WD be considered? What kind of penalty i think would have to be decided. Perhaps there isn't enough of a point differential between the last player making the cut and the guy who doesn't. Maybe a point deduction from current totals. I don't really know if there is an answer or whether it's a valid concern. Merely asking opinion...thanks
  11. I know the only players who receive Fedex points are those who make the cut. However, should there be a penalty or deduction of points if someone does not make the cut? Or even DQ'd? Theoretically a pro could play an event each week, miss the cut in every (500+ for win)tournament except one where he wins thus gaining a two year exemption and enough points to get into Fedex Cup playoffs. Same would go for a pro who only achieves a couple of top 2 or 3 finishes. There are a number of scenarios in which a consistent cut maker is not rewarded or situations where an inconsistent cut maker is not punished for missing the cut. These guys are pros, so they don't get paid for missing cuts. Cuts are such an integral part of the game and since these are pros with money always on the line, then should the cut line have an emphasis on the Fedex points system? Sponsorships, endorsements and other income aside from actually playing professional golf, it costs money to play in a tournament and would be an expense if the cut is not made. However there is no expense, and by that I mean no Fedex points lost, if the cut is missed.
  12. If that's the case then who lowered the boom on Lexi? Rules officials on the GC are similar to assistant coaches, provide aid to head coach and players. In golf, someone(body) has the ultimate power to make a rules decision and invoke penalties, Lexi was not punished by her fellow competitors. I think rules officials need to be redefined.
  13. As an off-duty rules official, would I be more remiss to not report something I see on TV? That is the question. Obviously by my username you can tell I'm a basketball referee (an avocation). Can't recall ever being overruled by a fellow official who was off duty. What we do is discuss rule judgments with all officials so that everyone knows what to look for and then interpret the same way when we are working a game. So to answer my question, I would not appreciate an off duty official calling in to report a violation but i would expect the observed violation to be discussed amongst other officials so that they recognize it, as well as rule on it in a consistent fashion. This can only improve vigilance and judgment.
  14. Your point is valid. 'Deliberately' seems to be the only logical default position a ruling body can make. Don't think it can say, 'Oh, sorry about that, you're forgiven" What ticks me off is that if Schneiderjans did do what i thought he did and gets away with it then it could seriously affect another golfer. If he did cheat then how would that affect a guy like Poulter who needs $144K these next two weeks to keep his card. I wish I had taped it and had a video to show. Who the hell pays attention to a 1 inch putt at any level?
  15. Was Ausitin penalized? That's exactly what one sees when Schneiderjans goes to tap it in yesterday. The only difference is that for Ollie the ball was on the far lip of the cup and he reached across over top of the ball with the club from the front and tried. His putter sticks without making contact, then he sweeps ball towards himself to hole it, very similar to Woody's actions back then. Where's the phone? What's the e-mail address? If it is a penalty then someone still has all day to call it in, just ask Lexi. Legally....Is it fraud if you knowingly cheat and get away with it, while aware of how much money is involved?
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