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  1. Sure. Has anyone ever heard of one before? Nothing coming up when I Google it.
  2. Does anyone have any info on a Titleist Highlander 2002 A wedge? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks - I was thinking the same thing - plus it will be easier!
  4. Thanks, here's what I have - 3 - C9 4 - D5 5 - D3 6 - D3 7 - D3 8 - D3 9 - D3 P - D2 A - C8 S - D7 Do you think these weights are OK or do you think I should maybe change the 3, attack and sand wedge?
  5. Thanks guys - that's good advice for sure but my swing weights range from C9 to D7 throughout the set and I thought that might be a bit too much difference. I'm not so dialed in that I want them all exactly the same but I thought it would be nice if they were closer.
  6. Hi - I'm shafting some heads and need some advice on adding weight to the grip end of shaft to bring swing weight down. Hoping someone with experience has a good method to add weight to butt end of steel shaft. thanks, J
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the replies - I bought the scale you linked. I'm putting together some clubs so I actually need to have a scale. Thanks again
  8. Hey and thanks - do I need a postal scale or is this unit self contained?
  9. Hello - can anyone recommend a good, economical and accurate ($100 or less) swing weight scale. A link to a good method of discerning swing weight without using a scale might work as well. Thanks!
  10. Thanks - if I drill the hole it seems like the new epoxy would fill it and adhere to it as well. I hadn't thought of the pressure build up. Makes total sense to me - thanks very much. J
  11. Sounds good - thanks very much for your response. J
  12. Hello - I bought some used steel shafts with some epoxy still on the inside of the shafts. My question is, do I really need to remove the old epoxy, and if so, what is the easiest way to remove it? I'm guessing I'll need to remove it so it doesn't break off inside the shaft at some point and rattle around. Thanks very much
  13. Thanks Adam - that's what I was looking for.
  14. Thanks for the info everyone - much appreciated. I have a another shaft question. Looking for a shaft similar to the Snake Eyes Quick Strike R-flex found on the Quick Strike hybrids.
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