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  1. From 120 to 100. How long did it take you?

    I started playing when I was 35. Don't think or at least cant remember ever having a 120 but certainly many rounds between 100-110. Took me almost a year to break 100. Personally I think it depends on your athletic ability, practice, feel, lessons, etc on how quick you get to where you want to be. Its a game that requires practice for most of us if you didn't start the game at a young age.
  2. Good Cheap golf balls

    Okay I have now tried out several different new balls and here are my thoughts. From Pinnacle Soft went to Wilson Duo Spin, Volvik Vibe and most recently the Callaway Chrome Soft X Turvis. I felt like all of these balls have a soft feel with good distance. Could not see any noticeable difference in distance. Spin around the green with Volvik and Callaway slightly better. Do love the turvis look (yellow & black) on the Callaway Soft as I can see and follow the ball much better. No I'm not a GT grad. Still have found on occasion they will all go in the woods or water.
  3. Booking tee times as a single?

    At many of the courses around its difficult to get someone to answer the phone at the pro shops. Everything is booked through GN or another similar site. Even when I left my phone in the cart I tried calling back without success. Drove back and got it.
  4. Good Cheap golf balls

    I've played Pro V1x for the past 21 years. Recently I played with a friend who switched to the Pinnacle Long & Soft from Pro V1s so I decided to try them out. Amazed at the length and the softness of the ball. Shot 79 yesterday best round this year. $15 dz. I'm going to continue to use them and see what happens to my game. In my opinion there are a lot of good balls out there today and some may fit your swing better than others.
  5. Impact Snap trainer device

    I'm sure this has been discussed here before but could not locate it. What is the overall opinion on this training device. Does anyone on here highly recommend it and had success with it. Thanks, Skip
  6. We just got all new range balls at our course and they only travel 75% of the normal golf ball. There Callaway balls. Not sure if its a reduction in compression or what makes it only go 75% but thats all they go. I can only hit my drives 200 yds at the range.
  7. High Launch High spin Driver

    Your launch angle and spin are very high. Would think launch should be somewhere around 12-13 and spin 2500 or below. You didn't mention what degree loft driver you are using? You could be hitting down on the ball, the ball might be a high spin ball, shaft, etc. Is this a new driver for you or just the first time to a simulator.