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  1. For me what I love about golf is while I’m on the course I am only focused on hitting my shots and making my putts. This helped me a great deal after my father passed away. I was able to spend a couple of hours only thinking about golf and not how much I missed him
  2. Something similar happened to some buddies of mine years ago. We are all on the tee box and waiting to hit. One buddy is swinging warming up. And because it had rained the night before he takes a giant divot spraying the other guy straight up his front from his waist to his hat. It looked like someone loaded a shot gun with mud and blasted him. Needless to say me and their other guy were rolling laughing. He didn't think it was very funny. But I thought it was hilarious.
  3. My goal this year was to get to a single digit handicap. And I have achieved it. After taking 15 years off from golf I started again in April and through lessons and a lot of playing I am now under 9. Now my new goal is to get to a sub 7 by the end of the year. Playing on a home course rated at 74.4 / 141 helps.
  4. I left out the part where I would have asked to speak to a manager first. If I got nowhere with that then I would go online with my story. There are many companies that are very customer centric like Glenmorangie (love it BTW). I have not felt that way with PGA SS and many others.
  5. Actually what is more effective and quicker is to light them up on social media. You will be amazed at the response you will get when you bring this up on their FB page or Twitter. That is my go to now when a company does wrong by me. And so far every time it has been corrected.
  6. I have some of the Callaway ones. I don't get to use them very often since it is always windy here. Wind REALLY has an effect on them. But I have used them inside working on my chipping and flop shot swing.
  7. The reason there are "unhealthy" looking guys on tour is most likely poor eating. It is simple math. Even though you burn 5k calories a day if you take in 7k then you are going to put on the pounds. I also think the transient aspect of tour golf makes it harder to eat healthy when you are eating out for every meal.
  8. Very good post. To get some perspective if you have the golf channel record some of the early rounds on Thursday and Friday and watch the non leaders. You will see a lot of missed shots. And then there is this..... http://golfweek.com/2017/04/23/bud-cauley-suffers-double-hit-at-valero-texas-open-but-still-manages-to-save-bogey/ If it happens to the pros it can happen to you. So stop beating yourself up about it.
  9. This is common. At least you didn't do what I did. I was bored one day so I decided to hit some foam balls in my garage. I don't have a mat so I used my welcome mat. Wrong answer. After around 5 swings I smelled burning rubber. I looked at my club and I guess from the friction it melted part of my mat into the club. Took forever to get that off.
  10. I have been closer to lightning fishing than I have ever been on the golf course. I had lightning strike a tree around 100 yards from where I was when I was a kid. I could feel the heat from it and it exploded the tree. It was crazy. I have played with people also that didn't seem to realize how dangerous lightning is and would not get off the course. I told them I was going in and good luck.
  11. 100% this. I absolutely hate working out/running/etc. I however love competition. Many years ago at the ripe old age of 30 I took up ice hockey to lose weight. I had never been on ice skates before in my life (it looked like fun and how hard can it be right?). I loved every minute of it. If you want to lose a good chunk of weight and get in pretty good cardio shape take up ice hockey (you can burn up to 800 calories/hour). If a born and bred Texan can take it up later in life and do OK at it anyone can.
  12. Looks like my new goal is to stay healthy so I can play. I pulled my intercostal muscle on my right side so no swings for me for 2-4 weeks (if I am lucky). And the worst part is I did it putting in new landscaping. Teach me to be cheap and do it myself. I guess I can work on my putting until I am good to go.
  13. ANd this is why I love my home course. For $54 / month I get unlimited range balls, a free group lesson on Saturday and Sunday (there is never more than 3-5 people signed up), and then discounted rates on the course. And can play for free after 6:00. I agree the net is a good/bad idea. You can think you are making great contact and then when you go out you are hitting the ball all over the place. Unless you are going to get the SKytrak with it. I think they have plans as low as $59/month.
  14. I 100% agree with this. When I got back into playing golf I could not hit a full bucket of balls without really bad lower back pain halfway through. I started doing core strengthening exercises and stretches and now I can hit a full bucket no problem. I have been diagnosed with facet arthritis in my back (several years ago) and that is what was causing my pain. By strengthening the muscles it takes the strain off the facet joints and thus no pain.
  15. Since I am just starting playing again after taking 10 years off I plan to get to the range/course at least 4-5 times per week and get my handicap below 12. I also plan to keep taking leasions ( had my first lesson ever 5 weeks ago and signed up for a package of 10). I also hope to be able to get into better golf shape by strengthening my back/core, losing some weight, and increasing flexibility.
  16. Shot a 45-43-86 on a new course today. I think it was a great score for me considering we had wind gusts of 35+ And sustained winds of 20 mph. At least with the wind it was pretty dead on the course and finished 18 in a little over 3 hours.
  17. Forgot to say I am playing on my "home" course this afternoon in the gale force winds. So I was planning on getting the baseline then.
  18. Thanks. I will try this tomorrow when I go out and play yet again on a new course. :)
  19. I 100% agree with this post. I have a question. I am a fairly decent putter but the problem I have is I play on different courses all the time. And it seems like it takes me 5-6 holes to figure out the speed of the greens. This is after I have practiced on the practice green for around 30 minutes. Is this one of those it is what is situations? Or maybe practice more on the practice green before heading out? I also tend to notice the practice green speed can vary form the actual green speeds. I play on mid tier courses so maybe that is why. It is just frustrating when I 2 put all over the place on the front 9 and then dial it in on the back 9.
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