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  1. I've noticed golf has the characteristics to make it a full metaphor for life. The holes representing each stage you go through. The decisions you make impacting the future, while at the same time getting the chance to have a fresh start or at least redeem yourself as you transition through to each hole. Using a vast variety of skills and tools you must use at the appropriate time to not only improve yourself, but to improve your game. What metaphors have you seen in golf that translate to life? Do you see golf as a philosophy? Can you translate the morals, decisions, attitudes, and ethics of Golf to your life?
  2. What do I count on when I need a little help? I count on friends, family, barbeques, music, hobbies, and anything that can clear my mind and get me thinking a little straighter again. One of those activities is golf. Golf is very unique. It’s fun, relaxing, and rewarding, while at the same time, being difficult and frustrating. It’s an escape. You have time to just unwind, relax, drink, and be on one of the most beautiful things on earth; a golf course. Probably the most important characteristic of golf is the fact that it can’t be perfected. This characteristic makes it a perfect metaphor for life. You can work constantly to perfect your game, but it’s impossible. The only thing you can hope to accomplish is that with time, hard work, devotion, and practice, you can slowly improve a little more each day until you get to a point you are happy with. And one of the most important characteristics about a golfer, that ties perfectly into the metaphor for life, is that when you do get to that point, it is still not good enough. You can always improve. You can always do something a little different, or take a different approach. Do you work around the fairway, or cut through the trees? Do you take the almost impossible shot at the green, or lay it up short so you have an easier second shot? Do you try to hit it out of the badger hole or do you take a drop? These are your choices you will have to make and you won’t know until you make them if they were the right or wrong choice. If it was the right choice, use it again next game. If it was the wrong choice, you can learn from it, move on, and ultimately, making the wrong choice once in a while will improve your game. The same concept goes for the decisions you make in life. I am not, or at least I hope that I am not, the only one who has seen how many lessons taken from golf can relate to our everyday lives. How we can use golf to make our lives better for ourselves, our friends, our families, and complete strangers. These reasons are why I created Hioism. Just like golf, Hioism is supposed to be entertaining while you learn about this practice. It is not meant to directly and perfectly relate to every aspect of every person’s lives; just as how every person does not golf the same. Hioism teaches how to translate the decisions, ethics, persistence, patience, and attitudes in golf to your life to reach happiness and enrich your life, and the lives of those around you.
  3. Haha yes, I was talking about the less frustrating part of golf. Of course when we are talking about how golf translates to life, then yes, life can be infuriating and disheartening and full of tantrums and throwing stuff. But the only way you will play (live) well is to fix your mistakes, your attitude, and figure out how to turn everything around. Get back on the right path.
  4. I wrote a topic recently about Hioism. A religion that was started largely because of the belief that the morality, honesty, and overall experience that golf provides, translates well to ones life and the decisions or situation they find themselves in. I loved reading the comments about how people felt about this connection. About golf bringing out the positive qualities in people and about a general spirituality and calm that golf provides that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else. I would love to hear stories from anyone who both agrees and disagrees that golf indeed has a spiritual side that can teach lessons about life, or at the very least, bring about the necessary relaxation that leads to positive attitudes and a deeper understanding of what is important in life.
  5. Yes, that is my website. Because of the reasons I stated above I created a "religion" (more of a philosophy with some fun back stories thrown in) using the ethics and spirit of golf as a model for your life and your attitudes and actions towards others.
  6. I noticed that there were many aspects of golf that related to every day life. The values, ethics, morals, and general uniqueness of Golf translate very well to life and the decisions, actions, and paths we take in life. Golf takes patience. Hard work. Dedication. It cant be perfected. It gives us choices and rewards us for the right ones while punishing us for the bad decisions. At times it's the most frustrating thing and at others its the most gratifying. Because of these reasons, and many others, I created Hioism. It is a way to bring the aspects and attitude of golf to situations in your life to gain happiness, relaxation, and purpose, just like on the golf course.
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