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  1. The best male player, tour 1, second male, tour 2, scratch. In that order. Now I’m checking the results. edit: checked the results and I wasn’t far of. I still might be right the next round.
  2. 7th hole after 6 pretty atrocious holes is the #1 hcp hole on the course. It’s a dogleg left downhill par 4 where the second shot is over water to an isolated green (forest around the green). My friend hits a straight 3 iron to the dogleg, a very good shot. Tells me I wanna see you hit a better shot that this. Now I’ve been hitting 4 iron/3 hybrid on this hole in the past. Usually it was ok, but I could’ve been long with both of these clubs (don’t carry the 3 hybrid anymore). So I pulled my 5 iron and hit the perfect draw 220 yards total around the dogleg to a plateau where I had 120 yards left to the center of the green. You can’t hit a better shot on the hole unless you hit a high draw over the trees (very high) in front of the water or on the green (both totally blind shots).
  3. I don’t have an official correct hcp at the moment but my garmin has me at 18,8. And if I see correctly it’s still a greenside bunker so the shot should be closer to 20 yards not 40? My bunker play is definitely better than my hcp would indicate. It very rarely happens that I don’t finish on the green from any greenside bunker shot. And a majority of the time I’m in easy 2 putt range.
  4. Looking at the layout my thought was immediately going for it. I’m not afraid of the bunker, I’m pretty sure I’m leaving with a par from the hole if I hit it. The low average scoring play would probably be somewhere left of the green short of the bunkers. From 40 yards out an up and down is actually a real possibility. But I just can’t hit irons on reachable par 4s. That’s why my scoring sucks 😂 And after writing all that I think of a 265 yard par 4 that is hole #1 on a local course that I never drove before. Thing is that that specific green is a blind shot with water behind the green. So I never dare to hit driver of the tee afraid of being too long. I’ve been 20 yards short with my 3 wood though.
  5. And how about a massive mower that is on the green everyday. I don’t drive my push cart over the green, but I do drive it over tee boxes if they are in my way. The only reason is that a lot of them are battery driven and they might spin out on the green doing some damage that way if the user is not careful. Yes they still have them and charge some for them. But they are crap and most of the people have their own and many are battery driven.
  6. Didn’t get to watch it but watched the highlights and the outtakes and it was great. Payton roasting Brady multiple times even during warmups was awesome. Being an Eagles fan made it even better 🙂
  7. And there were some that went 400y.
  8. I’ve been checking it out on google maps and their fairways are wider than their driving range...
  9. They weren’t really able to hold the greens from 180+ out so it must’ve been quite firm - at least at the first par 3 that is. And the course really didn’t look special to me, wide open with some really large elements of water and waste/sand areas. Pretty boring, there are probably 12 better courses in the UK alone.
  10. Nope. This is an example of what I’m used to playing. 30-35 yard tree lined fairways where you usually don’t find the ball in the trees or at least have a hard time punching out
  11. I’m watching this and Seminole looks like a driving range to me. Huge fairways, yeah there are some insane carries from their tees but I never played on such an open course. Got bored now as the down time between shots was too much. They should’ve used carts.
  12. On paper it seems like four-ball should be easy win for Rory and DJ so I’d much prefer a foursome to make it more even. That being said the way the skins are set up and as they are progressive this should still be entertaining as $750000 is still up for grabs on the final 2 holes and on any single hole the chances are pretty even. I’d even think a texas scramble would be even better for the excitement.
  13. One of the most impressive patterns I’ve seen was on one of the European tour 500 shot par 3 videos. Dude had like 10 3’ lines straight as an arrow
  14. Fml what a stupid system. Didn’t realize it was dependent on a login to work. Isn’t all data stored locally anyway? I mean just patch an update bypassing the login before you shut down the company?
  15. So I haven’t been out to play since last week and I don’t know what’s happening? Can I still use the device? I didn’t connect it to the website but only ever used the app. Is it not working without their online support?
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