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  1. What I meant by that is that I have a problem using this technique (that I understood poorly in the first place) to generate distance. Especially on the slower greens I'm used to. On the fast ones from yesterday getting distance wasn't a problem. Well it depends. Well you did have a 38 there :) Thing is that I'm not used to those greens. When I play another course over here that has slower greens I never putt more than 18 times for 9 holes. And as I've said I 3 putted the first 2 holes, then when I got a bit more used to the greens I 3 putted 3 times in the next 15... I know it's not anywhere perfect or very good but at this point my end score consists of about 1/3 putting instead of 1/2. (this is all for the sake of argument, I know that I will need to improve my putting and I am working on it, just at this point in my game my putting is the strong suit)
  2. I will take that into consideration. I will also film myself putting - I didn't even consider doing that before.
  3. Thing is that I don't consider myself a poor putter. I played a tournament on one of the nicest courses in our country yesterday. Probably the fastest greens and they kept getting faster as the sun was shining yesterday (I was told that by a friend in my flight that finished with a 76). I had 38 putts on 17 holes. I had 5 3 putts. 2 of those 3 putts came on the first 2 holes. And I was rarely inside 10 feet for the first putt. In a round of 101 over 17 holes (had ESC on one par 5 where I picked the ball up) 38 putts were pretty decent.
  4. Played my first tournament today. Second ever 18 holes. Won the 36-54 HCP category with 42 net points (had 8 gross points). So my first 9 started shaky but I managed to play 50 with 2 pars and 1 single with my only triple coming on a par 3 that I went into deep rough with my first shot and then 3 putted. Had 3 GIR on OUT. Then the second 9 I though I would do fine but stamina got the best of me and from the 13th hole on we had a ranger on our backs that we didn't play fast enough even though we had no one waiting for us (had a big gap behind us) So that threw me off quite a bit especially as he was parked 10 yards away from me for 4 or 5 shots... Had 5 3 putts but these greens were probably the fastest around here by a mile and they kept getting faster as the sun was burning down. My lag putting was pretty good but my finishing left to be desired.
  5. Played my second ever 18 holes. Didn't break 100 but I did lower my HCP by 6 strokes. Was on point after the first 9. Shot a 50. Then on the back 9 I had 51 + one where I picked the ball up (would probably be around a 10) so a 111-112... Frustrating.
  6. Just finished a tournament. A friend in my flight (that finished +4 on the round) told me I'm slowing the putter on the downswing.
  7. Ok, so I didn't have time to read this whole thread through so if this has already been answered just point me in the right direction and I'll read it. I have been trying this method for a while now and I feel like I can implement it in my game. What I do have trouble with is lag putting, or specifically LONG lag putting. Like 30' long. I can't seem to generate enough power with the pendulum swing to get that kind of distance without actually "hitting" the ball. I mean I'd almost have to raise the putter perpendicular to the floor to get distance on those really long putts.
  8. Pro told me I'm way too bent over so I followed his advice today also worked on keeping my head still and shallowing my downswing (and steepening the upswing) I'm seeing progress :)
  9. So I have actually played 9 holes this week instead of just practicing. Took the driver out for every par 4 and 5 even though it wasn't the smart play. But it was a casual round and I need some valuable course time with my driver. Somehow by not practicing with it this week has added a slice to my driver - I'm thinking most of my troubles were because I forgot how I'm supposed to setup with the driver, especially the spine angle. I am currently hitting my irons really well, my putting was decent (had one 3 putt but it was on a blowup hole anyway). Chipping was hot and cold. I chipped pretty close with some long irons but overshot once with my 60 that is usually my most trusted club and also had 2 total shanks with it. One was from the fairway about 30 yards out, and the fairway was like hitting of off bouncy rubber, so because I didn't hit it 100% it bounced and I bladed it. Luckily for me it still ended up on the green. So I'm not going to be able to work on much this week, mostly "dry" 5-10 mins drills at home in the evening but hopefully I'll be able to practice on Friday and Saturday, because I'm playing a tournament on Sunday (same course I played 9 on Monday). I will be playing smart, possibly leaving the driver in the car or maybe hit it only on "safe" holes, so my goal is to break 100 and by as much as possible. I think a "fake" 100 should be easy as it's Stableford and I'm supposed to pick the ball up on any hole I do a quadruple on. My strategy is to play for par on all par 3's, play for single on all par 4s and play for double on all par 5s. In an ideal round that would leave me with a 90, so I still got 10 shots to "waste" and break the 100. A round like that will also heavily influence my HCP. It will only be my 2nd ever 18 hole round.
  10. That's not true, you get into pressure situations quite often. And once you've done enough of them you can either handle them or you can't. It doesn't matter what sport.
  11. To all guys saying how a tournament is a different situation- it depends if he ever played competitively before. I played volleyball on a high level and the jitters are gone in the first 20 seconds of a match. A golf tournament shouldn't be any different for anyone who played competitive sports before...
  12. Played the back nine (used to be the front nine) on the course we are having a tournament on Sunday. Played 56... Again played the driver and started with a flop shot driver :) 60 yards in the air with 40 distance. Got to near green with next 2 and then doubled on the first par 4. Second hole is a long par 5 nailed the driver 20 yards shorter than the pro that played with us, carrying the fairway bunkers. Was near GIR with my third then just overhit the wedge and it rolled down the green. 2 putted for another double. Third hole is a 220 yard bit downhill par 3. Hit my 5 iron (didn't have a good feeling with my 4 iron on the range) and was about 2 yards short of the green. Left the hole with a single. Fourth hole was my first blowup hole. It's WIDE open but I managed to push slice 2 drives out of bounds. Third drive hit the fairway. Made double with my third ball so 10 total. Fifth hole again driver pull slice on the adjacent fairway, took my 5 iron for my second tee shot and duffed it badly. Still finished with a triple on the par 4. Sixth hole is a 130ish par 3. Pro said anyone who makes par gets a beer. Naturally I made par :) Seventh is a 500 yard par 5, first shot was into a water hazard about 180 out, third shot was a nice 5 iron to about 180 from the green but with a sidehill lie. Fourth shot was 170 yards missed the green left 15 yards. Then I hit my first wedge shank in ages and went 45 degrees away from the hole. Long story short left it with a quadruple. Eight hole is another par 5. Drive went about 230ish and just rolled into the fairway bunker on the adjacent fairway... Hit my 7 iron but duffed it and hit the edge of the bunker. Then hit the edge again with a 60 wedge, then finally on my third wedge shot got about 80 yards out of the bunker. So my 5th shot I was 180 out and took a 9 iron, wanted to play smart and hit a nice shot. Left me with about a 70 yard approach. Pitched with a pitch wedge and it went sailing over the green. Too much juice on it but a clean contact. Finished with a 9 again. 9th hole is a 160 yard par 3. Hit my 6 iron to about 5 yards away from the pin. 2 putts for second par of the day. For the tournament I'm thinking of leaving the driver at home as I won't be able to practice a lot this week and I've only been hitting the driver for a month or so. I might take it with me but only play it on "safe" holes where there is no out of bounds danger. So I finished with a 56 total (might have actually been a 58 now that I think about it, since another guy kept score for all of us and somehow his phone didn't record a 10 on the 4th). 17 net points. Without a driver I think my score would be around 50. Maybe breaking 50 since I had 4 OB and 1 water hazard and a bunker that I couldn't have reached with any of my other clubs.
  13. The part where no one calls a shot that barely gets to chest height a flop shot. You'd just need more of a backswing and it would go twice as high as well imo. Good job anyway.
  14. This might not qualify though according to the shaming I was put through
  15. Just spitballing here but - Could it be just that your lead foot is not rotated enough towards the target at address?