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  1. Killa

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I'm not the shortest hitter out there. A 3 wood will get me somewhere between 200-220 yards of carry. A driver about 240-260. My "safe" club off the tee is a 5 iron. The thing is that I know that not using the driver efficiently is not helping my scoring, but currently I can't hit the driver on the local driving range and I just can't practice it enough. Most 250 yard shots that travel off line on the courses I play will get you in severe trouble. Lost balls, OB etc. If you are lucky, you're only in a water hazard...Anything wide open I'm smacking a driver. But on my favorite course that's 1 hole... But every now and again I play a 6600 yard course. And I'd really need a great driver for that one. It sucks when you hit 2 "perfect" 3 woods on a par 4 and still end up short of the green.
  2. Killa

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    I carry 13 clubs and I hit pretty much all of them in a round of 18. The 4i, 6i, 8i get hit the least, besides the driver that just gets me into trouble. I hit my 3 wood on every par4 and par5 that isn't too tight. For everything else is the 5i. 7i, 9i and down are used on most approach shots after that. If I'd need to reduce I could probably go with 3w, 5i,7i,9i, PW, 60w and putter. So 7 clubs. Even though the 52 and 56 wedges often come in handy.
  3. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    I played a round on Thursday and developed a bad case of the topsies. I stop transferring the weight forward but rather push off with my left leg and this causes me to lift up. On the last hole I concentrated hard to feel like I go down when I hit the ball and that helped. Will try to get a practice session in on Monday to see if I can correct it. That is currently my first priority, to get my weight forward on impact because I can do it perfectly on my practice swings.
  4. Killa

    Ball vs Green

    When I play soft balls my approach shots will usually roll back. It might roll back 10’ with a prov1 on a softer green. On a firmer green it might roll forward about 3’
  5. IMO that’s exactly where you are wrong. From 60 it’s almost impossible to need more than 2 shots. You’ll take a couple of pitches to get within 20 feet and you’ll hole the putt in less than 2 minutes. You just need to decide which holes you want to get the birdies on and then take pars on the rest and move on.
  6. I don’t think you ever need to give up on a putt unless it’s like 70 feet. But you won’t have such a putt as you’ll mulligan your approach. If you would need to walk alone, and reset the ball each time yourself then it’s impossible for most players. If you got caddies then no problem at the least if you can reach at least 4 GIR. If you have someone just placing ball after ball on your spot to putt rapidliy one after another you don’t even need to read greens. Hit one, miss by 20 feet, adjust, hit another miss by 10 feet, adjust, rinse repeat. Takes about 2 seconds per attempt...
  7. You can get pin sheets at the receptions of pretty much all of the better public places I play. I only use them on courses I didn’t play before or maybe only once before just to know where the center of the green is in relation to the pin on longer approach shots.
  8. Unlimited mulligans and 3 - 4 caddies I could shoot -4 easily.
  9. To go from 34 to 26.1 is quite a task in only a couple of competitions. If we say a couple = 2 then she'd need to play at least 16 under in 2 rounds. And since she'd go 4 down in the first competition that means 20 under in 2 rounds. That's bordering on impossible if she isn't actually a real 20ish hcp... 34 - 30 hcp you need 44 net points (breakeven for a 26) then 30-26.1 you need 44 net points again (breakeven for a 22 hcp). That's an improvement I was hoping for this year - from 31 to under 20, but I think I won't be able to do it because I don't play in enough tournaments. And I'm a MUCH better player than I was when I shot my 31 hcp score...
  10. Killa

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Shot a 110 round that I didn’t even feel bad during the round... didn’t loose a single ball but the lenght of the course just killed me. 6600 yards.
  11. Killa

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    Not being able to reproduce my practice swing. Reverting back to old habits on the second nine holes when I get more tired (almost no weight forward on impact) Not using a driver off the tee. I can hit a 3 wood pretty consistently somewhere in the 190-210y range but on longer courses that’s not nearly enough. Today I played a course with several 400-430 yard par 4s. Not fun hitting a decent 3 wood from the fairway and still not being really near the green.
  12. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    I played a really long course again today - 6600 yards. Didn’t play as bad as my score ended up. 110... It’s hard to score when you are hitting 3 wood,3 wood on par 4s. Need to start working on my driver but the local range is closed and will be for a while. 40 yards on every hole would definitely help a lot.
  13. Killa

    Brooks Koepka putting grip

    I used to have a similar grip that my instructor then disallowed. Because I wasn’t making a stroke but rather flipping at the ball.
  14. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    Didn’t have the time to practice a lot since the last video session but I played 36 holes in the meantime. I can keep a solid swing during the 9 hole rounds but I start to break down during 18. I guess that’s because I carry my bag and I’m not in the best shape of my life (just too much sitting at work So here are two new videos. These are at about 50% swing speed. If I could repeat this swing at 90% I’d be really happy. So my plan is just slow swings like this until I can do it at 90%. So now I will focus at the short game and putting for a while and still do 20-40 swings like these during my practices.
  15. Killa

    Stableford scores and sandbagging

    That’s called sandbagging in the US hcp system. I only have time to play 3-4 tournament rounds in a season due to work/small children. I do try to move my work a bit during the week so I can shoot a quick 9 holes or a full round here and there without loosing family time. Most of these rounds are me walking as a single. And I do practice whenever I have the time - much easier to take 30-45mins than 4-5 hrs I’d gladly report it but I can’t. I mean last time out I shot a 42 (unofficial) and I played like crap...

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