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  1. Would you be so kind and check my swing video thread?
  2. I'm having a hard time working on Key #3, I still flip with my irons. I've read a couple of posts where a stronger grip (rotated clockwise) helps immediately. I couldn't confirm that on the range yet, but practice swings in my house feel much better, like I don't have to battle the flip. I feel that I'm flipping because my clubhead is moving too fast for me to hold it back, it just catches up with my hands too fast, if you know what I'm trying to say here.
  3. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    So, new year, new videos, new goals. The goals might not be achieved this year as I just can't find enough time to practice and/or play. Here are two new videos from yesterday. Full speed: My priority has now become Key #3. I think I got keys 1 and 2 "mastered". At least to an acceptable level (for now). I still see that I flip and I think that the reason I flip is the same reason I don't shallow out enough, even though I'm currently satisfied with my downswing plane (again, for now). I now need to go find many drills to work on key #3, as that seems the most obvious choice for my priority - NO MORE FLIPS.
  4. Our club has bought a Trackman4 this past winter and I will be using it for a couple of (discounted) hours as well. My idea is that the first thing I will do is to get my shot zones and carry distances for all clubs and for partial clubs as well for distances under 100 yards. That will help me with the GamePlanning and should lower my scores quite a bit. If I will use it after that then I guess I'll have our club pro watching over me and let him take over. I mean I studied golf quite a bit but I'll let him take over for now.
  5. Killa

    changing balls during play

    No I pick something that I didn’t make myself. I know that’s against the rules. So maybe a specific leaf that shimers or just a spot in my minds eye.
  6. Killa

    changing balls during play

    I used to use an intermediate target. But now I just use the spot where I think I need to hit it to to hit the hole. So if it’s a straight putt I aim for the back lip, if I read a 2 foot break my target is a spot 2 feet right/left of the hole. My thought process being that even if I don’t align it 100% perfectly I’m still better off than standing over the ball and trying to line up.
  7. Killa

    changing balls during play

    I use the line. I set the ball to my target, step back and use the putter to make sure the line is aimed correctly. I then use the line to align my putter and my feet. After that I pretty much concentrate on speed and my pre shot routine alone. It seems to help me, even if it’s just for confidence.
  8. I did not break 50 on my first 9 holes this year but it was mainly because my yardage was off. I will break 90 this year (I did break 50 on 9 holes several times last year but my low score is 102 on 18). First hole I chunked my first shot and then took my 8 iron so I wouldn’t be long but managed to hit a flyer into a water hazard. Second hole is a long par 3 over a lake and if you fade it it’s gone. Naturally I faded my 5 iron. Third hole is the toughest par 5 for me. After that I finally loosened up and hit +1 on my next 4 holes that included 2 birdie putts ending up on the lip of the holes. And I actually got my 7 iron to backspin from 153 yards out on a par 3.
  9. Killa

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I kinda always took it off, but the last few times I kept it on. I sometimes get a pinch from the ring, so I'll probably start keeping it off again.
  10. Killa

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Drop HCP below 15.
  11. Yeah I just got my second practice session in yesterday and reviewed the quickie pitching video. I'm pretty much the same from the grass now. Just needed a few "resets" that I forgot over the winter break - I was only playing/practicing 4 times from November till yesterday. What helped me most was - quick hinge, pivot turn and repeatedly telling myself that I don't need power for these shots as they are very short, so only tempo is important. I'm pretty confident that I'll drop my HCP from 31 to way below 20 this season. My goal is somewhere around 15, but I don't know if I'll find enough time to play enough tournaments to drop.
  12. So I just wanted to chip in my problem (pun intended). I have a par 3 course and practice range I practice on most of the time. And we have mats to hit from from about 60y and 80y. Once I get dialed in I can pretty much hit the green from 60y on at least 35/40 balls with 5 of them being close to the green. If I step off the mat on the same distance, and lay the balls on the grass, I'll probably hit less than 20/40 greens... It's soft grass so I kinda dig under the ball often, but when I'm hitting off the mats I don't feel like I'm too steep or it would be painful hitting into the concrete under the mats...
  13. Killa

    Quest from 6 handicap to plus golf in a year

    I got a lower goal for this year - from 31 to 15 or less. Went from 49 to 31 last year, but I'm on the european HCP system, so only tournament rounds count, and I don't get many of them in.
  14. Killa

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Hit the twilight price today and went for a quick 9. Shot 50 but actually played a very good round. Had 3 pars and 2 singles. One hole I doubled was a par 5 where I was on the green in 4 but I was on the wrong layer of the green. So the 25' putt just barely rolled over the hill but it missed the hole and kept rolling off the green so I 3 putted that one. The one hole that really blew up my score was the next one where I don't know exactly how I got a 9 (par 4), it involved a lateral water hazard an a 3 putt. My best hole was the last. It's a short par 5 (476 yards). Hit my driver about 250 in the first cut. Then I did what I almost never do and played my 3 wood (I usually only use it off the tee). Hit to about 5 yards to the side of the green (about 220 yards). Chipped and had a birdie putt come up short. But let me tell you, this game gets so much more exciting when you are near the green in 2 on par 5's. And that's why I struggled on the last course I played where there were par 4's of 435 yards...
  15. Killa

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played a new course yesterday. The fairways were perfect but the greens were heavily sanded a few weeks ago. It was also extremely long for my taste. 6700+ yards from the mens tees. Shot a horrid 115. But I found the feel for the last few holes so it was a good day.

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