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  1. Quest from 6 handicap to plus golf in a year

    I got a lower goal for this year - from 31 to 15 or less. Went from 49 to 31 last year, but I'm on the european HCP system, so only tournament rounds count, and I don't get many of them in.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Hit the twilight price today and went for a quick 9. Shot 50 but actually played a very good round. Had 3 pars and 2 singles. One hole I doubled was a par 5 where I was on the green in 4 but I was on the wrong layer of the green. So the 25' putt just barely rolled over the hill but it missed the hole and kept rolling off the green so I 3 putted that one. The one hole that really blew up my score was the next one where I don't know exactly how I got a 9 (par 4), it involved a lateral water hazard an a 3 putt. My best hole was the last. It's a short par 5 (476 yards). Hit my driver about 250 in the first cut. Then I did what I almost never do and played my 3 wood (I usually only use it off the tee). Hit to about 5 yards to the side of the green (about 220 yards). Chipped and had a birdie putt come up short. But let me tell you, this game gets so much more exciting when you are near the green in 2 on par 5's. And that's why I struggled on the last course I played where there were par 4's of 435 yards...
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played a new course yesterday. The fairways were perfect but the greens were heavily sanded a few weeks ago. It was also extremely long for my taste. 6700+ yards from the mens tees. Shot a horrid 115. But I found the feel for the last few holes so it was a good day.
  4. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    How would you "define" it then? I mean 2 clubs extra are easily 20-30 yards. Flighting the shot "a little" will hardly take 30 yards off your carry distance or will it?
  5. So I played a tough course (CR 71 on a par 71), that is mostly lined with trees and water for the whole 18. Didn't break 100 but posted a 101. I have played several 9 hole rounds with scores from 45-49 though. As on these 18 I shot 49 out and 52 in. And that was me basically spending my whole summer working on my whole swing. Pretty much 0 putting and short game. The hinge and hold worked well enough for me as the terrain was really wet and even a slight mishit with a pitching motion would dig a deep carpet from the turf instead of gliding over. Putting was decent but with a bit more practice I could've shaved 5 putts of it, 3 of them with practice, 2 of them with concentration (for example on a par 3 I was near the green, chipped to 4 feet and as I was standing over my putt my partners started to talk how one shot 3 when he shot 4, so I basically corrected him mid stroke instead of stepping back and my putt lipped out).
  6. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    From 36 to 31.
  7. Strokes Gained (Table 5-2)

    So if I understand this correctly the pros are expected to play par on each par 3 under 160 yards and are happy (theoretically) with a par on any par 3 over 160. The same goes for par 4s under 400 and over 400 yards and they expect to at least par every par 5, whatever the length is? And another conclusion would be that if you get up and down from any distance from the green every second time you are almost pro tour good?
  8. Matsuyama's got nothing on this guy

    All jokes aside. I recently found out that a short pause, or maybe the pause itself is more a feel than it actually is a pause in reality, helps me immensely on my backswing posture as it mentally breaks down the back and downswing for me. Before that I was concentrating so bad on shallowing the downswing that my backswing was way too shallow too. I got nothing on that guy though
  9. Marker Size

    I ordered a scorecard holder from aliexpress for about $12. It also holds a pencil, 4 tees, a pitch mark repair tool with a magnetic marker and a hat clamp with a magnetic marker. I use the hat clip marker all the time. It's always there because I'm sick of searching for the coins in my pocket.
  10. My Swing (Killa)

    I had a bit of a breakthrough this week when I was able to practice twice. I still can't do it at full speed but at 50% (feel) speed my swing is starting to resemble a good swing. I also followed advice to hit in a net. That takes a lot of pressure away regarding ball flight but still leaves the pressure of good contact. A shank is a shank regardless where you hit the ball. So my corrections were a narrower stance (had success doing that in the past), since that inhibits my back movement that leads to a massive head move, and breaking down the swing into two pieces. The backswing and the downswing with the follow through. That helps me focus on two separate parts and what it mostly does is that I retain my posture during my backswing where with my 100% speed I concentrate on shallowing out the downswing so much that I automatically shallow out the backswing with it. So these are the two videos I took and I am pretty happy with them. Key #1 is looking pretty close to where I want it to be and if I can transfer it to my full speed swing, then #1 is sliding way down on my list of priorities. Key #2 is also pretty good as is #3. Also the shallowing is much much better. I could take this swing to the course at 50% and probably only loose 10% distance. What do you think @RandallT and @boogielicious?
  11. My Swing (Killa)

    Sorry for the bad quality but nowadays it's the only time I can hit the range and I'm just catching the last rays of sunlight. I feel like I made progress in the shallowing out the downswing and steepening the backswing. What I don't like is key 1. While I get back to the approximately same position at impact my head goes way down during the backswing and a bit back. I do like my shoulder turn and keys 2 and 3. It also seems to me that my takeaway starts out from the target line. Is that something to worry about?
  12. Anyone Ever try AliExpress

    They are not supposed to sell them under the brand name so it's blacked out IMO. You get buyer protection - the seller doesn't get the money until 60 days pass or until you confirm goods received. If it doesn't come in 50-55 days you open a dispute and get your money back. You might need to pay customs and import charges on top of the price though. I saw that driver but it's a bit risky as it could be a fake. I did order a superstroke grip that was 100% authentic for under $10.
  13. What a rough day :(

    Well if you want to get kicked off the course that's a good way to do it... I mean you can get cheap used balls for like 10c a ball. Just buy a couple hundred and keep them for holes where a lost ball is likely, if they are so scared of that.
  14. My Swing (Killa)

    I have been working mostly on keys 1-3 and a bit on shallowing the downswing. I feel that I'm pretty good on keys 2 and 3, maybe I still move the head too much. For the downswing I don't think I'm too steep but rather too shallow on the backswing. From normal speed video my swing looks flippy but when I stop it at impact it seems like I'm pretty much in a good position or am I fooling myself? I have played a few rounds and I have been playing poorly but I have been forcing shots, using the driver where I shouldn't but then again I don't play enough and need all the on field practice with all my clubs I can get.
  15. Practice wedges and short irons

    If you let me choose what part of the game I could be good like a PGA pro I'd take driver to 7 iron any day of the week compared to 8-putter.

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