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  1. Full beat after the impact? Or just two boxes right of the snare? If I understand it right then just “300ms” after the impact? Well in any putt longer than 6” I take correct speed over read and bead anytime. And yes while bead is important I feel that in order of importance it’s speed>read>bead.
  2. Just changed the beat machine a bit. It’s like in the attached picture now. Start backswing on one, 2-3 is backswing 3 start of downswing and time the stroke on 4 (snare). You can add a 5th beat at end of follow through to make sure it’s not too long.
  3. So my work has been progressing and now I’m happy with my grip and setup position. I also did the drill where you line up your ball with a line all around it and you make sure it’s rolling nice and tight. But what got me thinking was this blog post by @iacas Now I was experimenting with a metronome but I didn’t set it at 78BPM as iacas said he likes it at, but rather at 100BPM where the “magical” 600ms happens. But to actually get a 300ms downswing you need to set it to 200BPM (1beat = 300ms) and that’s just not a proper rhythm for golf. But if you just leave it at 100 BPM (or whichever number between 60 and 100) you might soon revert to a 1:1 tempo as you will start to sync the backswing to a beat and the impact to the second beat. And you don’t want that apparently. So what I found is an online beat machine found here: Drum Machine online Free full-featured drum-machine for smartphone, tablet and desktop browsers. Create and share... You set it up like it’s in the attached picture. You start the backswing on the first beat, start the downswing on the second beat, impact on the snare and end the follow through on the third beat. At first you might want to concentrate on the snare, but later on I realized that it’s better to just notice the snare and concentrate on finishing the follow through on the third beat so that you don’t get into the habit of hitting at the ball but just focus on the tempo of the stroke.
  4. Killa

    Tempo vs. Rhythm

    But isn’t the downswing measured right until impact?
  5. This is great. But as with the 14 clubs challenge they need to pair guys with some charisma or at least guys who are friends because some of the 14 club challenges are just painful to watch.
  6. Killa

    Tempo vs. Rhythm

    I have been thinking a bit about this post since I’m really focusing on improving my putting until the season really starts over here. I have now added a metronome to my practice. Now on to my question - I have read multiple places that a number to aim for (although not absolute but it’s something I can quantify) is 600ms on the backswing and 300 on the downswing. Now reading this post and adding the 78BPM to the equation a beat with 78BPM is roughly 770ms so that doesn’t help me at all. If you wanted a 600ms beat that would be 100BPM exactly. But since it’s easier for me to count 1 - 2 on the back and then 3 on the downswing, to get that beat you’d need to set the metronome to 200BPM so one beat is 300ms. So you go 1-2 end of backswing and 3 on impact. But that 200BPM beat is just so fast that it makes me nervous. So right now I’m practicing with 100BPM and I go full backswing with one and the full downswing (till it stops on the follow through) on two. What are your thoughts on the way I approached it?
  7. Killa

    Swing Speed

    That could well be but I truly only count the putts that start on the green. So fringe putts don’t count. And gamegolf has me pretty much on par with a 20 capper on tee shots and approach shots, but I lose 2 strokes in my short game and 3,5 on putting.
  8. The claw works excellent on fast greens. It can be a struggle on long putts on slow greens.
  9. I will do that. I have some cheap impact tapes, but they don’t work on the putter even though they were supposed to. The stroke just isn’t hard enough to leave a proper mark.
  10. Killa

    Swing Speed

    In Europe only tournament rounds count(ed) and rounds where your scorer was under 11,4hcp and you declared in the proshop before the start that your round will count towards your hcp.
  11. Killa

    Swing Speed

    40+ putts in a round will do quite a bit of damage to your handicap. And that 29 is my official hcp as of last year. This should drop significantly this year, I expect the low 20s to high 10s, maybe even lower now that every round will be reported (until last year pretty much only tournament rounds counted over here) - my garmin golf hcp is 20,4. So when I’m driving it well (staying in bounds and out of hazards) I score in the low 90s and when not it’s over 100. And since I will work on my putting thoroughly through the winter I hope to be breaking 90 consistently this year (didn’t manage to do that yet, but I did score 40 on the back nine of a very long course).
  12. Ok so I’m on my way of improving my putting till the next season really starts (late March - April). What I’m currently working on is my grip and stroke. I have a 7’ mat at home and I don’t stop till I hole 10 in a row. I’ve only been doing this for 4 or 5 days now but I’ve seen an improvement already. You really need to hit the ball in the middle of the face if you want to have any chance of being good at lag putting, because a mishit will be severely punished on longer hits. I improved that by locking my left arm on the putter and not getting any slightest flip. Another exercise I will proceed to do is to hit 5 rounds of a 3’ 5’ and 7’ putts. So with those two drills I figure I’ll improve mightily on my bead and speed. And I might go to an Aimpoint class to get my read down this spring as well (nearest is 100 miles away).
  13. Killa

    Swing Speed

    of course it’s possible. I was over 100 last year and made significant changes to my swing over the last year. Will be on a trackman in a month or so. My average drive (gamegolf) is 242 yards, my longest 287. Both of these numbers have been significantly trending up the last few months, and my typical straight drive (not downhill) is about 250 yards now.
  14. How about an eagle chance and 4 putt for bogey?
  15. He didn’t take the penalty but was only given the penalty because they caught him. Golf is unique in where we are all our own judges. He improved his lie TWICE in rapid succession and didn’t call it on himself. And don’t tell me a professional golfer didn’t notice that his ball now suddenly doesn’t have sand behind it after his two practice backswings...
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