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  1. I guess I had some over 10 but not sure. My worst score (relative) is a 9 on a par 3. Hit the green side bunker with my tee and it was a high flying ball so it dug itself right in. Confidently hit my second and managed to cover the ball completely. Took an unplayable and failed to get out in two more shots then chip and 3 putt (somewhere along those lines). And I usually don’t have any trouble with bunkers. Luckily I hit two more bunkers the same round after that so I got my confidence back.
  2. Well over here in tournaments the starting list is always in low hcp to high hcp so the starter will call the names in that order. So we also start that way in casual rounds. So we perceive it more like an honor and not something to be avoided.
  3. Isn’t the lowest hcp supposed to tee off?
  4. So I have now been working 3 straight days and yesterday with our local pro to be 🙂 he pointed out a few things that helped a lot. First my setup where my right elbow position wasn’t working for me. And then he saw that I’m going from bowed to cuped in my lead wrist in the first few inches of my backswing. So these 3 things did a notable difference. And combined with that drill I am really stripping my 7 iron right now. I’d say my current average carry is around 165 yards with some going around 175 yard carry. So if I can get this with some consistency golf will be much easier 🙂
  5. Ok so now it’s been the second time doing the drill and it’s going much better. Actually hitting the balls. And getting them to curve right to left is a great experience. Will be doing this drill for a while before trying it with my full swing. @iacas am I doing it right?
  6. I totally missed this post. Will do this drill tomorrow. I was at the range for 30 minutes today and it sucked... I couldn’t hit a single 7 iron and even the 9 iron seemed impossible to hit. I just have this mind block and I try to do too much. I was playing last Saturday and I shot 110. Horrible. The thing is that I had a lot of blow up holes where I couldn’t hit a ball until I was less than 100 yards in. And then I had holes where I stuck a 6 iron to within 10 feet. Or a blow up hole where I was nGIR (fringe) and 4 putted to go off with 6 (granted the hole was cut on a hill so it was either hit or have a 6’ comeback). I’m playing a tough course on Thursday morning and if I’m hitting it like today on the range I’ll be lucky to break 200.
  7. Yes it looked horrible and this isn't even the worst video. I got shallow at the top, but then it went vertical almost immediately. And I'd understand it if I at least could hit the ball with my "corrections" but I couldn't hit it for the life of me. There was one thing that could be off though - the range was pretty bad because they had a tournament going on and everyone warmed up before I got there so I couldn't set the ball perfectly so I might have been standing too close to the ball. This is getting frustrating as I've been working on my full swing for the past 2 years but I hardly see any score improvement. I mean when I compare my first video in this topic and my last one (without the bag) I like the swing much better, but other than a bit of distance there is just no consistency for me.
  8. @iacas ok so this was really hard to setup and do. This was my best attempt of about 10 recorded tries. I did it at home with a chair to practice but it was much easier without a ball to hit. And I couldn’t hit a 7 iron for the life of me today afterwards 😢
  9. @iacas how is this change looking? I’m still goat humping but I really like how the top of my backswing looks in these two videos. I feel like this backswing sets me up in a very good position, and basically I’ve been working on that and the beginning of the downswing today. My hips still only go to parallel and then stop and wait for the club but my focus now (as it has been for quite some time) is the backswing and the start of the downswing.
  10. I am working on that since last August. And it starts with the hips.
  11. Yeah I’ve been trying to keep it shallower for a while now but I’m just not able to start the downswing with the hips and keep rotating while hitting the ball. For example here is my practice swing and my real swing, literally 10 seconds apart. I know the practice swing isn’t ideal but it’s a hell of a lot better looking than my hitting the ball swing. A soon to be pro suggested the “feel” that I “release” the club faster and it has helped, because it’s not casting the club but rather the feeling that I don’t have to tighten my wrist for so long. So I can swing my hands faster and let the club catch up later. I think it’s all in the hips and shoulders for me right now. The backswing and the top of the swing in my practice swing are pretty much where I want to be. I might still over rotate on my actual swing but it’s improved a lot. Then if I start the downswing with my hips I don’t hit the ball correctly and I always stop the rotation and prematurely extend instead of rotating till my hips are open. This has been a really difficult change for me as I seem to grasp what I want to do and I am able to do it without the ball but put a ball in front of me and I’m duffing it all over.
  12. Two videos. Both DTL both 7 iron. I really like the new balance I have. And I get much more depth in my swing. And that’s a big change from 2 months ago. Now I got to keep at this and then figure out how to get more forward shaft lean at impact. My guess is that if I can do that it will also eliminate or at least reduce the early extension. Because my balls fly extremely high right now. And I’m not flipping...
  13. Yes. My point was that Brooks could swing much faster if he took more of a baseball approach to the hit - lift his left leg and swing back more. But that’s not in the interest of his wallet.
  14. “That’s all I got” - using his swing. Coiling back even more and further back would add speed. But probably took a dramatic toll on his accuracy.
  15. The last couple of days I was working on my hip rotation in the backswing. Staying centered and feeling like I want to push my pelvis into my right leg. It feels wierd but in a good way. That also helps me to start the downswing more with my hips and not going on my toes too soon. I’m still over the top though. Oh and I’ve shifted my weight more on my heels. Not that it’s on my heels now, but I was way too much on my toes before so now I feel much more in balance. No video today because there isn’t such a big difference but more a note to myself so I can go back and remember what was working in a few months.
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