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  1. No it’s combined with a watch. But the watch also has gps and everything on it so I just replaced my Garmin watch with this one. While it’s not a small watch it is super light so if you are used to wear a watch while golfing (I used a garmin approach before) it’s no different.
  2. I have stashed my GameGolf and bought Shot Scope v3. It is much better as it picks up shots automatically and you only need to collect the pin for more exact putting strokes.
  3. well I think that if it’s that big of a difference on the PGA it’s even worse for me... Naturally my % will increase if I hit 3 iron of the tee than driver. Even if I am at the same accuracy with both of them the dispersion is simply that much greater at a longer distance. And I don’t hit my driver 60 yards further than my 3 iron. Last time out I hit 9 greens and 3 fairways... and the driver was really working that day.
  4. Ok so I’ve been a big fan of hitting it longer in the rough than shorter in the fairway ever since I read LSW and Every shot counts. Now the thing is that I’m rereading Every shot counts and I’m looking at the table attached in the picture. So for PGA pros the average strokes to hole out from 100 yards in the rough are 3.02. If we look at the fairway numbers the first number higher than that is at 180 yards at 3.08! So even from 160 yards from the fairway it’s 2,98. So we can say that they are equal from about 165 yards. So doesn’t that mean that a fairway hit is worth 65!!! ya
  5. Ok I think if you are doing it like that it will be useful. But I see a lot of people advocating using this for rotating the hips consciously and that doesn’t work as it engages different muscles.
  6. I was practicing with this kind of gear last summer to prevent early extension and... it doesn’t work. I mean it works while you are using the aid but not afterwards. At least for me. That is because by using this you kind of forcibly rotate your hips and while that might look good it’s not the correct movement. The rotation of the hips on the downswing is a consequence not something you want to do actively. For example if you bend your knees about half way to a squat you can rotate your hips super fast but that doesn’t add anything to your golf swing. If you rather than rotate your hips, tur
  7. Last hole of my last round. Short par 5 450 yards but it goes from a tee box that is 40 yards below the bunkers that you see and the trees are about 50 yards above the tee box at about 200-220 yards out. Hit a fade over the trees and we didn’t hear it hit anything so I figured I should be safe. Came up over the hill and couldn’t find the ball anywhere. Dropped a ball 180 yards out and a guy in our group pointed out a ball that was a good 35 yards further down the fairway. So I only had 145 yards to the pin (135 to the green) on a par 5. Hit my 8 iron to about 5 yards and again missed my chance
  8. Played again yesterday and even though the whole round was pretty bad, shot about a 95 with a lot of mental errors and bad chipps and putts. The course was still set up from the national tour that was played past weekend and all the pins were tucked into corners like the Masters on Sunday and much faster on the stimp as well. But again I finished with a tap in birdie on the 18, again a par 5 (different course). It’s a short par 5 450 yards but the teebox is 40 yards below the bunkers you see on the pictures and then the fairway goes down to the green. So had 145ih in to the pin and h
  9. Finally broke 90. I always felt that if I broke 90 it wouldn’t be an 89. And it was 87 but I felt I should be much closer to breaking 80 this round out. It’s a longish course at 6200yards. So I started out strong with +6 on my first 9 holes but that was with 3x 3 putting. And on the 9th I hit my first poor shot a bladed 6 iron of the tee that went about 100 yards. I managed to flight a wedge to about 12 feet and 2 putted for bogey. I was 7 over coming to the 13th hole that is the most difficult on the course. It’s a 420 yards par 4 and uphill all the way so it plays to about 450-
  10. Coming back to this thread I feel like most of us who struggled with this came from the place where the backswing was nowhere near steep enough. I’m not saying that’s for everyone but a lot of golfers could improve by making their backswing steeper.
  11. Finally managed to break 90 today and it was an 87. And that was an 87 with a quad bogey, a triple bogey and 5 3 putts (and the 3 putts weren’t on the quad/triple holes) The swing changes really start to take effect in game as well. Managed to slow down my backswing and thus getting a good tempo. I also had an eagle putt on 18 from about 5 meters and it lipped out to about a foot, would be my first ever eagle but ended up being a tap in birdie. I have gained more distance off the tee so my last drive was over 300 yards. (downhill par 5, it’s always nice when you are
  12. Did a quick Trackman session yesterday. Nearly wanted to throw away my clubs. Basically we were trying to get my friend to 120mph with the driver. He started at about 113 and after a few swings and some tweaks to his motion (not his swing) we got him to 119,5. Maybe 120 next time. Now to my problem - I thought I gained speed and distance in the past year since my last Trackman session. And on the course it shows. I mean my longest total drive was 312 yards. But when I hit driver on Trackman my fastest speed was 105 and it depleted me so badly I almost threw it away 🙂 But then m
  13. So... covid happened and home schooling came with it and the 2-3 times a month golfing became 0 times a month golfing. Anyway. We did a change with my swing using the DNA swing “method” as used by Tischler and others. The main change is in my right elbow. I set it back in the backswing and keep it there down to impact in the side/cover position. Meaning keeping the right hand in front of my right elbow at all times. More like Stenson, much less (or the opposite of) DJ. this is the swing from early December and many things improved from there but no videos as they are pretty poorl
  14. So all the work I’ve been putting in doing drills at home and learning about the proper movements seems to finally be showing some results. I have learned today that if your hip and shoulder turn on the backswing are correct than the shallowing of the club happens automatically. I made absolutely no effort to shallow the club on these swings, the only thought was the “correct” hip loading in the backswing and transition. I would still like to open my hips more at impact and I’d like a bit more of forward shaft lean as a result of that, but I can see the early e
  15. So played in a tournament on Thursday for the first time in over a year. A new course on which I got my ass handed to me. Shot 107, but we pretty much all sucked that day. The course is super hard and even harder when you don’t know it. For example there is a par 4 where you play your first shot to a plateau and then your second over a ravine to an elevated green. So we lasered the group in front of us at 195 yards. So I striped my 5 iron exactly where I wanted it. When we came up we saw that there was another 30-40 yards of the fairway in front of where my ball was. So I had a 180 y
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