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  1. Don’t know what happened there with the new iOS. Here is the same video but don’t know why it isn’t in slow motion.
  2. So I'm working at too many things at once again, but then again I feel like it's working, so who am I to doubt it. Here is a video of a recent 7 iron I can now hit draws if I want them and I can setup for a fade as well using my "draw" swing. I do end up with an open face pretty often so the intended draw ends up as a massive push. The thing I'm focusing on right now is a steep backswing or better said the shaft going steep and then the hands going back to gain depth. After that I want my hands to drop straight down behind me before hitting the ball and then keep my hands extended on the follow through for as long as possible. I will need some more range sessions for this to get ingrained so that I will be comfortable doing this on the course. On the course I just end up trying to go straight as possible, so that my misses are limited to the left and to the right, but ultimately I want to end up with a predictable flight pattern so that I can reduce my misses to one side only. The early extension, or better said, the jump in the wrong direction (to the ball instead of to the target) will have to wait as I find that to be one of the most difficult parts to change.
  3. Thanks for the input, the planemate is a bit pricey for me though. I have worked a lot on shallowing my club over the last year but my understanding as of now is that I just did it the wrong way around. First of all - exactly as you’ve said in this last post tracing hands backward while shaft then stands up. Because I was concentrating so hard on laying the shaft down I ended up really laid off on the backswing as well. I have corrected that somewhat and I keep working on it - I can do it perfectly on my practice swings but I still lay it off some on real shots. And the turning through the shot is my worst enemy at this point. I can’t do it on anything more than a pitch shot. And if I understand it correctly doing the proper backswing and proper start with the hips and turning through it will automatically result in a shallowing of the downswing. But this will be this winters project indoor. So yesterday I played a great course. 6600 yards, shot a personal best of 93. And that was with 41 putts. 53 on the front and 40 on the back with a double and a birdie. Had 17 putts on the back but still 3 putted twice. The greens were really fast and you had to play a lot of break. I’m simply not used to such great greens. I mean sometimes the ball seemed it would stop at the hole and then it just kept rolling 2 yards past it. I drove the driver really well and averaged about 250 yards total on my good drives. Golf gets much easier if your first shot is 250 yards on the fairway.
  4. 93 53-40 It’s a pretty easy course that is long but quite forgiving. 6600 yards. But the greens were brutal. I had 41 putts and we all had a bad putting day. Really fast, huge breaks, just something we are not used to. On the back 9 I had 4 pars, 3 bogeys a double and a birdie. 3 single putts but still 2 triple putts!!
  5. Such pins are just stupid and scores show nothing of a golfer skill on such holes. One guy gets lucky and sticks it really close for a tap in, the rest can easily end up with 10s...
  6. Actually I think it will drop over here. Most people don’t play a lot of tournaments and so they don’t have a lot of scoring rounds. Well that’s not necessarily true. If he hit the ball way left on a dogleg right hole he might as well elongated the hole for himself. On a straight hole that can’t be the case of course. These fancy GPS watches also have a mode where you press the button and it measures the distance from that point to whatever point you travel. So that gives you an accurate estimate of how long you actually hit it.
  7. I tee’d it up a bit lower in these videos because when I tee it up really high I struggle to actually hit the ball.
  8. two new videos. I am currently pretty happy with my short irons (7 and down). My 3 wood is hot and cold and my driver is pretty horrible. The carry distances are nowhere near where I’d expect them to be with the woods. I will play my 7 iron somewhere around 160-170 yards, so from the swing speed chart you’d expect a 3 wood of 235 yards and I say I average about 220 yards on my good strikes. But my driver is going the same distance, maybe 10 yards further total. It seems that I just can’t hit up on it, and there are a lot of slices and pushes.
  9. I have been trying to feel the weight really spread evenly left right and forward backwards when I setup but if I stand up taller (so that my armpits would be further back) I feel that my club would be toe down. Maybe I need to push my butt back to do this 🙂
  10. I voted in the 1-3 category and was surprised by the poll results. At the end of the day when I mentally go through my round I’m always negatively surprised of how little shots I’m really happy with.
  11. Worst was when I played one of my first rounds and I had my first birdie chance of my life lip out. I tapped in and then slammed the flagpole in the hole, taking a small piece of the lip with it. It was not my intention to do any damage but I felt pretty shitty afterwards.
  12. It’s not about the lie. It’s also not about bad bunker conditions. I can deal with concrete bunkers, I can deal with fluffy bunkers. I can’t deal when I’m in a fluffy bunker on one hole, then a concrete in the next and then on the next hole one that looks and feels like concrete but plays like a fluffy one or vice versa.
  13. Well the greenkeepers mother crossed my tongue multiple times yesterday...
  14. Very often on the courses I play the bunkers are in very different conditions from hole to hole. Yesterday was an example where I wound up in 4 different bunkers and no two were the same. One was like solid concrete, another you’d sink in to your ankles when stepping in. So naturally I tried to chip out of one of the hard ones only for my club to dig in deep and the sand being much softer than anticipated and caught two clean shots in two other bunkers where the bounce helped me get cleanly on the ball when the sand was much harder than anticipated. The worst thing that in relation to my hcp I’m an excellent bunker player when I approximately know what to expect from the sand, but these changing conditions on the same day in the same round are killing me.
  15. My golf was an evolution the past 3 years but today I feel like I made a revolution. I finally managed to change my transition from shallow to steep to steep to shallow. What lead the change was the backswing that I was working on last winter with my friend (the future pro 🙂 ) and the takeaway that we changed last month - I used to go to a cupped immediately and now I keep a bowed wrist throughout the backswing (or I at least try to). And for the past week I was thinking about how to lead the downswing more with my hips to get them being open on impact, making room and thereby preventing the early extension. While I still didn’t change that part of the swing the thought helped me get to a change where I go to the top of the swing with my hands and then they start “backward” while I start the downswing with my lower body. The result is that my ball flight immediately changed from a fade/slice pattern to a constant draw/hook. I feel like this will really help with my scoring as well as I will be able to better game plan @iacas
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