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  1. Had the luxury of having a range with no balls on it. So I hit 20 (22 actually) pitching wedges and about 20-24 drivers to mark my shot dispersion. My pitching wedge was hit to a target 120 yards away. And the center of my shot dispersion was 5 yards short and left 12 of the shots went the full 115-120 yards (but 2 were to the right and were discarded from the grouping) 8 of them went about 110-113. So now I know to aim 5 yards right at a target that is 115 away. The driver was another story. 11 shots qualified (didn't have time to hit more as people started hitting at the range and I didn't want to count any other ball or be hit in the head marking balls). They ranged from 240-285 yards. Most of them in the 250-270 range. The dispersion was about 40 yards from the most left to the most right. Problem is that I will screw up about 50% of my drivers at this point. So 1/2 of those screwed up ones will be salvageable on the course (shots that go only about 150-180 yards, or really high and short, and 1/2 those would probably result in stroke and distance... I will probably rent a flightscope to get my actual dispersion for the clubs listed in LSW (D, 3W, 4i, 7i, PW) Yesterday I hit a bucket of balls with my 7 iron and driver. I decided that those are the 2 clubs I will be using for my limited time practice sessions. I tried to take videos from both perspectives but didn't have enough room for the DTL view because I'd have to stand in the heat for that. I worked on flattening the downswing and I still think that I will be able to fix that in a couple of weeks. I look kinda flippy, but when I pause on the impact I think I am pretty much aligned if you disregard the elbow? Should I focus more on that?
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I will work on shallowing the downswing the next few sessions. Also weight forward seems to do the biggest difference for me at this point. If I really lean into it I can crush my irons.
  3. Yes I am coming over the top on the downswing - I thought I should match the upswing to the downswing I have but your post makes me think I might have it backwards - to shallow out the downswing more instead of steepening the backswing. Here are a couple of frontal videos from today, is it just me or do I really move my head way too much? Impact position looks good to me.
  4. I was working at the range today, just one bucket but took almost an hour. 7 iron and driver. Working on Key #1. It's really hard for me to keep my head still, but with a really slow backswing I can do it. Much easier to do with the irons than with the driver. Also worked on Key #3 and on steepening my backswing. I only took face on videos so it's not as visible, but I could see some improvement (I could see I was not coming over the top when I did it right). Key #3 is just the opposite from key #1. Much easier with the driver as I have the ball setup more forward. If I don't really concentrate I get a bit flippy with my irons. It's getting better though. Keys #2, #3 and #4 are much easier for me than key #1. If I am working in front of a mirror (watching my reflection directly) I can keep my head perfectly still, but as soon as I am looking down I go back on the backswing and up on my downswing. Anyone got a good key #1 drill for me? @iacas @mvmac
  5. So I have been thinking about my backswing and how to steepen it, and I looked at Brooks Koepka in slow mo, that has been posted in another topic. And I realized, that my problem is that I have always thought that my upper arm and torso need to be connected. That's why there is no way I can get so steep as the pros, as I would literally need to be bent over 90º to rotate that way. So I think that by simply raising my arm on the backswing I will get the steeper backswing. I don't think flattening the downswing will be a problem for me.
  6. I'm just looking at his numbers and thinking (learning) what these numbers translated to. Am I right to think that this swing resulted in a pull draw?
  7. Pasted the wrong clips above. It's hard to shoot in the sun when the screen is glaring. I need to set up closer, but still, the main things are visible.
  8. Yeah I actually do that, but after reading LSW (and by analyzing my rounds) I know that if I have to devote most of my time (at this moment) to my driver, 3 wood and long irons. I have been practicing a lot of short game in the past (last week I played a -1 9 hole round at my local par 3 course that has holes from 70-160 yards). But all tee shots are off a mat there (which should't matter since all my tee shots on 18 hole courses are from tees anyway) so I'm pretty good with my short game (for a 36 hcp). Thing is that I don't have time to practice a lot so this weekend it was driver and 3 wood and today I managed to play 9 holes. And scoring wasn't the first thing that I cared about in this round but rather to use all clubs in my bag, because if I just want to shoot the lowest possible score (for me) I just need my 5,7,9,P,G,S,L and putter. But to ever break 80 I need my driver. But since my driver swing (or hit) and setup is so different than my iron setup and swing I think I'll have to incorporate my 5 and 7 irons (or maybe just the 5) into my driving sessions as the 5 iron is the club I will hit from the tee on narrow fairways - I only got a cheap Dunlop hybrid that I can't hit for the life of me, my guess is that the shaft is way too soft and it just flops around. :)
  9. Played 9 holes today. Had 2 great shots and 50 bad ones. Ok maybe not 50, because I holed some nice putts but 40 would be somewhere right). I could feel that I have been working on driver and 3 wood for the past 2 days and basically nothing else. So the first hole is a short 275 par 4, but you have a blind shot to the green and it has water behind it. So I nailed my 3 wood 225 yards and left me about 60 to the pin and I pitched my gap wedge to about 5" with a lucky bounce. Made my first birdie so I was up to a great start. But then on the next tee shot I needed my 5 iron to carry 160 to a green 185 away. Duffed it and hit the pond. Followed it up with a flyer 150 yard pitching wedge over the green, and another flyer with my 60º wedge 70 yards with a 1/2 stroke (no I didn't blade it). Then came the only par 5 and I really gunned my driver. Went 255 yards and it plays about 10-15 yards uphill. And that was about it. Only had one more par, and a single, but that was it. I was really struggling with iron play, because I didn't put the practice in, even though I hit them solidly on the range warming up. I'll need to develop a practice routine, that will cover all aspects of the game, but hard to do in 1 hour blocks...
  10. Exactly. I was looking at some of the distances - 510 yards par 4?!? I mean I can reach that with two PERFECT shots (driver and 3 wood), but the odds of me making 2 perfect shots are near to none and these guys were hitting irons for their second shots...
  11. So after reading LSW I decided I really have to put in the work with my driver because right now I don't even pull it out except on the really wide open holes with no danger at all. Hit about 50 yesterday (and 30 3 woods) and 40 today. While I was pleased with the intended results (fading the ball about 250-270 yards with a series of 10 in a row going straight at the target) the video shows a different story. Especially the head on videos. Had the time to take a couple of vids. So focusing on a few things with slow repetitions between hits - need to practice slower but I'm a bit strung for time and I rush it a bit instead of just hitting fewer balls and being more deliberate - 1. weight pretty much even on the backswing, about 55% on the back leg (this was an aha moment from LSW) 2. Keeping the head steady - while my head feels pretty steady it shows I move it way too much - especially on the head on video - on the DTL it looks decent but I think I start raising it too soon - am I right? This is something I keep working at but fail to do it at real speed. When I am working without a ball with a mirror I can keep it steady, but as soon as I place a ball at my feet I go 2-3" back on my backsing... 3. Weight forward at impact - I think this was a key for improving my impacts with all clubs and I thing it's the key I'm closest to mastering - a pressure plate might tell me otherwise though... 4. Swinging up at the ball - I started really hitting nice drives when I chose a specific point on the ball where I want to strike it the point is under the midpoint and a bit further away from me - this should in theory result in a negative path and positve AoA 5. Nice extension through the impact and follow through I am basically working on all 5 keys, maybe I should concentrate on one at a time for faster progress though? I'll be thankful for any input.
  12. Thanks guys. It really is a one of a kind feeling when you see the ball roll over the green and then it just disappears:)
  13. For me it was an "aha" moment when I realized that my "3/4" swing is actually almost parallel at the top. Filming yourself will help with that.
  14. Got my hole in one yesterday. Also bought LSW. I have won my first tournament in the 36-54 hcp group.
  15. Just finished a 9 hole round at our local 9 hole course where holes range from 70-160 yards. Only 3 holes would qualify as "real" par 3's. But still I made a hole in one from about 70 yards out with my sand wedge. The best part was finishing the 9 holes -1. Should have been -2 (had a birdie also) but I 3 putted from 20' (came to about 4' with my first putt and was just 1" left for par) Now I'll probably be waiting 10 years for my next one (or a first one on a real course).