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  1. I think he was up there at least 4 or 5 months. And these guys aren’t like we are. They do it all day long...
  2. I’ll just share an anecdotal story about a pro from our country. He didn’t make it on the European Tour but pretty much anyone who is working in golf in Slovenia was pretty certain he would the first to do so, he was really close, I’d say his hcp was in the +4-5 range at that time. So he went to Sweden to a top coach who is coaching players on the PGA tour. I can’t recall the name. But he forced him to change his swing so that the trail elbow is forced forward in the rotation (think Dustin Johnson-ish). That was last year. The guy still struggles to break 80, can’t hit a fairway for the life of him. Afaik he doesn’t work with the coach anymore but still can’t find his previous swing.
  3. You can see by the number of pingpong balls behind the wall. It’s growing by a lot and then it’s suddenly back to 0 🙂 a lot of attempts.
  4. Killa


    My go to wedge around the greens is a 60.08 vokey. Now I bought a new set of wedges with the 60 being .08 as well but the 56 is a .10. I bought them used so I couldn’t order anything specific. But from how I play I’d rather even have a lower bounce on the 60 itself. On hard pans it might bounce too much and make you blade it because of that. On the other hand I saw last season that an 8 iron bump and run gets me closer to the hole. I’ve practiced enough with the 60 that I’m not afraid I’ll chunk it, but the 8 iron is now my go to chipping club if I don’t need to carry an obstacle.
  5. Won an ebay auction yesterday for a set of Vokey SM6 chrome wedges. They’ve seen a bit of play but should be a massive upgrade to my antique vokeys. At the very least having a set of 3 should be better. They are 52 56 and 60 in the F, S and M grinds and 8 10 8 bounce. Set me back 175€ for the set with shipping.
  6. Nah I’ll probably wait on the driver purchase, I think there is a store about 150 miles away where I can actually get fit for different brands so if I decide to go for a new one that’s the place I’ll visit, and I actually never held a twist face driver in my hand let alone hit one 😞. I did buy a new (used) wedge set yesterday. Vokey Sm6 52 56 and 60. I’ll stay off ebay for a week now 😂
  7. I really don’t know, that’s why I’m asking 🙂 because if I stay locked in this house any longer I’m gonna order a new driver as well 😂 and the Sim seems to be outperforming the others in most of the tests on line (most being most I’ve watched). So you and @ChetlovesMer are of the opinion it doesn’t matter which driver I buy as long as I get fit for it? And just a side note. The only driver in the video that Pete was fit for was the Titleist a couple of seasons ago...
  8. if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing the results are at ~11:30. How could one explain the difference?
  9. Yeah but that was the maximum. Average was 1.4. The only thing that the optimizer would change on that swing was the ball speed - so indirectly smash factor. And now watching these current reviews of the new drivers and the Taylormade sim is often 10 yards+ longer than the other ones the only difference should be smash factor don’t you think?
  10. This would be an example, do you think this was just not on the sweetspot or what would be the reason?
  11. Can that depend on the driver and it’s tech? I mean my highest recorded sf is 1,46. And I mean in about 50 driver shots you’d reckon I be able to hit at least one driver in the middle of the face?
  12. Limited progression but I continue to work on my putting. Also chipping about 10 yards in my backyard. The key to these chips seems to be that I set up a bit open to the target, weight forward, no shaft lean so that the bounce actually has a chance to have some effect and loose wrists just imagining I’m throwing the ball to the target opening up with the swing. And also doing the handy speed stick drills 3 times a week. My driver swing speed was 103-105 on average before and they advertise 10-15 mph gain in a month. If that will be true I’d be ecstatic. But anything above 5 mph in gain would be great.
  13. 13 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 grips. Still on the way - wanted to buy MCC on ebay but the price was too good to be true. When I asked the seller if there was any chance they weren’t genuine there was no answer. So I bought the tour velvets from a reputable online store in the UK. Might take a while to get them tough and then to get them changed. (before that it was 50 pro v1s lakeballs for 75€, and even before that a 2i Taylormade UDi - that is another scary beast all by itself 🙂 )
  14. I was really surprised by how the balls handled on the green. I can’t video it for now as the practice facility is closed. I mean I do get lots of backspin on my full iron shots on softer (natural grass) greens, I once had 12’ with a 7 iron but on these fake grass greens the ball usually releases quite a bit. And with the ball flight I had with these 1/2 swing flighted shots I was expecting the ball to roll massively but they checked up really fast to my surprise.
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