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  1. My Swing (Killa)

    I have been working mostly on keys 1-3 and a bit on shallowing the downswing. I feel that I'm pretty good on keys 2 and 3, maybe I still move the head too much. For the downswing I don't think I'm too steep but rather too shallow on the backswing. From normal speed video my swing looks flippy but when I stop it at impact it seems like I'm pretty much in a good position or am I fooling myself? I have played a few rounds and I have been playing poorly but I have been forcing shots, using the driver where I shouldn't but then again I don't play enough and need all the on field practice with all my clubs I can get.
  2. Practice wedges and short irons

    If you let me choose what part of the game I could be good like a PGA pro I'd take driver to 7 iron any day of the week compared to 8-putter.
  3. So I'm a fairly new golfer and I'm slowly trending down on my hcp that'll hopefully drop to the 20's till the end of the season. I got an old Nike set of irons, 2 titleist wedges and a dunlop wedge and a Nike SQ driver and 3 wood. I read about all those benefits of getting fitted but I was wondering if it is even worthwhile as I am working on, and changing, my swing from month to month... ?
  4. Leave the Driver in the Bag?

    Well I have the same problem as the OP. Another thing is that the two courses I play the most are really tight and pretty short - about 5500 yards (at 68,8 and 131 from the mens tees). But some holes have fairways that are 20 yards wide and lined with trees. So a bad shot gets you into really big trouble. So for now I'm hitting pretty much only my 3 wood from the tees and I might even pull out my 4 iron on some doglegs where you have to go about 200 yards to it. But I'm working on my driver and hopefully I'll soon be able to pull it out even on tighter holes.
  5. My Swing (Killa)

    I played in another tourney today. 9 holes after job. Shot a 52 (which is about 5 more than my best score on that course). I didn't play particularly bad but I kinda thought I sucked throughout the whole 9 holes. I also had a kid (11) in my flight that is a 6.6 hcp, so I got my ass handed to me :) he shot 2 over with one OOB shot :)) And the best part about it that I didn't feel the least bit bad for him beating me. I felt bad for a guy beating me that didn't hit a single shot while we were warming up on the range but still managed to shoot better than me. I was good off the tee, I was putting good, my chipping was lukewarm my approach shots were so-so. First hole I was longest of the tee with my 3 wood. Hit it about 210-220 yards. It was a short par 4 (about 300 yards). Topped my 52 wedge nGIR, chipped on the green and 2 putted for a single. . (Good start for my handicap index but bad start for my head, really wanted that GIR from 80 out). 2nd hole is the toughest hole 163 meters par 3 over a lake. Hit my 6 iron and the ball faded into the lake (distance was spot on). Drop and a pitch from about 100 meters out left me near the green. Chip and 2 putts ended in a triple. 3rd hole is a 500 meters par 5. Hit my 3 wood about 210 meters out. 2nd shot is a layup to the lake in front of the green, about a 150 meter shot. Hit my 8 iron to be sure but pushed it into the woods right of the lake. Chipped out with my wedge to the fairway and had about 150 to the center of the green. Hit my 7 iron to the back 1/3 of the green and off the green. Chipped and 2 putted for a double. 4th hole is a 135 meter par 3. Hit my 8 iron nGIR. Failed to get up and down for par. Tap in for single. (-1 for my hcp index so far). 5th hole is a 300 meter par 4. 3 wood of the tee about 190 meters, 9 iron nGIR, again failed to get up and down for par, single. 6th is a 163 meter NARROW (woods on both sides) par 3. HIt my 6 iron into the woods and failed to see where it bounced. 3rd shot hit the 6 iron and it faded over the trees on the adjacent fairway. Distance was spot on, but the fade left me with a 30 yard uphill pitch. It hit the green but rolled just off it. Chipped on and 2 putted for a quad bogey... 7th is a 310 meter par 4. Hit my 3 wood about 220 meters, left with a 52 wedge in. Pulled it nGIR. A pathetic chip left me with another chip that ended about 1 meter from the hole. 1 putt for a single. 8th was longest drive. Naturally I shanked the first shot 10 yards and out of bounds... 3rd was again my 3 wood and it went about 200 meters. Had about 120 meters to the center of the green and topped my 9 iron over the green (lost ball). Went back and hit near the green and my 25 foot putt from the fringe for a triple that would still give me Stableford points was about 2 feet wide. 9th is a 330 meter par 4. Badly mishit my 3 wood that went 60 yards in the air and 120 yards distance. Hit my 5 iron about 180 left me with a 40 yard chip to the center. Wanted to flop it as the flag was really near the start of the green, but pulled it short. Another chip and a putt left me with a single. Looking back the round wasn't THAT bad. I had 5 singles and a double, 3 triples. Didn't actually pick up a ball once, except on the 8th where I was about 2 feet out and the score didn't mean anything anymore.
  6. My Swing (Killa)

    So I think I stumbled to a video that can help me cure the steepness. Didn't look for it just came up on my feed. check from about 50 seconds to 2 minutes. And while they say the problem people have is they come over the top I think my problem is going too straight down with my hands instead of following the plane. So I've practiced today (no video) with the feel that my hands follow the plane and I think it could improve my swing. I'll try to record it soon.
  7. My Swing (Killa)

    Thanks for the detailed post @RandallT That's exactly what I meant by faking it I just couldn't see where I went off path myself. I "shallow" my path in the beginning but because I'm doing it wrong I actually end up too steep again, just much later in the downswing than before. And I don't really know how my club head gets so far in front when I feel like I'm swinging WAAAAY too much from the inside. I am getting a lesson this weekend or next week. I think I will take a few in the next months because I need to focus on more specific things. I actually wanted to forget all about shallowing out but then I reread the thread on Stubborn steepness and it planted another seed in my brain. I guess my fear is that I will ingrain something bad if I don't work on everything at the same time. Just got to forget that fear and take it one step at a time.
  8. My Swing (Killa)

    @RandallT @boogielicious So I've been working on shallowing. This is a quick 3 wood session. Let's say that the start was catastrophic. Missed whole balls, topped balls, heeled balls. At the end I was able to hit a few decently. is this a good progression or am I "faking" it somehow?
  9. From 120 to 100. How long did it take you?

    Playing a bit over a year, I never actually broke 100 but I have had multiple 9 hole rounds in the 47-50 range. I only played 4 18 hole rounds in my life.
  10. "strategy" while playing regular round

    If I'd hit every fairway and green I'd probably break par...
  11. "strategy" while playing regular round

    I can stop the slice with the driver, I just need a couple of practice shots, I set up with a bit of a closed face (couple of degrees) and it goes straight or just slightly fades. But that's on the range when I can hit 10 in a row. When I have 3 holes between each driver shot... That's my biggest problem, I'm all over the place. I mean for example this week - hole 7 a very hard dogleg left that you need to carry a pond on the approach. I smashed my 3 wood with a baby draw about 220 yards (bit downhill - but I was actually too long, ball stopped on a gravel path where I got relief and needed to punch out to get back on the fairway). 8th I hit the green with my 6 iron on a 180 yard par 3, 9th hole I hooked my 3 wood 2 times ( both remained in play but I hit a provisional). 10th hole I hit about a 200 yard 3 wood of the tee dead straight uphill. OK thinking back my 3 wood wasn't that catastrophic, had a couple of duffs that were salvageable but I know I hit 5 or 6 shots OB with my driver + 3 wood. And that is +12 strokes and when I mentally stop playing the hole after an OB it's easily 20 strokes per round... I guess more practice is the answer to all of my struggles :)
  12. "strategy" while playing regular round

    On the range I can hit quite a few drivers/3 woods in a row. And when I miss my driver it's usually a slice and with my wood it's a hook. And not a nasty one but one that starts hooking/slicing about 150 out and then goes 50 yards off target. At the course I played yesterday that means dense forest. It's mostly not marked OB but you aren't finding your ball if you miss it.
  13. "strategy" while playing regular round

    Check my sig ;) I will reread it on vacation but I can implent that strategy to shoot my lowest score possible now, but will that help or hurt in the long run is the question...
  14. So while on tournaments I go out with a clear strategy in my mind that usually involves leaving my driver and 3 wood in the bag for all but the most open holes, on regular friendly rounds I just grip it and rip it. And that usually results in catastrophic scores. And now since I lowered my hcp to 36 basically any score higher that double is above my hcp and I strike my first ball OB I just mentally abandon that hole and move on (since I need par with my second ball to the hole actually count for anything). I should add that I don't get to play a lot. This season I have 4 or 5 9 hole rounds and 3 18 hole rounds, so I kinda want to try to hit that driver on a tight hole where a nice drive will give me a decent shot at a birdie putt. To shoot my current lowest score possible I probably just need my 5,7,9,PW,GW,SW, PW and putter. I should leave the rest in the car, but such a strategy won't ever get me to break 90 let alone 80... I am practicing a lot with my 3 wood and driver so hopefully those clubs will turn into my strengths rather than my liabilities sooner than later, but what/how should I play in the meantime?
  15. Shorter than what? His usual drive? Your drive?