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  1. Killa

    Stableford Strategy

    Do you play net or gross?
  2. Killa

    What tee to play from?

    Over here we usually have 3/4 sets of tees where 2 of them overlap. White/yellow for the mens and Blue/red for women. The blue and yellow usually overlap. I always play the yellows and that can be from 5500 to 6600 depending on the course. I definitely won’t be moving up to the ladies tees. 🙂 But I admit that it’s not really fun for me to play a 6600 yard course because my driver sucks and that usually means 3 wood, 3 wood into the longer par 4s and I might still end up short on the 440 par 4s.
  3. Killa

    Free Relief

    Ok so I’m a bit stuck on this rule. Last week I had my ball land on a cart path. Found the nearest point of relief, marked that spot, took one club length and dropped the ball. The ball rolled down the hill in a pretty large indentation in the ground. I proceeded to play the ball as it lied and that completely messed up the hole for me. So a couple of days later a couple of guys told me that on free relief you get to drop 2 times and then place the ball. But I think that you are only allowed to re drop if the ball rolls closer to the hole or back to the obstacle you took free relief from? If so can you sometimes “game” the rule by purposely dropping the ball in a way that it ends up either closer to the hole or back in the obstacle so you have to redrop and then be able to choose the spot you want the ball in? And by that I don’t mean spinning or throwing the ball to alter the flight, but rather to drop it like really on the edge and hoping it rolls out?
  4. Killa

    Best Shot of the Week

    Coming up to a par 3 that usually plays 180 yards a tad uphill our tees were moved back to the tips. So the hole played 202 yards a bit uphill. So I said to myself just play it like a super short par 4. Took my 4 iron and slamed a fade on the green. 2 putted for par.
  5. Killa

    No Handicap (scoring my 1st round)

    Just play and have fun. And do it in a normal tempo 🙂 doesn’t matter if you get a 12 on a hole, but if it’s crowded or if you are playing with someone just pick up the ball and move to the next hole after 10 or so.
  6. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32832478430.html?pid=808_0000_0131&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.32832478430
  7. Well just to add to your sample size. I shot a 48 last time out. And I had 4 horrible holes (0 points). Realistically I'm playing around a low 20s hcp but am a 31hcp. That's the worst about this hcp system, you can't avoid being a sandbagger if you don't take the time to play tournaments. I've played about 10-15 rounds this year and 0 tournaments. So next month when we will have our club championship I will probably compete out of contention to avoid everyone looking at me sideways as I've "sandbagged" my way to 2 club championships in the past 2 years (first in the 36-54 hcp category and the second in the 0-36 net category).
  8. Finally broke 100 and I fell like 90 isn’t far away as I broke 45 multiple times on 9 holes. Today I was red hot on the first 9 and scrapped and scrambled on the back 9. After the first 6 holes I was +1!! Then, even though I said to myself, score 3 holes at a time, I got the jitters on the 7th tee as it is the toughest hole on the course and I had a 9 on a par 4. I then proceeded to make another par on a 200 yard par 3 (they moved our tees back to the tips) - hit the 4 iron on the green. Then I had a stroke of bad luck on the 9th, a par 4 over a lake. I was in a greenside bunker with my 3rd shot but the lie was HORRIBLE. I could make only a 18” backswing. So I made an 8 on that one. On the back nine I started great with a single and a par. Then came a relatively short par 5 that had me thinking birdie chance with a great tee shot. I hit the ball in a water hazard and proceeded to score a 10!! On that one. The rest was uneventful except a 9 on a par 4. I did get a 6 on my last par 5 with an airball 🙄 on a wierd sidehill, uphill lie in semirough. So 96 with 4 holes being 10,9,8 and 7. If I eliminate those, and by eliminate I mean triple bogey them I’m breaking 90. I also had 6!! 3 putts and only two of those came on 7 of the GIR I hit today. So I think that I got the game to play a single bogey score I just need to keep it up. I think the next investment will be a golf cart as I am carrying the bag and I’m pretty tired somewhere around the 14th hole.
  9. Killa

    Range Golfer vs Course Golfer: Who Wins?

    I voted for the range golfer because I am (was) one. This year I’ve been playing more and practicing less and while I feel like I’m a better golfer my scores don’t show it. I’m either hot or cold.
  10. Killa

    Golfer Elbow

    I got kind of the same problem. Right elbow (trail elbow) but I have no pain during the swing. I think I might have done it by picking up balls with the wedge on the practice range...
  11. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    Shot these two videos from a short training session. And while I like my swing looks in general it produces somewhat a push fade/slice with my longer clubs. I’m lost for why...
  12. I have one but I don’t have driver videos from this year as our driving range is closed for construction this year (should reopen soon) and I’m only hitting from the mats into a net this year. And I stopped hitting into the net with longer clubs when I tore the net with my 3 wood from the deck (there is a practice field behind the net).
  13. The thing is that it’s not just the backswing. I also make a shortened follow through to the target on the “3/4” shots. Don’t want to develop that kind of swing with the driver and 3 wood.
  14. So I played a round today and struggled quite a bit with my full swings. They have a strong fade that borders on a slice. Also quite a bit of tops and fatsies from the tee. On the other hand I had my best approach round in quite some time. Everything from about 120 yards in was awesome. Dead straight at the flag with anything shorter than an 8 iron. The swing felt fluid without any tension and I was able to pretty much replicate my practice swings, whereas with the full swings it’s just not the same swing. I tried to focus on tempo and force myself to not think about distance off the tee, but I just can’t forget the distance part, whereas with the 120 and shorter approach shots I know that distance is not a problem... should I visit a shrink or what? 🙂
  15. Sorry I didn’t notice I used the same word both ways. In my eyes our version has more problems with people scoring very poorly in relation to their handicap than scoring very high. Because I usually play in tourneys with people in their 70s who are in the 20s hcp wise. In reality they strugle to play like a low 30s capper.

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