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  1. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    Well I’ve lost my swing completely over the last month. After the horrendous showing in my club championship I broke 100 only once. Today I played the course where my last 3 scores were under 100. Shot a 114. And my putting wasn’t even that bad. But it was very wet and I hit a lot of fat shots that I obviously don’t get penalized for in dryer conditions. I also didn’t know how to adapt so all my pitches were going 30 yards short because the club just slid under the ball. The slice I have been playing with all summer is gone and now my shot zone is unpredictable again as I can fade or snap hook my 3 hybrid in successive shots. The only bright spot was me finishing the 4 par 3s with a score of +1. And that +1 was because of a 3 putt.
  2. We’ll see 🙂 there are two factors to this: 1st off I’m a terrible putter and in 2 hours I’ll be playing a round and will see if this affects me in any way 2nd when I bought the grip I got a screw with a counterweight and just a plain screw cover - I installed the counterweight but never did any comparing with/without 3rd “destroying” my putter is reversible. Destroying the tag isn’t.
  3. After I searched these boards and didn’t find an answer I posted this topic and then I googled it 🙂 found the topic linked above. What I did, because I didn’t want to ruin a tag was just take my counterweight out and made a ball from duct tape in the shaft and then another layer over the duct tape just to be safe.
  4. Just got my gamegolf live and am installing the tags and I have no idea where to put the putter tag. The superstroke grip has a steel cap that can either be just a cover or a counterweight. Any solutions?
  5. Killa

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    1. Breaking 90 constantly. 2. Mastering key #2 3. Mastering key #3 4. Mastering key #1 5. Getting my official hcp under 20 6. Getting a new bag, cart, driver and 3 wood, maybe even fitted
  6. Killa

    Recap Your 2018 Goals

    Don’t find it in that topic but my goals were to shoot below 90 at least once, and to get a hcp below 20. I’m 5-6 shots away from breaking 90. It might still be done this year on my most often played course if I get a couple more rounds in and play only to score. To get my hcp to under 20 was not realistic as I only played one tournament and I’d needed to shoot a +6 score on that tournament to go from 31 to 19.9. But since my garmin calculates my hcp according to Stableford my current realistic hcp is 21. It was 19,4 this year as well. I did also want to have key 2 and 3 “mastered” but I have failed that as I have worked on many aspects of the swing but lost mostly key 2 and a flip crept back into my swing so I think that is the main cause for my slicing woes.
  7. Killa

    Expected score on par 3 courses?

    Yes there is. If you do you get your Man club membership revoked. 😄
  8. Killa

    Expected score on par 3 courses?

    No sorry for the misunderstanding. I play from the 6300-6600 tees but the only tees that are forward from that are the ladies tees. And I’m not playing from there 🙂
  9. Killa

    Expected score on par 3 courses?

    Well from 360-380 out I can safely hit 2 7irons but that still leaves me 60-80 yards out. And getting down in 3 from that distance isn’t a given. So then I play for a double bogey from the get go. Or let’s say for an average 6,5. That seems really bad. But maybe I should just take my losses on such holes. The problem is that I’m playing pretty long courses. 6300-6600 yards and there is no option to play from the forward tees because that’s the ladies tees 😂
  10. Killa

    Expected score on par 3 courses?

    On a regulation course I shoot anywhere from 95-105. I don't take esc scores for that. So my scorecards will have some 8s and 9s as well. My garmin connect data says that over the past 24 rounds (including 9 hole rounds), that I've played since I got my watch (16 months), I have a +1,3 score on par 3s, +2 on par 4s and +2,4 on par 5s. I am trending a bit down on all of those numbers though. I hit 38% fairways and 15% GIR, so about 5 fairways and 3 GIR. I don't count nGIR on my watch. My average round is 3 pars, 5 bogeys and 10 bogey+. I have been working pretty much only on my golf swing for the past 2 seasons, not really following the 65/25/10 principle. It's been more like 85/10/5 for me. And some rounds it shows and some it doesn't. According to my watch data my hcp index should be 21. The 31 listed here is my official hcp because in Europe only tournament rounds count towards your hcp index and I've only played 1 such round all year. Out of the last 5 18 hole rounds, I've played under my official index by a total of 28 shots. The problem for me are blow up holes. Last round I had 4 triple bogeys and a quadruple. For example a dog leg left 550 yard par 5. Hit my hybrid off the tee in a perfect position about 190-200 yards just 15 yards short of the water hazard (can't really play over it from the tee as you need to hit a high draw around trees and over the hazard, and I'm nowhere near that). Then I was still almost 360 yards out. So for me to have a realistic shot to be nGIR I need another hybrid that goes 190 and of course I topped it straight into the water hazard. I then dropped, took a 7 iron, a 5, a pitch and 2 putts for a triple bogey. Should I just accept that I'm playing for bogey on such holes from the start? So at 85 yards (that's what this course averages out at 18 holes) they are probably somewhere in the 2,8 range. About 50-51 strokes or -3, -4 for the round.
  11. I do pretty much all of my practice at a par3 course nearby that has very good practice facilities, except fake greens. I don’t however play it very often. But today I decided to play a 9 hole round with two balls. The course plays 770 yards. There is one hole that plays 148 yards to the front of the green, two holes that play about 110-115, two that play 90 and 4 that are between 50-65. All the greens except the long ones are about half the size. The short ones are about 15 yards wide but only 5 -6 deep. There are some bunkers and one water hazard that comes into play on one of the 110 yard holes. So my best score over 9 holes is -1, but that is more the exception than the norm. So over 18 holes (or 2 balls over 9) the par is 54. I wanted to score 63 or under. My thought process behind that score is that of a 3,5 score average from 85 yards in. I didn’t score 63 though. I had 70. So that ended up with a 3.89 scoring average. Next time out I will play with 2 balls again, but will also keep score of GIR (pretty much all of the balls were nGIR or at least 15 were, depending on the exact distance you measure nGIR), and putts. That should give me more insight even if the greens are not real grass. Are my expectations too high or too low?
  12. Killa

    My Swing (Killa)

    Played another 40++ putt round yesterday. Obviously my putting needs work. The best part of my game is my pitching and the game from 100-30 yards in. Everything shorter is bad. Everything longer is depending on the day. Yesterday was rough. I was slicing and hitting shots fat. Putting was horrendous. I had 4 3putts and one 5 putt. Two of the 3 putts were on my 4 GIR. Will need to work on my short game next spring.
  13. Killa

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    107. Terrible putting and my guess is the short game sucked as well. Waiting for my gamegolf to arrive and hoping I get a few rounds this year with it. The course wasn’t really difficult but I found the water a couple of times and I was OB once by a foot. While my pitching is pretty good compared to other people of my skill level I guess my chipping and putting are far worse. I had 43 putts and I guess about 3-5 chips. So that’s almost 1/2 of my strokes. The problem is that the OB wasn’t even near my shot zone but I pulled it hard. Makes it hard to game plan with shots like that....
  14. Oh I’m standing for Tiger. I mean I wouldn’t stand before Phil for his flop shot, that’s something that can really go wrong.
  15. Well that's the life of a high hcper :) I can shot in the low 40s and high 50s on the same day. If I eliminate water and OB then I'm not scoring over 50, that's for sure. A few good drives and putts and I'm in the low 40s. A couple of OB/water hazards and a couple of 3 putts and I'm well over 50.

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