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  1. Voted yes but it’s in my push cart about half the time now that I got one. I also play with a watch for yardages. I also used to take my wedding ring off before I played, but now I’m used to that as well. My point is that I learned that I don’t need to rely on some ritual to be able to play the game, so I might have full pockets, empty pockets, a cap, a hat or whatever and I can still play. There are only two things (besides equipment) I don’t want to play without these days - my garmin watch for distances and my gamegolf live for scorekeeping. I can play without one of those but I prefer both.
  2. Killa

    Breaking Tees

    That’s why they are sold in 100 per packs.
  3. Over rated. I couldn’t care less how anyone dresses on the golf course. I’d much rather be in a t shirt than a polo shirt. I actually only have polo shirts for golf use. I never wear them on any other occasion.
  4. I don’t know if I can, I doubt it really 🙂 I mean I hope my swing changes over the winter will get my driver swing speed over 100mph maybe up to 105 from 97. I do know that I can rip my 4 iron of the tee and that it will be hard to get a matching 3 iron for the set.
  5. Untagged Video on Hudl Technique Play this Other video with Rok Stern Untagged Video on Hudl Technique Play this Other video with Rok Stern so my friend who is a golf instructor (trying to be a pga pro instructor) took the time and measured me. In our club they have adopted a theory where everyone is either a slider, a spinner, a launcher or any combination of those three. They measure you up and you go through some drills and you see where you end up. I’m mostly a spinner/launcher, but there would be nothing wrong with me being all three things at the same time (like Rose for example) with that being said we tweaked my grip a bit (moved it a bit more to my fingers and my right hand is a bit more laid off) the major things that I am working on now are correcting my back swing (my club was way too open on the top) - my main issue was that I kinda just leaned my left shoulder forward instead of rotating it down and right. Also my takeaway was too closed and I was pulling my hands back away from my body - that was because I misunderstood the principle of depth that I was linked to in a video above. I didn’t get depth from the turn but cheated by pulling my hands back the thing I’m working on the downswing now is more hip turn at impact - was pretty much square whatever I did in the past and that should help me eliminate the flip (the flip wasn’t real bad but it was close) currently I’m still going too far back on my backswing or better said I load my wrists too much. I can do it “right” in front of the mirror and with practice swings but I have to think 3/4 swings when I’m hitting the ball to make it close to correct. And the last (but not least) thing is I need to shallow my swing more. I just watched a great video on that by Chris Como and will try to work on that next week.
  6. I looked at UDIs on ebay and they are quite expensive. I mean it’s easily $150 with shipping for a single iron. If I could test it first hand maybe...
  7. You don’t ever use the 3 wood from the fairway? Because I’m usually over 250 out on par 5s. That’s where I’m hoping a good 3 wood will get me close in 2...
  8. Well I know that distance can kill your score from the get go, but I mean our courses over here that are short are just stupidly tight. It doesn’t matter if you can drive it 300yards if you have to hit your tee shot 190-210 yards long in a 20 yards wide landing zone or you have no way of going for the green with your second shot (and you still got 180 yards for the approach)... and there is no way to play over the dog leg even for the longest hitters as the trees block the tee shot. The course I play most is a 5485 yards par 71, 68,8 CR and 131 slope from the mens tees. I get that it’s short, but on most holes wirh a missed tee shot you are scrambling for bogey... For me personally it’s much much easier to play a long wide open course than a tight short course. And I guess that’s true for pretty much anyone above a 10 index.
  9. I’m currently playing 13 clubs in my bag. Driver - old Nike Sumo Squared 5900 3hybrid - old Nike Sumo 4i-PW - 2014/2016 TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB 52° gap - cheap Dunlop wedge I got just for the spacing - works decently. 56 and 60° Titleist Vokey wedges. Old but trusted 🙂 So I will be getting a new (used) driver and 3 wood set. Probably the Taylormade M2. But now I was thinking what to get for the gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron. An idea was to get a 3 iron from the same set but I’m having difficulty finding one that won’t cost me more than what I paid for the whole set. I could get a hybrid but I really like my 4 iron of the tee in tight fairways so my thought process was if I could get the 3 iron and get 15 more yards out of it that would be perfect. If I get a hybrid I will probably have 4 different shafts between my driver/3wood, hybrid, irons and wedges. That can’t be good. And I won’t be paying for new shafts for the whole bag... maybe an option would be an m2 driver, 3 wood and hybrid or even a 5 wood? But I really like to hit irons off the tee. Much more confident than with the hybrid I currently have and I’m not hitting it much further anyway.
  10. If you don’t want to record the video you can do this via face time for free...
  11. The pro who watched the trackman data and video with me looked at my right elbow on the backswing and the downswing. I’m pushing my right elbow in front of my ribs and it’s connected to my torso on the downswing. At impact I’m pretty much square with my shoulders and my hips and a hip turn would lead to the clubface closing or at least straightening. I always thought that my slice was path related but my path with my driver is between 0- -1°. So I’m getting lessons over the winter and the pro said we’ll get out of the slice fast. We’ll probably be changing a bit of my setup first.
  12. True. My face to path is the result of shallowing the club but I hope to keep the shallow downswing if I can use my hips to correct the face.
  13. I will still be sliding forward but need to turn more to square up.
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