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  1. I was a bit surprised because when I was watching Erik Anders Lang fit for a Miura golf club the master smith said that the sweet spot is more towards the hosel.
  2. So I have been focused now almost exclusively on making a turn and stoping the early extension. This was todays 45 min practice session and at about 40-50% speed. I am making progress but this will be a key point till the end of this season on every practice
  3. For the last specific round I found that I disintegrated when I was on the 7th tee where you can cut the corner with the driver over the trees on a dog leg par 4. I have done it multiple times before. I pulled my driver straight at the dog leg and I made good contact and the ball took off. I was completely sure that it would be a lost ball in the woods behind the corner but the ball just straight dropped in the bunker that is 220 yards away. And instead of being relieved that I was in a playable position I was actually disappointed over the distance so bad that on the next 6 or 7 holes I wanted to crush the driver hard so I rushed every swing from that point on. And after that a friend reminded me that I rush and I started to play decent again finishing with 2 pars on the last 2 holes.
  4. There are mostly only 3 tees around here, the course we are talking about has only 2 set up a mens and a ladies. The other ones have a mens, a ladies and a mens pro tee (which usually plays 7000+, the mens tees are usually the same as the ladies pro tees). I probably only moved the putts to actual distances on the last two of those 5 rounds but even by just counting putts I know I’m in a better shape then I was before as my 3 putt number is drastically down and also my putt count is down. I will start using gamegolf again and hopefully it will work long enough to get some data in (meanwhile I’m looking for a deal on a 2nd gen Arccos to replace my gamegolf). I know I’m not as accurate and that my long irons could use shelfing, that’s why sometimes I still choose to take my 7 iron instead of reaching for the 4. On the flip side there are holes where I really luck and hit two awesome shots in succession and I’m pin high at the side of the green in two from 510 on a par 5 with my driver/4iron. I guess by self analysis in this thread I came to know why it isn’t showing. The lack of a proper driving range means I don’t get the usual amount of 4 iron swings in like I did in the past where my 4 iron was my go to club from the tee so that’s where I’m dropping the shots I’m making up with my driver and around the green. well... hopefully the range reopens soon and I can hit it every day for a couple of weeks just to get dialed in.
  5. I’d play the “forward” tees but there is that clear “ladies” on the scorecard 🤧
  6. Thing is that you really don’t. Because you remember full swings lost. Hitting a ball OB is easy 2 strokes lost. Hitting the ball under the tree where you can hit it only 130 towards the green and not the full 150 needed? You didn’t lose a full stroke there, but you did probably lose 1/2 a stroke. Hitting a 30’ putt to 1’ you might not remember, but in reality you picked up at least .25 of a stroke on that putt. Etc. long story short - we know when we loose/gain full shots, but in reality we are loosing parts of shots all around the course and that adds up to several shots per round you don’t even notice.
  7. Well on most courses over here it’s either this or the ladies tees. And no I’m not playing the ladies tees when I’m playing with 3 men. 🙂 Most of the courses I play the men play from around 6600 and there are usually a set of men’s “pro” tees that play 7000+. A local 9 hole course plays to about 2500 and I’ve broken 45 several times there. I have also played 40 on the back 9 of a 6800 yard course, but I cannot string 18 such holes together. I’ve had rounds where I was +1 after 6 holes and had it fall apart to not break 90 again... I also broke par on a short par 3 course. That’s why it frustrates me so hard, because if I string my best 9 hole scores together I’m close to breaking 80 and I never broke 90 in a complete round.
  8. From now on... I’ve had several problems with gamegolf so that the last 4 or 5 rounds I didn’t even bother charging it...
  9. no I was using game golf live version last season. I currently can’t log in to take a screenshot of the strokes gained stats edit: managed to do it now: here are last 5 rounds one of them might be from this season
  10. I’m looking at Arccos but the 2nd generation (free lifetime subscription) now but I don’t know if it’s worth it. I just reset my appstore region to USA to download the TaylorMade Myroundpro app, and maybe if I get a mount for my phone I might actually use it to track my shots.
  11. I would but gamegolf is down again... I feel that I’m not able to play golf and put a lot of data in my telephone at the same time. I still want to enjoy the round and talk to my mates...
  12. I have done it last year using game golf. And I lost most (relatively) on short and putting. That’s why I really focused on improving my putting and chipping over the winter. Now an up and down is a real possibility and 3 putting is going down (except from distances over 30’) and I also hole more mid distance putts. I typed a long post about the last round but deleted it - I lost most off the tee or then on the approach. So full swings. I didn’t loose a ball and I had no penalty strokes, but I was blocked out quite often and even if I wasn’t completely blocked out I still couldn’t play for the green. What frustrates me that I was really bad at putting last couple of years and I am much better. The guy I play most of my rounds with told me I’m at least 50% better. And with the driving range next to my house closed for maintenance for almost all of 2020 until now I’ve lost on the full swings what I gained on putting. Even though I’m finding the center of the club more often and hit the clubs longer, the added length with no improvement in accuracy actually made my shots miss more rather than less.
  13. So I have been working on my game for the past 3 years pretty often. I’m practicing much more often than playing as I don’t have the time to go out as much and it’s much easier to hit the practice area for 45 minutes than 18 holes for 5 hours. I have dedicated a lot of time to my full swing while neglecting my short game and putting and I added about 15 yards to my irons from last year (same clubs so not because of a change in loft). This winter I worked on my putting and it shows on course. I miss little short putts, make more mid range putts (I almost never made a 10’ putt before) and my lag putting has been much improved. I also worked on my chipping and it’s a guarantee that if I’m chipping inside 20 yards I will be in a position where 1 putt is an option while a 3 putt is pretty much off the table. Admittedly I have slacked in my irons, and especially my long irons are pretty inconsistent off the rough/fairway. I’m pretty confident hitting up to 6 iron from play but 4 and 5 are a lottery. I can hit them off the tee though. My driver is currently the club I’m most confident with, but my 3 wood doesn’t instill even a slight shred of confidence. And with all of those improvements my scores still hover in the 95 range. I might play 15-20 rounds per year, but we do play longer courses, in the 6600 range. For example yesterday I played the first 18 in a month and a half. I did practice 3 times this week before the round. I started off pretty good (except a 3 putt on the first hole - completely my fault in lack of concentration) and I started double, par, par, bogey. Then I topped my driver on the 5th and needed 2 more shots to get near the green and failed to get up and down for a bogey so another double. And from that point on I was constantly scrambling and couldn’t get my game together. Even though I added distance to my irons (or especially because of that) and didn’t improve my accuracy in relation to that my misses get really bad. I also don’t have a shape to my ball flights. The only thing I don’t hit at the moment is a severe slice. But my misses are left and right... so I usually hit a slight fade with my short irons (6-9) and a draw with my 4,5 and my 3 wood. The driver is a fade as well. Tl;dr - even though I know I’m a better golfer than last year it doesn’t show in my scores...
  14. Played my first round in a month in a half and felt really good with my driver so I took some very aggressive lines of the tee. So after a very up and down round we came to the 18th and you can go over the trees but you probably need about a 220 yard carry and it needs to go high as the trees start at about 170 or even further. So I lined up and hit a high fade about 250-260 yards and wasn’t sure if I hit it long enough. Another one in our group hit it over as well and when we came around the corner there were two balls sitting about 30 yards apart. And mine was 70 yards from the pin. I was never even remotely that close on that hole. Pitched on the green and made par to end the round.
  15. Wanted to go to the driving range to do some work on my swing, asked my wife if she wanted to come (she is a complete beginner) and she said she wanted to go play. So I took her to the par 3 course that is next to our house and she played her first 9 holes (with my clubs). So on the third hole (60 yards) I made my second hole in one. It’s the same hole I made my first one. It comes with an asterisk though as it’s not a regulation length hole. Hit my 60° wedge with about a 1/2 flighted swing. Landed about a yard short of the pin and rolled in. Called it as soon as I struck it as well 🙂
  16. So no practice for quite a long time until now, had 2 weeks vacation and a lot of post lockdown work. Now my main focus is going to eliminate my early extension. I think that’s the project for the rest of this season and probably in the next as well. I did get my second hole in one today playing with my wife for the first time. It was on the same hole as the first one but it’s a par 3 course and the shot was only 65 yards so it has an asterisk with it.
  17. The best male player, tour 1, second male, tour 2, scratch. In that order. Now I’m checking the results. edit: checked the results and I wasn’t far of. I still might be right the next round.
  18. 7th hole after 6 pretty atrocious holes is the #1 hcp hole on the course. It’s a dogleg left downhill par 4 where the second shot is over water to an isolated green (forest around the green). My friend hits a straight 3 iron to the dogleg, a very good shot. Tells me I wanna see you hit a better shot that this. Now I’ve been hitting 4 iron/3 hybrid on this hole in the past. Usually it was ok, but I could’ve been long with both of these clubs (don’t carry the 3 hybrid anymore). So I pulled my 5 iron and hit the perfect draw 220 yards total around the dogleg to a plateau where I had 120 yards left to the center of the green. You can’t hit a better shot on the hole unless you hit a high draw over the trees (very high) in front of the water or on the green (both totally blind shots).
  19. I don’t have an official correct hcp at the moment but my garmin has me at 18,8. And if I see correctly it’s still a greenside bunker so the shot should be closer to 20 yards not 40? My bunker play is definitely better than my hcp would indicate. It very rarely happens that I don’t finish on the green from any greenside bunker shot. And a majority of the time I’m in easy 2 putt range.
  20. Looking at the layout my thought was immediately going for it. I’m not afraid of the bunker, I’m pretty sure I’m leaving with a par from the hole if I hit it. The low average scoring play would probably be somewhere left of the green short of the bunkers. From 40 yards out an up and down is actually a real possibility. But I just can’t hit irons on reachable par 4s. That’s why my scoring sucks 😂 And after writing all that I think of a 265 yard par 4 that is hole #1 on a local course that I never drove before. Thing is that that specific green is a blind shot with water behind the green. So I never dare to hit driver of the tee afraid of being too long. I’ve been 20 yards short with my 3 wood though.
  21. And how about a massive mower that is on the green everyday. I don’t drive my push cart over the green, but I do drive it over tee boxes if they are in my way. The only reason is that a lot of them are battery driven and they might spin out on the green doing some damage that way if the user is not careful. Yes they still have them and charge some for them. But they are crap and most of the people have their own and many are battery driven.
  22. Didn’t get to watch it but watched the highlights and the outtakes and it was great. Payton roasting Brady multiple times even during warmups was awesome. Being an Eagles fan made it even better 🙂
  23. And there were some that went 400y.
  24. I’ve been checking it out on google maps and their fairways are wider than their driving range...
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