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  1. He didn’t take the penalty but was only given the penalty because they caught him. Golf is unique in where we are all our own judges. He improved his lie TWICE in rapid succession and didn’t call it on himself. And don’t tell me a professional golfer didn’t notice that his ball now suddenly doesn’t have sand behind it after his two practice backswings...
  2. Well it’s off season right now but last few times I guess I average about 95. When I hit my driver well I’m in the low 90s, when the driver is off I can slide over 100. Gamegolf says that vs a 10 hcp I lose 0.4 of a stroke off the tee, 5.6 on the approach 3.5 on the short game and 7 strokes on putting. And I feel that’s about right - the approach shots are decent but get difficult if I got a 6 iron or longer in my hand, 7 and down it should be a nGIR. Putting is atrocious. So for example last round - 420 yardish par 4. Hit my driver 287 yards, hit my 8 iron on to about 8 yards and 3 putt for bogey. Then hit my driver 230ish below a bush on a par 5, but still manage to bump out with my 3 wood about 180 yards. Hit a wedge 3 feet of the green and then chunk the chip and 3 putt for double... So right now there are two ways for me to mess up the hole - 3 or even 4 putting, or that big driver slice like 220+ and OB.
  3. Here is a correct video - straightened and slow motion
  4. Ok so I was indoor again today. About 15 minutes putting and an hour of full swings. My plan is to work on my putting quite a bit this winter. It’s still possible to play but I’m busy at work so I might not get more than a couple of rounds in in the next two months. But this is my current swing at about 80%. Don’t know why but I cannot translate the same move at full power. I guess my sequencing is off then and I try to do too much with my hands too soon. I’m again having trouble to upload a slowmotion video to YouTube, but you can just change the playback speed to 0.25x in YouTube directly
  5. First hole in a while. We had a group waiting to start behind us and a random guy paired with us. A 427 yard par 4. Hit the driver straight for my longest ever drive of 287 yards. I guess I need an audience. Proceeded to hit my 8 iron on the green and naturally 3 putted for bogey 🤬
  6. 1st - break 90 and then break 90 consistently. For that I will need to work on my driver a lot. I hit it decently far so that means a mishit results in trouble. And after that the second thing that I will need to work on will be putting. I will try to get at least 1 hour of putting and 2 hours of full swing practice in per week over the winter. 2nd - get my hcp in the low 10s range (which is coincidental with the 1st goal) - with the hcp system change I will actually have a legit handicap for the first time in my life as currently I was only reporting 1 or 2 rounds per year (only tournament rounds counted). 3rd - play as much as possible, I’ve had 20-25 rounds this year and thought it was quite a lot. If things at work work out I will be able to play at least once per week.
  7. 630-645 depending on where the tee box is setup. Plays 660 from the tips. I haven’t been able to hit what I need to reach it in 3 because I usually miss one shot... but in theory it would be driver 3 wood and short iron with absolutely no way of reaching it in 2.
  8. So this is my current swing. So on the backswing / top of the swing there is pretty much only one thing that I will change - I actually did it in front of the mirror already and it’s an easy fix is to do what’s in the attached picture. On the downswing I want to shallow a bit more and that will come with the improved rotation where I’m still lagging a bit behind and I tend to “flip” at the ball a bit. I’m having flip in parentheses because I don’t actually flip but I want more shaft lean on impact with my irons and a more negative AoA. So that’s this winters project.
  9. Well I do all these changes because I hope they will help me become a more consistent golf player. Hope remains now that I have spent the last year correcting the backswing 😂
  10. So after what I thought were a lot of successful practices I played 18 on Thursday. I completely fell apart on the course after hitting everything on the range. On a particular par 4 I was able to hit a slice, a pull and a draw on 3 consecutive shots (the pull went OB). I had way too many things I was trying to correct at the same time.
  11. Ok so I was able to empty a couple of buckets today and while I’m not rotating enough, losing a lot of my spine angle and still early extending a bit, I was hitting the ball massively. This is a video of my 8 iron today and I really like the backswing on this one. Then like I said my problems start. I’m too steep in the transition and don’t get my hips open enough through impact. But still, some of those 8 irons went over the fence (the driving range is under repair and the fence is set up at 174 yards (lasered). So I was actually carrying my 8 iron over 174 today a few times??
  12. Killa

    Best Shot in Golf

    For me it’s the mid-long iron. I mean the long drive down the middle is one of the best things in golf for me right now. But a long iron flying directly at the flag is just $$$. I probably only hit them pure off the tee on par 3s so a 200+ yard par 3 is something where a pure iron just shines.
  13. The weather has been horrible here lately and it’s dark at 4pm so I’ve only hit the range 2 times the last two weeks. While I can swing without early extension now, I don’t get any power on the ball with that swing. And with my current “regular” swing the extension is less but it’s still there. I also don’t retain the spine angle through impact. I think this is all still related with the backswing and transition. I start the downswing wrong and from the wrong position so I’m playing catch-up all the way from there. I will continue working on my backswing to get into the proper position with the proper pressure. I do feel like I understand my swing much better than I did before. For example I can now hit a fade or a draw with the same setup, just by controlling the path of the arms - aligned directly to the target. I can exaggerate that with setup, hitting massive slices or hooks. While my goal is to move towards a draw for my stock shot, these new experiences and skills should help me on the course to better escape some tricky situations instead of just chipping out to the fairway.
  14. 🙈 reading is tech, right?
  15. Handy Speed Stick – Handy products for your golfing needs I’m thinking of buying this training tool. Saw a European Pro use it and it seems similar to the Superspeed system but it has three weights incorporated in one stick, so it uses up less room and it’s much cheaper in Europe than Super Speed. Any thoughs? How would one get a practice plan to use such a tool properly?
  16. Well it’s been raining for the past two weeks and even though I said I wouldn’t play in rain I am prepared to do that now... but everything is closed because it’s just too wet everywhere. Standing water on greens and fairways...
  17. Killa


  18. Was at the indoor facility for about 45 minutes today. Mostly talking about golf and hitting about 20 full swings with my friend. Tried a few things he suggested and the best was me standing really wide as a drill. And doing that I really felt the weight go forward and that REALLY opened up my hips at impact. Don’t have the video as it was on his phone but the change was drastic again. I will probably (hopefully) play a round on Thursday morning but my guess is there won’t be a change in scoring until spring when I hope these changes get ingrained and lead to better ball striking and maybe some distance. The goal I strive for are 300 yard total drives. Let’s see if I get anywhere near that.
  19. Ok so I feel like I am in a phase where I am making monumental progress in my swing changes. It feels like it was overnight but the truth is that I have been working on my backswing for the past 6-8 months but I just couldn’t get over the hump by myself. These Russel Heritage videos have really done it for me. I’m trying to not watch too many so I don’t get overwhelmed by the information. So at this point I know just enough about the golf swing, that I know, that I don’t know anything 🙂 But I do know enough to at least filter out the good information from the nonsense. And his videos really do make sense. So this is a video from today. This is almost full power (at least 90%) so now I know I will be able to implement the changes over time also on the course.
  20. First time on the range for the past week but I have been thinking and working on the early extension in the mirror with a swing stick. I also found again a great video by Russel Herritage on early extension and hip rotation that I watched (and forgot about) a year ago. the swing here is about 70%. The 7 iron goes about 100-110 yards instead of the 150-160 that is usual. I had a lot of problems hitting the ball from this position but it got much better after two buckets. here is the video I referenced earlier. It’s got a clickbait title (like all of his videos) but the information is great IMHO
  21. Imagine being a +4 and having to shoot -4 to breakeven. 🤯
  22. A friend of mine had a business partner come over from Japan. He wanted to play golf and it was December. There was only one course open, a 9 hole course, and it was right around 32°F. There was sleet falling and our guys were thinking there is no way we play. But they did play. And they didn’t turn in after the first round but played the whole 18 holes. They were all freezing and miserable. And after the round the Japanese guy says:”There are only two types of weather for golf. Good and very good.”😂
  23. I have thought about this thread a lot over the weekend. I played with a group that usually consists of 12 regulars. Since 2 were missing me and another guy were allowed to play in their monthly “tournament”. I got to watch at least 8 guys who demolished my score or at least beat me by a few strokes with swings that were nowhere close to “ideal”. a guy in my flight hit everything from the back foot, sometimes spinning so hard he nearly lost balance. And he wasn’t a long hitter (over 65 years old) My guess is he shot somewhere in the 85 range to my 96. Another guy shot 75 with a swing that I would say he can’t be better than a 20 hcp... FML
  24. Hit a chip in from about 20 yards in the rough. It went high and rolled down the slope in the hole. Too bad it was to save triple bogey 🤬
  25. Some new videos - I think the loop is gone, so I think that now I will really move on to the early extension/not enough hip turn on impact and the face on video as well:
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