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  1. Thanks for all the input everyone. I've really got to go to a pro shop and try out clubs. From my research, I'm really like the Wilson ci11. I know that Wilson clubs aren't really sought after that much but I've seen nothing but great things about them online. But I've also been leaning towards trying out the AP1 716s. I will keep you guys updated and I'm not going to be jumping the gun, I just wanted to see what everyone thought. I know that no one is the same, and I ultimately have to feel comfortable with whatever clubs I decide to purchase. Thanks again!!!
  2. So I've played golf for a while now, played all four years in high school, but recently I only play about once every two months, and want to start going more often now. I currently have Nike Slingshot irons with graphite shafts, and am in the market for a new/used set. If anyone can make any recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate it. My budget is $350 max, but lower would be nice haha. Thanks!!!