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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Incredible early morning tee at Diani Leisure Club on the Kenyan Coast. Managed to sneak in 9 holes whilst my better half was sleeping off a hangover! Shot 45 (9+) which I am delighted with as I was renting clubs which were a bit hit and miss - Very slow greens due the lack of rain out here but putting was surprisingly one of my strongest parts of the round. Finished at 9.30am and it was already 27C with really high humidity! Was great to be out surrounded by the most beautiful Flaura and Fauna. Golf in Kenya is fantastic when it is right!
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Best round of golf for me so far this morning (5th round since starting) Shot 43 on the front 9 (+8) but couldn't quite make it count on the back 9 and scored 47 (90 total) but I am still delighted, with a bit of luck I could have sank more putts for bogey rather than leaving them just short for double. My aim for this year is to get to 18 handicap but if you take my current handicap of 26 off my score its 64 nett which I'm thrilled with. No wonder people hate players that sandbag strokes in the club tournaments! Next week I am going to give myself 20 strokes and see if that helps me kick on through the back 9 - If i'm completely honest with myself a bit of complacency kicked in and I was just going through the motions over the last 5. Enjoy your Easter golf guys!
  3. Cleveland TA3 Forged Irons

    Not at all - Like I said I am a newb to this sport and 4 weeks ago I didn't even know what a blade was....however without getting bogged down in semantics its fair to say they aren't a beginners club. Shot 43 on the front 9 (par 35) and 51 on the back 9 (par 35 also) which I am pretty happy with as no 8's in the round and plenty of the doubles could have been converted to bogeys if my putting wasn't so gash (using a Callaway Tuttle putter which I love!!) Thanks for all your advice, I have bought them for $100 and will see how they see me through until August time. Happy golfing over the Easter weekend!
  4. Cleveland TA3 Forged Irons

    Thanks so much for this Marv - I'd never heard of MPF before today, really interesting stuff. TA3 comes in at 394 which is classic. My interest in golf was reignited when I sponsored the Irish Society golf tournament over here and invited a few potential clients to play, no wonder they gave me odd looks when I rock up with a set of these and no driver! I'm away to play 18 this morning and will probably decide this weekend whether to pull the trigger. There is something beautiful about blades though when you line them up behind the ball as a apposed to some of the awful looking modern clubs out there (I have been away from the sport 5 years or so) I might try and located some TA5/6's on my next trip back to the UK or even SA. Enjoy your golf gents.
  5. Cleveland TA3 Forged Irons

    Thanks for the advice - It's definitely not going to be option B) as I said I am really enjoying getting into the sport plus I'm one of those people that doesn't quit easily. I think I will get these clubs for now and I have a trip back home to the UK planned in August where I should be able to pick up some modern irons as I also need to get a Driver / Woods as they aren't part of the set. Like I said over the past few weeks I have been scoring around 45/47 on the front 9 of my local course (Par35). When I get hold of the thing its so straight and consistent with grouping, only issue is the bad shots. Finding striking the 3/4 iron off the deck really hard work.
  6. Hi All, Relatively new to the world of golf (Played a few social rounds with mates whilst in the UK, golfing in Manchester never appealed to me funnily enough!) but have since relocated to Kenya and have taken up the sport. 1600m above sea level really helps your length off the tee plus the weather helps! So I've played approx 5 rounds so far over the past 6 weeks using the pro's Cleveland TA3 Forged Irons. I have heard so much about high handicappers shouldnt start using blade / cavity back clubs but I love the feel you get off these clubs when you hit it right.......its just the times when you don't where the issue falls down. Now I have been offered to buy these irons 3-PW for around $100 which seems pretty reasonable as buying modern equipment out here is so expensive and I dont want to spunk loads of money on new GI technology in my first year. Question to you guys - How many of you guys started out as beginners using more advanced clubs and did it make you a better player in the long run? I really want to master this game and part of the enjoyment I have been getting in seeing how much control / accuracy I can get with these blades. To put it into perspective I am giving myself 26 shots on each round and last time out I shot -2 under my handicap. I'm a 30 year old lad who played cricket and hockey at a decent level so have an understanding on the principles of impact....however inside 100 yards I am awful! My goal for the end of the year is bogey golf with one or two blow up holes to be expected. Thanks in advance!