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  1. Duff Chips

    I've been having the same issues when chipping. I recently tried having an open stance and placing the ball in the back of my stance. The key to me is not breaking my wrists so that way I don't manipulate the chip into a duff. I always tell myself to stay down the target line, although it takes a lot of confidence to stay committed. I'll be darned if I am breaking out a chipper. BTW I use a 52 for the chip, with a 56 if I need to really get it up and stop.
  2. Why can I not close the club face?

    I think the main focus to have is to make sure you're hitting from the inside like a few posts have said. This is one of the most common problems when correcting a slice. If you make sure your plane is correct, then hit the ball at 4 o'clock and see what results happen.
  3. I've been having some issues with hitting the driver lately, so I decided to go to my local club pro and get a lesson. Same guy I've been going to since I started getting lessons, so I am pretty comfortable with asking questions and receiving any critiques. Well it seems that I had an issue with turning my hands over too soon and going out to in on my shot. This caused a big pain in the neck every time I teed it up. Well I'm holding the shot and saw wonderful results while letting my hands turn over on their own. I'm just excited that such a simple fix would cause such great results.
  4. Best Shot of the Week

    16th hole of the day is a 310 yard par four that is a dog leg left with plenty of open space. I tried to cut the corner and ended up right behind a 20 foot tall tree. I whipped out the trusty gap wedge and stuck it 6" from the hole, dropped the putt for a bird.
  5. What should I add next?

    Lessons would definitely be the way to go. I hated my irons until I had some pointers from a scratch golfer. The few tweaks he did to my posture and set up did wonders for my game. Plus it takes the sting out of weekend green fees
  6. I would agree that his time of play should be limited, but we know we all had to start somewhere. Recently my brother picked up the game and we set double par as his limit. We had to tell him that good shots on the range would transfer into lower scores on the course. After enough practice he was able to post decent scores, with a dead on 100 this past weekend. If he never took any time on the range he never would've gotten there.His feelings weren't hurt, but more happy that we wanted to help him. Just encourage him and he will realize that your giving helpful advice, not criticism.
  7. What club do you never miss with?

    8i all day long, club has definitely been my score saver.
  8. What Do You Do for a Living?

    student / automotive parts counterman
  9. Can't hit my driver

    Personally I would take it slow and not try to kill it. Learn what it feels like to hit it where you want it short distances, then gradually increase how hard you hit it. For me, it's all about where the ball is in my stance. If I'm slicing real bad then I put the ball closer to my front foot, if I'm hooking bad I bring it back in my stance.(gradually of course) The driver can be the best feeling club, or the biggest pain in the butt. Just depends on how careless you are to detail.