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  1. I've had this since my teenage years. I can still hit them pretty good. I lost the 3 wood but still have the 5 and 7 woods
  2. I feel like I get more power using the overlap grip..
  3. Preciate the replay. I do think the best thing for me to do is to get fitted for new clubs. I think that would help. And I have no problem hitting the 3 wood off the deck or off the tee. It's just the driver. Sometimes it'll slice sometimes it'll go straight but the distance isn't their either way
  4. IDK if its because i havent found the right driver for me yet or what. But it just seems I cant hit a driver good for whatever reason. The sound of it when i hit it doesn't sound like the people Im playing with. I can hit my 3 wood straight off the tee. But the driver will slice a little and its just not a solid hit. Any ideas on what I can do to work on my driver? Im thinking about getting the M2 driver and wood set.
  5. Ive been playing with a interlock grip for as long as i can remember. Today I tried to use the other grip. It seemed to me I can get more power without the interlock grip. So I might try a few rounds using it. Whats your take on this?
  6. I ve seen a few instructors say to just move your arms back on your back swing so your postures nice and lined up. And others that you should turn your body on the back swing. Which one do you do? And if you turn your body do you start your back swing turning your shoulders first and then the arms come around?
  7. I dont know why but I can crush and hit straight hybrid irons. If i try to use regular irons from 3-8 irons I suck. Anybody have and idea why this could be?
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