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  1. Cheers for the comments guys appreciate it!! Just an update on how the game is going.... Been constantly in the 30 points stableford region the last few weeks, Last 2 rounds ive had 30 points with 39 & 40 putts lol. Recently bought a scotty cam after putting a brand new Cleveland over the knee.... whoops ;) Isn't it amazing how difficult the suposedly easiest part of the game is.. play with guys who end up with similar scores and they're hacking the ball all over the place but can putt. Not good for the soul haha
  2. Thanks for all your replies guys! Very much appreciated! I think that i had a meltdown last week to say the least on course and mentally... Yesterday i took the advice that you all gave me and just tried to not care about the score and just enjoy the scenary and think of other things other than golf until i was at the golf ball. Somehow managed 40 points which is probably one of best rounds I've shot. Started to let my score creep into my mind towards the end of back 9 and subsequently made a few 3 stabs over the last 5 holes all from GIR's. Was 2 over and in for a potentially best ever round lol!! Was miles better anyhows! just need to not think. Easier said than done..... Cheers
  3. Hi Guys I've been very close to giving up the game recently and just wanted to see if others have similar feelings post round. So passionate to play golf and improve and will always spend the time practicing to get better. Recently have been playing great golf only to be 3 putting from 15- 20 yards. whenever i'm playing well I can't hole 3 footers its insane!! I play off of 10 but I just can't putt when it means something. if i'm having a mediocre/bad round i'm ok with the putter but Havn't hit under my handicap in 20+ rounds and i'm actually creeping up when i'm playing/ striking the ball well enough to be lower. I'm at my wits end with it and just don't know where to go as it seems more of a mental problem that I just can't seem to overcome. Absolutely love the game of golf and spend every moment outside work thinking about golf if i'm not playing it. I know theres going to be cliché comments about not letting the last shot dictate your mood, I don't have a short fuse compared to some folk I see on the course but when its a constant problem, hole after hole after hitting in regulation i'm losing my head!!! Spend the weekend post round in a sometimes sombre mood and just thinking..... is this game worth playing if its constantly dictating my mood? Sorry to ramble on.... Cheers Guys
  4. Hi everyone Just seing if other people suffer with similar problem as I currently have. Originally coming down from a high handicap had such enjoyment and no worries on the course. Got down to handicap of 8 and have set myself goals for the future. All of a sudden have this expectation to play good golf and getting frustrated as not playing near what I should be playing. look forward to playing all week and my game has gone to crap over last few months and handicap blown out to 14. Taking more time over the shots, really concentrating seems to be having the opposite effect on my game :( My current skill level should be around 6~8 handicap but my mind has got in the way. Without getting a labotomy anyone have any ideas lol?
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