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  1. I did, my driver is 44.5" with a 85 gram shaft farthest it was going on the simulator was 295 total distance which is above my max distance with this club..............I just have trouble believing my drives were really going 310ish total distance considering my swing speed........unless they had it set up on the simulator where i have a strong wind at my back and driving the ball downhill 🙂
  2. No fitter involved, these are just hitting stalls they let customers use for demo or used clubs.
  3. I went to a local golf store recently and their trackman was giving some drives around 305-310 total distance but my swing speed is only 112 AT THE MOST, average about 103. I never hit it this far in real golf, could the store be tampering with the trackman to get us golfers suckered into buying the $500-$600 driver? Anyone else here experience something similar at a golf store simulator?
  4. I think I almost broke 120 swing speed once, you won't believe the distance I got !!!!!!!!!!................................just nicked the ball and it rolled out a few yards (carry maybe one yard) but hey at least I made contact with the ball right, not a total wiff? Personally, I am sure if I had the right driver I would have clocked it 300+ yards, I blame the equipment!!
  5. How many different golf club brands do you have in your bag? Are you married to one brand, i.e. a Callaway Guy or Gal?? Brands in my bag are 5- Srixon, Callaway, Nike, Cleveland, Odyssey (I guess that's Callaway too right?)............actually I guess Srixon and Callaway have the same ownership so I guess it would be only 3 brands, eh?
  6. If you want lessons, I would do that first hands down. You don't want to go through a fitting, buy clubs that don't work best for your swing because you had lessons improved and now your swing is different to what it was when you got fitted. Lessons first and get those new shiny clubs fitted to your new and improved swing. Your teacher will also be a good guide to directing you into the best set of clubs for your swing. For example, you might like a really chunky iron now but improve your swing with lessons and find you are hitting the ball to the moon with those big chunky irons and w
  7. I like that, reflecting on every shot and making tweaks, more thoughtfulness on the range, taking your time, sounds right.
  8. Double Mocha Man we need half blind Larry's self help philosophy for developing these 5 keys of golfing glory generously supplied by iacas, which Larry has attained all by his lonesome........can you glean some self teaching wisdom off the man for us lowly handicap golfers? Appreciate ya
  9. I like it, if half blind Larry with his homegrown swing has those 5 keys teeing it up 4" and breaking 70 than there is hope for us all..................with the proper training or possibly some top notch autonomous learning!
  10. What are the best looking irons ever made (from the back)????.................... for me I think its the Ping Blueprint taking the thrown from the Muira 501's IMO. Have to say the new PTX Pro irons from Ben Hogan look pretty sweet too and the price is much easier to swallow. Pics below...................who cares if they work for ya as long as you look good out there right? 🙂
  11. Maybe we should start a Fundme page for scratch golfers with homegrown swings, see if we can get them together for testing to answer this question. It would be very interesting to see the real world results.
  12. That would be really interesting, especially the one's playing scratch- surely they must have at least ONE thing in common...............partially blind Larry teeing it up 4" and Groucho Valentine are both squaring the club up at impact LOL
  13. lot of success stories out their of amateurs with homegrown swings, commonality being self taught not necessarily that their swings are all the same in any particular way or section of their swing. Good discussion on here either way.
  14. Nice discussion on the value of autonomous learning as it relates to the golf swing (homemade vs properly trained) with a good mix of success stories and failures (additional instruction needed to play good golf, so ultimately a success) in self-help golf.
  15. Right now I am happy with low 80's to the high 70's, I think I would need to put a lot more time than I have to put in to golf to get to scratch, coaching might be the only way for me to get to scratch or a lot more work on my own or a combo of both but I don't have that kind of time. So I am sure I will never score as low as my buddy is with his homemade swing driving the ball crazy long with chipping that stops on a dime or Groucho Valentine here or Double Mocha Man's larry the cable guy teeing up 4" and scoring in the 60's with poor eyesight lol.......I don't have that talent but I am ok w
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