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  1. What does your screen name / username come from?

    FlintyDoughy Around 1998 or so I signed up for AOL, but any combination of my name was already taken, so I used the "Suggest a Username" feature and this is what popped up. Suprisingly, it is always available :)
  2. Why'd you choose the clubs you play?

    Irons: In 2005 I was playing some hand-me-down Cobra clones; through a contact at a golf shop I got a line on some TM Rac LTs that were rental clubs at Banff Springs for 1/2 price. Most of the clubs had not been hit and the ones that were had maybe a round or two. With the driver, I had an old Big Bertha that was working fine, but I hit my dad's TM Burner (2007) at the range and bought one the next day (including the matching 3 wood and 3h) I was using a hand-me-down Ping putter, but after a putting lesson the pro suggested I use a mallet with alignment aids, so I ended up selecting a Ping Craz-E because it had the best feel to it.
  3. What kind of car do you drive?

    2002 Ford Explorer 4X4. Great for the winters up here and lots of space for the clubs.
  4. Best Course you are planning on playing in 2009?

    www.kananaskisgolf.com/ Beautiful course right in the Rockies. Next year I am planning on Banf Springs.
  5. Your strange Golf idiosyncrasies????

    I always wear a visor and sunglasses, no keys, wallet or phone. I have a spare ball and tees in my left pocket, an orange divot repair tool and a purple ball market in my left. I also keep the ball and tee I am using in my right pocket when going from hole to hole. Like the rest of the people out there, each club has its' place in the bag.
  6. Your 2009 Personal (Golf) Goals

    1 Golf at least once a week 2 Practice at least once a week 3 bring handicap back under 20 4 hole in one
  7. Your Home Course Website.

  8. Recommend a driver...

    Some older Big Berthas can be had for that and they are very forgiving.
  9. 1 lesson, how much improvement???

    I took 2 lessons to focus on chipping and putting and they helped a lot. I now have a better, consistent putting routine and I corrected some bad habits I developed over the last 10 years: moving lower body slightly when putting and corrected my weight being shifted from my back foot to front foot when chipping. Best 80 bucks I have spent.
  10. Cant cure my slice, help (Video)

    Pro gave me the exact same advice yesterday for an intermittent fade I was having.
  11. What Are You Working On?

    Working on keeping my weight on the left foot instead of right foot when chipping, also working on putting technique.