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  1. I 100% agree with the opportunity it just gets plain ridiculous sometimes, guys routinely lie to themselves about hitting it 320 just because they hit that one drive 3 years ago on that downhill downwind par 5 that went 330 yards. I get what your saying and trust me don't let some troll on reddit who thinks he's bubba Watson get under your skin. There's a lot of morons always trying to impress the world.
  2. Well I think we shld first take that article with a grain of salt with what they said because they will write anyting to sell copies. But that much money that's involved I can see someone doing that but also why take that kind of risk and have that come out you'll be known as the cheater. And if you're going to cheat at this game what's this sense even playing it that's was what my grandfather always told me
  3. Those guys use trackman and everything to get their trajectory and spin to the ideal numbers they want maybe it just seems its a more penetrating flight maybe that u notice. Watching it on tv its hard to get the sense of how high they actually hit it too.
  4. After watching him win the tour championship I say he'll win multiple times including a major. Him facing ever all that adversity has made me a fan because for him to fall so far down from grace it really humbled him n he might have took it for granted all he had but it's great to see him back playing competitive.
  5. Mainly because of what you said about the rare times when the shot calls for a left to right shot. At my home course i can play my draw all day long with the exception of a couple shots that a fade would play better than a draw. I have been practicing at the range hitting it left to right which is more of a push-fade than a pull-fade. I just wanna add a fade shot that i'm confident enough to hit during a round, im not expecting to hit a 20 yd Bubba fade lol. I usually open my stance and clubface where i expecting the ball to start and play the ball more middle of stance.
  6. I have found that when it comes to working the ball, I have an a lot easier time moving the ball from right to left (for a righty) than I do left to right. Any advice on swing thoughts or minor adjustments in set-up when it comes to hitting s fade? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The bounce was one thing i didn't even think about but yeah that would create some issues that can't be controlled unless I wanted to get into grinding it down and thats another can of worms that doesn't need to be opened lol. It's seeming like a bigger mess to deal with just to have the club head perform correctly when learning of more things that will be affected changing lofts. I can deal with having a different model 7 & 8 iron knowing that the lofts are correct along with the bounce and any other issue that could arise de-lofting/lofting clubs. Appreciate the info guys thank you.
  8. Got a question hopefully someone can help me out with.. I have a set of snake eyes 675b forged irons i made a couple years ago but somehow I've lost both the 7 and 8 iron . If I'm not mistaken they discontinued that iron head and no longer make it correct? The problem I'm having is I can't seem to find a used 8 iron in the 675b model but was wondering would it be possible if i took a 7 iron and bent it to the 8 iron specs or go with a 9 iron and de-loft it, is one better than the other or no difference, if its possible to begin with? Should i just suck it up and buy myself an actual 8 iron that matches somewhat close to the set like the 600b? Wanted to see if anyones been down this road and what would be the best option? Thanks.
  9. I can understand listening to music with earphones while practicing at the range or putting green.. not on the course tho especially through speakers. It's not a workout session at the gym..it's golf. Yeah i can understand doing during a charity event or something along that line.
  10. Tommy Boy - birdie " Lots of people go to school for 7 years." " Yeah..they're called doctors" LOL
  11. How important is it to consider the type of shafts in a set of irons? Can anyone tell me what i should be taking into account when trying out different set-ups at my local shop? What about the weight is that also something that needs to be considered, or do I just go by how i want my ball flight to be a certain way? I've heard of people gaining and/or losing some yards when they get fitted to the correct shaft in a driver, so I'm guessing thats true in irons as well? Any advice and tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Really good article and explanation! Your correct about the poor understanding and how they contradict one another whether that was simply a mistake on their part or not i don't know.. I adopted the pattern when it first came out years ago, even with the book and their 1st video i never had a good understanding on the weight and transfer of pressure through the swing. Their explanation leads players to believe that most of the weight stays forward throughout the entire swing yet watching mike hit shots in the 1st dvd from face-on you can clearly see that his weight does transfer to the back leg as he reaches the top, without elaborating more on it besides the term "weight forward" i think lead players (myself included) to struggle. The 10 or 15 min video on youtube of Grant's swing and how the weight moved back as he swung to the top and how fast it should move forward into the downswing gave me a 100% better understanding that 2 dvd's and the s&t book combined. Keep up the good work..
  13. Ive used those on a couple occasions just practicing in the yard and trying to shape shots around the play set and over obstacles and for just being able to hit em 30-40 yards it was fun. Not sure how much they actually helped my game but none the less helped my creativity for sure. Ive only used the orange callaway hex pattern ones.
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