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  1. My in-laws live in the area and I always try and play Old Corkscrew in Eatero by the Ft Myers airport or Shell Point in Ft Myers. Great tracks, that time of the year all the courses are pricey.
  2. Would you choose to play the north or south course? I'm not sure if/when I will get the opportunity to play there again, so trying to fill the a bucket list. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much, I will have to check to see if the openings line up with my free time after the conference.
  4. I'm heading to a conference in June about an hour away from Torrey Pines. Conference ends Wednesday at 1pm, and hope to be able to get to Torrey Pines by 3pm, twilight starts at 330pm. Anyone have any advice to get on as a single. I prefer to play the South, but not opposed to the playing the north. TIA