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  1. @MacDutch I did not keep up with my hcp. I think my last posted round was in May. When I first started I was very hcp and 18 hole score driven. For some reason, I lost that pretty quickly. I think I realized I was chasing the wrong tale for where I am or maybe I felt like I had to prove something and realized I don't. To be honest, the only thing right now I am constantly thinking about is keeping my head still or do not lean my whole body from right to left throughout the swing. Things I have identified that are really causing issues in my long game. I will try to keep up with the
  2. @iacas I took the sentences out talking about your book using ESC stats. IMO ESC does not purely talk about PGA stats. Yes he does have more data available from the PGA, but also mentions amateur golfer stats a lot throughout the book. Whenever he has them available. Referring to them as 80s, 90s, 100s golfer and so on.
  3. Just a quick update. No, my project is not dead. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. if you read most of the posts in this thread you will see that I had a move planned and so on. So here it is for the ones that are interested (https://rangegolfer.com/already-august-time-flies/), mentioning some of the same stuff I posted in July and some other things.
  4. Sry guys for the lack of updates. I think I mentioned it a couple of months ago. We are currently in transition moving from one location to another. We are moving to Georgia and we spend the last three weeks in Florida hanging out with family. Our house won't be move in ready till the end of July. And I pretty much was busy packing the house beginning of June. The project is still on. After reading some recommended books I did change my practice plan. My putting improved really quickly and there was no need to spend that much time on it. So I switched to more full swing practice time. I
  5. If you use a launch monitor light FlightScope or Trackman on the range to figure out your dispersion (Shot Zone), do you go by "carry" or "total"? I would assume total, but I feel like sometimes the total (carry plus roll) is a little bit further than I see what is happening on the course. Or do you go by carry and use your personal experience to estimate the roll? Obviously, the roll depends heavily on course conditions and angle of fairways or greens. Just wondering what your thoughts or procedures are?
  6. So wanted to throw a little update out there. I was pretty quiet last three to four weeks. I started focusing on my plan and finished reading the books "Every shot counts" and of course "Lowest Score Wins". I read "Every Shot Counts" first, finished it two weeks ago. Started reading "Lowest Score Wins" last week and just finished it today. I didn't just want to skim them, but actually, take my time and think about every piece of information the books are presenting. I really enjoyed reading both books! I am already starting to adjust my practice plan, based on the newly gained knowledge.
  7. Hi, I am about to move to Georgia and was wondering if there are people on here that have any experience with some of these golf courses? We are looking to buy a house on a golf course and wanted to see if any golfers have some valuable insights or information. - Sterling Links (Richmond hill, GA) - Southbridge (Pooler, GA) - Savannah Quarters Country Club (Pooler, GA)
  8. Ok OK, you caught me in a lie ;) . I do it too, just in case, it does work. But my rituals change weekly. I think it is important to change the amount of spins and the position you spit from. One time it immediately started raining afterward, so that was a bust. Although it helped the golf course. All the other golfers got mad at me because the rough got thicker again. I guess you live and learn. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room at my current house to have a comfortable setup. Taking over the living room might be just one step too far for my wife. Depends on the house we will get i
  9. I agree with you and actually also say that TrackMan can be a dangerous tool, because of the reasons you have mentioned. You cannot just look at the numbers by themselves and go down that path. I also don't think that I ever said that. What I am saying is that it is a great supporting tool in developing your golf game. But that is all it is. With a launch monitor, you have at least data feedback plus video, which helps during the process. Obviously, you don't need a launch monitor for the video portion. Don't forget that I am not just delusionally looking at the TrackMan numbers, pray to
  10. I also want to add that due to me leaving my club face open, I also tried a few different grips and varied my swing speed. Next sessions I will try to stay consistent with one grip and feel and re-post those numbers. I don't agree with him on not staring at the TrackMan numbers. Why would I ignore data that is right in front of my nose telling me what happened during that specific shot? The data is the quintessential part of my process. I change something, hit the ball and check/analyze the data and go from there. Don't understand why I should ignore it?
  11. The 7 hours is a dedicated block to allow me to focus on my goals. I can only repeat myself and say that I am not rushing from one thing to another and try to hit 2000 balls a day. I have to disagree with the burnout statement. For me, that is like saying that sitting at the desk, going to meetings, answering emails and programming or something similar every day for 7 hours would burn me out. My schedule is flexible and I created it so I have something to start with and follow. There is also a lot of standing around and thinking involved or analyzing. For example when I am on the range.
  12. I agree with you. Actually getting more comfortable with my putting stroke and chipping is going pretty well. Within the last three or four weeks, the course grew some crazy rough and it took me a while to get used to it. I am already adjusting my schedule a little bit. Right now I have to focus more on my long irons and woods. I started to leave my club face open on impact and trying to work on that.
  13. Hi everyone, Just a quick update. I added some TrackMan data for my driver (https://rangegolfer.com/driver-aka-beast/). Take a look at it if you feel like it. I am working on adding all my clubs and more data for each club.
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