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  1. I am a livestock photographer and we also do videos as well for British livestock promotion for cattle and sheep at shows and sales
  2. I am a livestock photographer and videographer and you can find me by googling Robert Smith Photography and Videography - I love the work I do and it gives me good opportunities to play quite a bit of golf I have had 2 hip replacements am 3 score years old and play off 6 handicap
  3. At the range today I stood thirty degrees open to my target put my left arm by my side and put my clubface square to my target and took my normal quite strong left hand grip the difference was unbelievable if I stood closed I drew the ball if I stood open I faded the ball and if I stood square I hit it straight - I then started messing about standing slightly more open and then even closed - then I even gripped the clubface open - even tried it with chipping it seems that I am gripping the clubface square for my impact position not my address position - this is definitelya green light moment for me - I know it maybe my grip stance and clubface fitting my swing path but for some reason it works for me
  4. I am a photographer and videographer
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