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  1. Another new guy

    i hope you like ur driver after it's fitted.
  2. New guy from VA

    hello.. i used to live in fairfax, VA. Used to play at Burke Lake par 3 when i was a kid.
  3. Age

    28.. going 29 in november.
  4. Hey from S. Florida

    welcome.. i am new here as well.. and a newbie at golf.
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    Head sushi chef..
  6. New guy from SE Indiana

    this sounds familiar. i used to play inthe mid 80s during my highschool years when i would play with my father all the time. My father started me on golf when i was 9 years old. after 10 years of not touching the clubs i'm back in it. i bought maxfli clubs, to begin my journey back into the black abyss, last year. $250 for the whole iron set. i thought was good deal and could help me get back into the game. my scores are nowhere near it used to be. Now, i play in the 100s constantly. i can get 2~3 pars in a row.. then comes 3~4 triples. So i've decided that since i cannot compete with my skills, i need better technology. i just bought a set of Mizuno MX-950. I hope they will help me improve my score.