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  1. Yes I am right handed. Back to your hammer metaphor, I feel like a lot of people fall into the cupped L wrist thing, because its more comfortable. In fact picking up a hammer or other object with weight at end, I think most people cup, it seems unnatural to go bowed. Cupped might not be more powerful, but definitely more comfortable. Will check out TST as well
  2. Just read an article the other day about how lower handicappers tend to have a bowed or flat wrist while more amateurs and higher handicappers have a cupped wrist. You see all about it on TV too, especially with the slow mo stuff nowadays, "Oh take a look at Dustin Johnson's bowed left yada yada yada." Getting overplayed in my opinion. But then I was thinking about it and its true. Whereas pro's can have very different swings that they have drilled for years, none of them have cupped wrists. You can have short or long backswings, flat or steep, or just straight unconventional like Furyk,
  3. There I said it. I think I need lessons. Not even upset, like oh my practice isn't working, or thinking watching/reading so much golf was wasted. I just realize training from an expert actually yields results. So I logged around 30 or so rounds this year on my Arccos app this year and got down to a 13 handicap which is right where I expected I should be at. Those unfamiliar with the app, it breaks down your handicap into 5 areas: driving, approach, chipping, sand and putting. My breakdown comes to 17, 17.6, 13.7, 6.4, 8.3. So like anyone I practice my full swing the most.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 16 My typical ball flight is: Left to right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Been pulling it as of late, but that can change. Would like more consistent ball striking. Finally did proper videos, so thought I'd start a swing thread. Some things I've noticed is my R shoulder is fairly dropped. I know it is supposed to be lower, but it seems lower than normal. Tried to "square up" more after watching the face on vid, but led to awful contact. I've had some R hip issues befo
  5. So I think my big issue is flipping the hands like Patch said. I have been working at it so here is my update. I played the other day and just warmed up with wedges at the course. The few irons I hit were fine. On the course first approach I had was 105, perfect for my 56. I took a full swing, caught it perfect, landed pin high and proceeded to spin it 20 ft back off the green. Like I said when I catch them good I catch them really good. Another memorable one was around 80 yd approach after a spanked drive. Was feeling more confident with the wedges and knew a full swing would yie
  6. This. Although I have come to realize that and am working on it. Flipping the head through creates tremendous speed, and that is why my good wedges are pro like shots with great spin, but misses are 150 yd fliers. I'm really trying to keep it behind me and watch contact all the way through. And to onthehunt I've heard this 1000x. Hold it like a baby bird. Does help you realize its a game of feel and you need to stay relaxed to hit good shots, but through the years I've come to side more with iacas. Soft grip at the start, but in the swing you need to hang on to prevent that
  7. Thanks for the vids but I’m more referring to 3/4 to full swings with the wedges, not pitches. Although it sounds like these techniques carry into full swings so I will watch them. But it yeah hook meister that occurs as a result. Like I said I really tried to stay cool thru the wedges at my range session to no avail and felt stiff at the end. I did start slowing down the backswing and that helped some. I think I will go to that more and see how that works out for me. I plan on getting a membership this summer and wedges will be my main priority so I will start a swing thread to
  8. So I still can't figure out wedges. Is there something big that I am missing? Ever since I picked up a club I've been able to hit a driver fairly well, probably cuz I knew how to hit up on the ball and carry it far. Irons I've slowly gotten better with. But I just can't seem to get wedges. I dedicated last year at trying to get better with "scoring" clubs thinking my main issue was that I was incapable of partial swings. Now I'm learning its much more than that. I spent the last two days at the range and again every club in the bag was great except my 50* yesterday and 56*
  9. You know one thing I've noticed is my right elbow effects my grip. I've been working on keeping my Right arm in tighter and it keeps my R hand on the club better. When I let it get away from me thats when I notice the roll in the R hand and creation of the extra hinge as you mentioned. I tend to hit a fade, but got away from a big slice (am a 13 handicap now). Now this next part has to do with more grip pressure. I still struggle with my wedges and just noticed practicing that I was gripping it way harder than any club. Worked on keeping that elbow in resulting in better con
  10. This is one thing I rarely see tackled by my Youtube lesson guys like Mark Crossfield. How much contact with the grip do you maintain with the grip in your swing? Not so much interested in grip pressure. We all hear of gripping too tightly and having no feel, and too loose no control. Also not talking about grips such as strong or weak. But actually how your hands dynamically interact with the grip in the swing. I started paying attention to this when I noticed I would sort of let the club roll in my hands on big full swings. It led me to change my cocked wrist into
  11. Lol at the pyramid chart @RandallT. Because I have been playing a while I have figured out my swing enough where I can get birdies and hit good shots. I know I am doing some fundamental things incorrectly tho and would like to figure those out. First I think it may come down to how much time and dedication I have. I also like how people said to focus on one specific thing at a time. Plans are to get an iPhone mount to record swing, do at least a tathata lesson a week and then hit the range as many times as my schedule allows. I don't plan to be playing much through the winter as it'll be
  12. I just finished a long golf week with my buddies. We played 4 times and although I beat one of my friends, I am a long way off from my buddy who is a single digit capper. He mentioned some things at the end of the week and it really got me motivated on improving. Now I have been playing quite a while and been trying to improve over the last couple of years, but don't really feel my swing has changed all that much. I can do what I know fairly well, but feel the bread and butter of gaining accuracy and learning to score has yet to improve. I still shoot 90's with about 1/3 of rounds in the
  13. Hey all. Fairly new to this forum and to consistently playing the game in general. I've played since high school occasionally with friends, but have dedicated time to improvement over the past 3 years. I've enjoyed this time playing a game we all love, but luckily I just received a call for medical school acceptance starting this fall and will have much less time for golf. I knew this time was coming as a pre-med kid and that's why I wanted to make the most of my of my time before starting. Well now its here and the real work begins. I'm actually kind of glad I'll have less
  14. I got the program this spring. Stopped just short of Chapter 3 as I found I'd rather spend my time playing golf and practicing than doing movements in my living room. It has some potential. As @kingfrenzo mentioned my first day out was my worst round of golf ever. Was thinking about way too much. This is my first golf program btw. I like Tathata as it fits to my swing; A strong powerful smack of the ball, letting the body unload, not caring about positions too much, but more just an athletic movement. The thing is people talk about the yoga and stretching aspect of it, which
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