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  1. Some times you just have to slow down your swing and do 3/4 or even half shots to get the swing back on so your getting back on the inside path or to get your rythem and tempo back. I know it hard to do at the range as you want to hit em hard when you have paid for a bucket of balls but you just have to do it or find a place you can hit 50-100 yard shots with your lower irons.- Steve
  2. This happens every Mid July for me. I have to take a whole week or so off and just hit 1/2 -3/4 shots everyday to get my timing and rhythm back. So I'm hitting fine with 3/4 shot but every time I go to full swing with my irons I'd slice and or have no power. Now if I pick up my right foot and stay on my left I hit the ball well, so that was telling me I wasn't transitioning to my left side on my downswing. Then I remembered this drill where you put the butt of the club in your mid section and have the club sticking straight out(perpendicular to your hips and shoulders). On the back swing, wh
  3. Lots of different balance exercises. Probably the best and simplest is just stand on one foot and swing the club. When you get good at it with shoes on try taking them off, it's even tougher.-Steve
  4. Spine angle, when you address the ball try lower your right shoulder and tilting your head a little. Now your spine angle is allowing you to swing a little more on the upward path. If your spine gets tilted to the left you have to swing down and into the ground=fat.- Steve
  5. First of all make sure you have a nuetral grip. I had a instructor look at my grip and to my suprise it was a little strong with my right hand. Ok now you can see the the first 2 knuckles on left and right hand. If this doesn't work, try this "feel". When you begin your downswing, actually all the way through to impact, get the feel that your leading the club down the swing path with the hosle or the back of the club, your club face will square at impact and you will smash the ball. You might push a couple right(not slice)at first but I guarantee it will work.- Steve
  6. Not sure what you mean? at address? on the backswing? At address they should hang pretty much naturally straight down. If you topping the ball you might be swinging to hard at the top of the swing instead of letting the club swing naturally at the bottom of the swing. Make sure on your back swing your not swaying back, that will put your spine angle tilted to the right and you will swing up on the ball. Opposite is true if your hitting it fat(spine angle to far to the left). Get to the range and hit 1/2 shots and work your way up. Yep and keep your head down and let the momentum of the golf s
  7. Get really good in the greenside bunkers-lol. I know the Pros don't seem to have any problem with them.- Steve
  8. I don't stick to an exact routine. I pick a spot in front of the ball and then walk around to square my body to it. I always look at my grip so that is exactly the way I want it. Take a couple of practice swings to get that relaxed feeling in my grip and arms, then step up a little take a fairly deep breath and let it out and then begin the swing. I do this with every ball on the range. I put a ball in my pocket walk up and place it on the ground or the tee just like I was on the course, and I always have a target I shoot to when I'm at the range-- Steve
  9. What about spine angle? I watched a vid from Shawn Clemont and a slight tilt of your head and spine to the right side should promote weight shift to your right side. Other than that RC hit on a lot of good points. Every good throwing,hitting etc motion naturally should put you on the right side on the backswing(tennis,baseball hitting and pitching etc) your hips rotate to act as a counter balance the weight shift, otherwise you would fall backwards during the downswing because you couldn't get back to left side.- Steve
  10. sdped1

    Shawn Clement

    I thought the tip on the proper spine angle was interesting, I'll have to take a look at mine as it might not be tilted enough. Also the "focus" lesson was great too. It reminds me of my swing focus which is on the finish of my swing and not the ball. - Steve
  11. I havn't really worked much on this drill, but my brother swears by it and he is has a 6 hcp. I seen Tiger on TV a few days ago and he was telling how Hank has him work on this drill or one almost the same. Tiger said he hates that drill but that it does work. I guess I'll have to give it a try.- Steve
  12. sdped1

    Shawn Clement

    Thanks for post the video, hadn't seen that one yet. I gotta try that two ball drill. - Steve
  13. sdped1

    Shawn Clement

    Yep great videos, all I can say what a great guy to put all the time and effort to give golfers great info thats easy to understand. I wish I could meet him and thank him for his contribution to the sport of golf. If I was to ever go to a golfing school or clinic he would be my number one choice- Steve
  14. Pulls always go further, I'm not sure why either. I've golfed with guys that have a extreme closed stance and hit the ball a mile. I've always wondered if the are basically pulling the ball. It looks like the are going to hit the ball way right but it goes straight and long. Not a swing I'd want but it works for them up to certain point. - Steve
  15. I've suffered terribly with the hooks. Here is what I've found. 1. I need to make sure I have a nuetral grip 2. Make sure the V's are lining up the same, I have a tendancy to have a little stronger right if I don't watch it. 3. Now this is hard to explain but it works for me. I "feel" like I'm leading with the hosel. I feels like on my downswing that I'm going to hit the ball with the back of the hosel. This gives me great lag and keeps me from turning my hands over to early. Just feel as you are coming down on the inside path(and you can really go way inside with this) that you are hitting
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