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  1. It’s anti-golf, but it’s also unfortunately a sign of the times. It will continue to happen and even be applauded. It reminds me a bit of the somewhat recent stipulation under Rule 4.1 that allows a player to keep using and/or repair any club damaged during a round, EVEN IF it was damaged in anger. Again, a sign of the times. It’s anti-golf to give such an option to a player who chooses to abuse a club, just as it is anti-golf to use that kind of language on the course. Please save the “they swore back in the day, too; they just weren’t mic’d” takes. I’m sure they did, but Nicklaus and others spoke against it more frequently than it is opposed today. I understand that it’s a tolerated part of the game today, but I don’t have to like it.
  2. Tiger Woods used more than 1.5 minutes to prepare for his famous chip shot on hole 16 in the 2005 Masters. (Maybe his very lengthy analysis is what helped him determine the optimal landing spot.) However, apparently only Guan Tianlang in 2013 merited attention at Augusta.
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