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  1. Considering that Tiger had suffered numerous injuries before 2013, I'd argue that the Foley changes were not what injured him. Couldn't possibly have been the obsession with working out and SEAL training that did him in. But Brandel is trying to sell books promoting the old-style "raise the lead heel" on the back swing as the key to longevity. He also touts Lucas Wald as the best instructor out there, but most know he is in biz with Wald and "Jeffy" Martin.
  2. I also like what Rodgers has to say, especially about stopping the ball with trajectory instead of spin and the long flat spot. There used to be a YT video of a 3-hour clinic with him, but it seems to have disappeared. When done correctly, it does feel like an underhand toss. The methods of Iacas, Scheinblum, Carraher, Utley all seem to be similar.
  3. Agreed - I'm also of the opinion after studying Phil Rodgers' technique that the weight does not also have to be favoring the lead leg. @Iacas - interested to find out with your method the benefit of the float load. Does that not increase wrist cock and AOA and introduce some timing into the pitch ? I will offer that I've not tried your method but will this weekend.
  4. I'm a little familiar with Carraher's method. Doesn't he believe the low spot of the pitch swing to be under the lead shoulder ? I saw a YT video with him pitching off a putting green with the ball way forward. That would be in contradiction to some of the other teachers like Pelz.
  5. Sorry, I was only comparing the "hinge" part to your takeaway.
  6. Thank you for replying. Will review the other thread. The takeaway of your method seems most like the Mickelson hinge and hold, but that is where the similarity stops.
  7. I like the Pelz method which seems similar to Stockton. Ball position off trail outside ankle, turn feet in slighty, and just turn slightly back and through dropping club onto the ball.
  8. Along the lines of Moxley's thread on chipping ... pitching is probably the worst part of my game and I've tried all of the below. Phil Rodgers - bounce used, ball middle to forward, weight dependent on shot, slide clubface under ball like a throwing motion, hands even with zipper - IMO, difficult to master. Preaches the benefit of using trajectory to control distance. Dave Pelz - ball in middle of stance, front foot flared toward target, stance slightly open, hands slightly ahead of ball, not sure about bounce Monte Scheinblum - similar to Rodgers IMO, ball in middle of stance, keep trail arm moving like tossing a ball underhand Mickelson - hinge and hold - ball forward, use bounce, square stance, front front slightly open, hinge asap on way back, important to maintain flat lead wrist and extend thru the shot James Sieckmann - sternum ahead of ball, upper body slight open, weight forward, ball position middle Would be interesting to hear comments on all of these or others - what's missing is grip/grip pressure, whether to open clubface on way back, variations on the above, etc. I'm currently on a very weak top hand grip and putting the index finger of my trail hand down the shaft. Seem to make better contact and maintain proper trajectory this way, rather than my normal swing grip.
  9. I don't claim to be an instructor. Since Austin played before the onset of modern stats, how do you know he was one of the straightest hitters ? Long is no good if you end up in the trees.
  10. Did Austin or Dunaway ever win a tournament at the pro level ?
  11. Can someone please explain to me the cult-like following that Mike Austin has ? Sure, the guy was a big hitter (some of that probably exaggerated) but never won a PGA or other professional tournament that I can find ? And maybe he did hit a 515-yard drive downwind on rock hard fairways. What is the attraction with his mechanics ?
  12. Especially when you don't criticize the third round leader who shot 84 and who is working with an instructor you're in business with.
  13. I will be in the Toronto / Niagara Falls area for the month of July on business. Can anyone recommend some good public tracks to play ? Thanks.
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