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  1. My first question is . Did you do all three exercises and how did you do ? This is meant as a fun test to see how ones' balance and core is. It is not meant to build anything. There are many exercises that progressively work up to addressing the entire body that help one hit the ball better, but that is not what this is all about. Thanks for your input.
  2. great analogy Tai-Chi for golf. I like it. I did fast Yoga for 10 years, then the last 10 slowed it down. You don't need to pound your body. I am 68 and I can do anything I did at 30, just not as often LOL
  3. good thanks for your help. I use a pump up neck pillow for my neck. It pumps up with air and stretches my neck. I use it with my inversion table and it keeps me stretched out alone with the Yoga I do
  4. Exercise Level 2 Hold the club over your head Bring the upper torso parallel to the floor while reaching the club out in front of you. Now lift the right leg back slowly and bring yourself to parallel with the floor and hold for 3 breaths if you can. Return to standing with the club overhead Once again bring your body to parallel with the floor Now slowly lift the left leg back behind you and parallel to the floor Release back to standing Move on to Level 3 Level 3 Start in standing position with the club overhead Bring the Upper torso parallel to the floor slowly lift the right leg back so the body is parallel to the floor. Now drop the club just off of the floor as you lift the right leg up toward the ceiling and hold for 3 breaths. now slowly with control, come all the way up without touching the floor bringing the knee to the chest and hold for 3 breaths. Now extend the leg for 3 breaths Bring the knee back toward chest Release the leg to the floor upper torso to parallel with the floor , slowly lift the left leg back. Head and leg form a straight line. drop the club just off the floor and lift the left leg up and hold for 3 breaths now slowly bring the knee toward the chest without touching the floor and hold for 3 breaths Now extend the left leg for 3 breaths return to bent position Return to standing and have a beer As a person who has done this program for 5 years, the thing I like most about Jim's golf exercise program is that it really focuses on the keys for improving your body for golf: body connection ,balance, and flexibility. Integrating a golf club into the practice really challenges both mind and body to become aware of your movements and discover the feeling of a fully integrated body that translates well to the golf course. This program is by no means easy, but if you put in the work you will soon realize the enormous benefits it produces. Not only will you build a more effortless, connected, and balanced golf swing, you'll experience fewer injuries and less soreness by having a stronger core and overall body. Michael Riek ok, I hope I did it right this time. Please let me know. What I had to do was to post all of the text first, then add the pictures under each title. When I did that It gave me all the room I wanted.Thanks for your help
  5. I posted this for people who are intered in testing their core and balance, with these three progressive moves. then leaving a comment on how they did. If you are not interested in doing that please go somewhere else
  6. yes, thanks for your input. I had all kinds of problems posting this. I wanted to have it all in one post. the program would not let me have more space. Then I tried putting it under quoted. Can you fix it or tell me the best way to fix it. I want to put out the third and final challenge today I greatly appreciate your help
  7. Level 1 Bring the club behind your back and secure it with your arms. slowly lift the right leg back behind you and hold it for 3 breaths if you can then come back to standing Take all of the momentum out of these exercises if you can. Slow it down and feel your muscles working. Now bring the left leg back and hold that for 3 breaths if you can. Just do what you can do. Return to standing Move on to Level 2
  8. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    This sounds like the same as Intermittent Fasting and it is amazing. I use an 8 hr window. Mine is noon to 8PM, They do not recommend anything longer than that. I have been on it for about 3 months. It is based on the hunter gatherer principal. I can say with certainty about myself that the 3 meals a day is nothing but a program and not about feeding my body. I have no doubt that I was never fully digesting one meal before adding another. I never feel hungry in the morning and often do not eat until one or so. I have more energy because the food is actually being converted to fuel which the real intent of food. The food tastes better and I am much more choosy about what I put in my body.. My weight is stable and does not bounce around like it used to. I also don't have all the sugar cravings I used to have and then of course there is a matter of regularity which is important to us old folks. As I look out my window I see the rain being collected by the storm sewer. If it rains too hard the sewer backs up.
  9. There has been much discussion on this Forum about functional fitness and how it works better for golf than isolation training, so I thought I would introduce some exercises to test the core strength and balance of those who wish to feel what this is like. My thanks to Michael Reik, a scratch golfer from Milwaukee Wisconsin,who been doing a program I teach, for volunteering to demonstrate these exercises and for proving that it is possible to gain strength, add mobility, and balance to your body using the bodies own weight and leverage. It is my experience that many people find it difficult to slow down and really feel what is going on inside their bodies and would rather use momentum to propel themselves past any weak areas to some predetermined goal. Over the next 3 days I will post three exercises that will test your balance and your core strength. They are divided into Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Do the ones you can do with slow and controlled Movements. Stop when you get to one you can not do. Post a comment on this forum about what you felt, maybe even a video If nothing else it will give you some feedback. First lets do some warm-ups. Mike is using a special club, but you can use any golf club. Let the club hang loose and let your upper body release any tension you are feeling in it. You can sway the club back and forth, arms are loose. Bring your attention to your neck and ask yourself. Why am I holding my head up when I am upside down ? LOL It is out of habit Suck your belly in to protect the lower back and start to lift up. If you feel any pain stop, otherwise continue to lift slowly using your core muscles, stacking each vertebrae one on top of the other.Let your core do the work not the arms Continue until your are standing Bring the Club overhead, reach to the ceiling and take a gentle back bend Suck the belly in as you Fold forward and let the club hang. Repeat this sequence a few times NEXT WARMUP Bring the club behind you as illustrated, then take a deep breath as you lift the chest up and drop the head back Then suck the belly in and round the back as you slowly exhale Return to standing and repeat 3 times Take your golfing stance at address. Place a ball down if you need to and with the club behind you slowly go into your back swing. When you feel the muscles tighten stop and take 3 deep breaths. Now go into your follow through until the muscles are tight then take 3 deep breaths. Repeat this exercise 3 times EVERYTHING IS SLOW AND CONTROLLED Now move on to the Challenge Level 1
  10. Great advise keep up the good work.
  11. congratulations on using the inversion table. I have used one for 20 years. I wish more people understood the benefits
  12. that is because many of them understand the term "functional fitness "
  13. Boy you got it right. I have taught and have done Yoga for 20 years and most people think we are going to sit in lotus and stare at a candle. They leave the class with a different attitude.LOL
  14. I think you have the right idea. I feel it is important to remember that all the muscles are involved in golf. Some instructors have said we only use our triceps in the golf swing and not the biceps and that may be true but it is the bicep that supports the tricep as part of the arm and we want strong support. for all active muscles. I recently worked with a local high school golf team and I asked them what muscles they use when they pick the ball out of the cup and out of 30 students only one said the core, the rest said the back or legs. We want to engage the stomach muscles which supports the back as part of the core.Bottom line a complete body workout is advised. I was always intrigued by Walter Payton who said he ran mountains in the off season because it worked all of his leg muscles and prepared him for the game of football. He felt weights were too limited.
  15. Arthritis & Despair

    yes, after I sent my reply I did notice the date on the post, but thanks for the update. I certainly did not want to give the impression that surgery was never the answer only that it may not be the only answer. It sounds like you worked it out as best you could and got plenty of other opinions to support your decision and you are able to play golf. Best of Luck to you going forward