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  1. I have spent many years in fitness and I am no doctor, but may I suggest in many cases it comes from a weak core. I was working with a high school golf team last week and I asked them what muscles they use to pick up the ball and out of 20 golfers, only one said the core. The rest said the back,the legs or the arms. I thought to myself if these young men do not use their core muscles now what are they going to be like at 40. We must engage our stomach muscles to protect our back from over use and when we have pain, that is our body telling us something and we need to listen.
  2. Hi guys I am new to this forum, but have been in fitness for many many years. Health is my passion and I look forward to learning from others on this forum about what works for them. I work with golf teams and individuals and have found everyone is a little different. The main ingredient to health is having passion for what you do. As I tell my classes a little bit of commitment over a long period of time will reap more benefits that a big commitment over a short period of time. I could talk a lot about Golf shape and full body strength without weights, but I will save that for some other post. Thanks and may the golf Gods smile down on you