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  1. Welcome to fast food exercise. These are great exercises, but need to be incorporated as a lifestyle if you want real results. it is the same reason diets do not work long term. Forget the five weeks
  2. Your Workout Today

    you probably are in pretty good shape, just not for that workout. I am in good shape, but when I started playing Pickle ball, I strained my hamstring twice. Anytime we start working different muscle groups they have adjust. and that is why it is good to vary our routine. Thanks for sharing
  3. Great responses as usual the information has added to what I already know. It amazes me the huge knowledge base we have on this forum. yes, I believe that even simple things like standing, sitting and walking do create stress in the body. I remember so many years ago learning that in India they generally did not use toilets and instead had holes in the ground. This made sense to me because much of the country is poor and could not afford toilets, so they were left with a primitive way of relieving themselves. Only after studying Yoga later on did I change my mind and started thinking maybe we were the primitive ones because they had loose hips, while we moved from toilets to car seats to chairs. So, it may be helpful to our overall health to pay attention to what we are doing repetitively with our bodies and find ways of offsetting that that buildup of stress if we are starting to feel the accumulation. Bottom line : pay attention and listen
  4. Home exercise equipment

    you got it
  5. Your Workout Today

    I guess that is why they call it the past LOL
  6. Your Workout Today

    The hardest part of change is to give ourselves credit for the steps we take and not to compare ourselves to what others are doing or what we used to be able to do. It is a series of I cans that are strung together back to back over time that lead to our success. Good Job !
  7. Circadian Eating (12 hour window)

    I also heard if man has touched it don't eat it. so yes the closer we get to nature the better
  8. Your Workout Today

    you will need a recovery after the game also lol
  9. Your Workout Today

    woke up and did not feel recovered, so I waited until noon then did a 75 minute hot Yoga class
  10. Your Workout Today

    A wise old Indian chief called his son over to tell him the story of two dogs. Two dogs were born at the same time. One was a very friendly and trainable while the other was not trainable and very hostile. After a short period of time. the old India chief asked his son, Which one survived. sensing this was a trick question, his son smartly said he did not know. The wise old Indian replied : The one that was fed
  11. new to exercising suggestions

    congratulations on your commitment to improvement
  12. Your Workout Today

    Actually reading your post makes me realize we can build up to more if we want. After a hamstring pull and an episode of tight back muscles, I am up to daily Pickle ball. I see it now as a muscle adjustment. I am now playing until I start getting sloppy, then I quit. Like all my other workouts I have found I have to slowly condition the muscles to accept more challenge. Once my energy level is high for Pickle ball, I plan on reintroducing the swim program that I set aside when I pulled my hamstring. I am sure you will agree that it is really fun to challenge the body in different ways and watch how it responds Today I played for two hours, then will go do hot Yoga for an hour later tonight, then spend some time on the inversion table to finish Thanks for asking and keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to others
  13. Your Workout Today

    I lived in the Bay Area many years ago.I lived in San Mateo and then Redwood City, but I did not play golf at that time and that is a shame. I worked for United Airlines at the SF airport. I think we both know if you don't use it you lose it and I have met too many people who have lost it. I saw a video the other day of Jack Nicholas driving golf balls at 77 and it still has it
  14. new to exercising suggestions

    The problem is that people who have not gotten into this habit will find it very difficult to start a program and stick to it. We are about to approach the New Years Resolution workout time of the year. This is the time of the year where all the classes fill up and everyone is determined, but three months later most of them are gone. I was just approached by a golfing group to teach them for 10 weeks. I taught them last year for 10 weeks, then the weather got nice and they were on the course. We both know that the only workout that is worth doing is one that is sustainable and that requires an honest commitment and a lot of discomfort until the muscles adjust
  15. Your Workout Today

    you put me to shame

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