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  1. it sounds like you got it figured out and have learned to work with that system
  2. Well said. The misunderstanding that so many people have especially athletic teams, not just golf is that they can do a few stretches or a little Yoga for while and that will give them these great benefits. The truth of course is that Yoga has to be done on a consistent basis to achieve those effects. The muscles have what is called the stretch reflex which causes the muscles to actually contract at first and it takes time to get past that. I have worked with swim teams, soccer teams, and golf teams and all of them thought they could just do this stuff during the season and then pick it up again the next session and still get the benefits.
  3. I can not imagine what that is like. I think I will pass on Kuwait, too many sand traps LOL
  4. Great article after reading it and reading both posts, I think you both have made good points. The key in that article to me was not the low sodium, but that James was an exception as the article pointed out. Most of us would never come near that stage. Even the other athletes did not experience that degree of cramping. I would have to agree that most of us are getting plenty of sodium in our food to the point where it has become addictive like sugar and fat. We call it taste and manufactures take advantage of that. Myself, I will wait until I start experiencing cramps to increase my salt intake, but I will be on the lookout. Thanks for some great information
  5. JCrane

    Any WI Golfers on here

    yes, you usually do not have to travel far to find good courses
  6. Good topic. Let me add to it. Pre hydration. This is something I have been doing for years. I got into it because of the hot Yoga that I started doing many years ago. I would lose so much moisture in such a short amount of time, I had a hard time replacing it. Once I got into the habit of hydrating all day long, it became second nature. I keep a canister of tea in my car and sip it all day if I am driving, I drink kombucha while I am at home, but water would work. The result was that I no longer go into thirst mode. I do not need to bring any water to hot yoga. Of course this may mean more trips to the bathroom, but that is a small price to pay
  7. I agree with you 100% It is what we value most. Personally I have always put my overall health over my golf game or any other sport. I have been doing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 12 and it has allowed me to keep playing golf, volleyball, and Pickle ball at a high level. I was a power lifter for 30 years and those days are long gone. I now have dynamic strength instead of the isolated strength I got from weights. My muscles are strong and mobile and connected instead of just being large. Strength, flexibility, and balance all go together. to create a safe, strong healthy body at any age. Sure you can figure it all out on your own, but a good instructor can make the journey much more streamlined and effective and time is money.. in my opinion live instruction is essential at least in the beginning. The first few months can be challenging as you move your body past the stretch reflex. This is the body's resistance to change as a way of protecting itself. If you over stretch you can strain the muscle. If you do not stretch it enough you will not grow. You want to get off on the right foot, then maybe videos in my opinion
  8. The poses themselves are just tools to train the body. If you do the exercises slow and controlled, you will build very strong connective muscles that will give you much more control over your swing. It takes a couple of months for the body to adjust to the new demands that is being placed on it, then the real progress begins. Many people quit before that and never realize the great benefits. A good instructor will notice how your body is getting stronger and encourage you to take on more challenges when you are ready.
  9. see if you can find a hot power Yoga class. Do it slow and controlled. The heat and the challenging poses will cause your heart rate to rise and your breath to be deep and long and that will give you the cardio benefits you are looking for.
  10. what style of Yoga are you doing. Cardio is many times seen as getting on a treadmill and forcing breath into the lungs to raise our heart rate. The truth is that all that is unnecessary. if you do the right kind of Yoga, you will get your cardio from the Yoga. My resting heart rate is between 38 and 45.
  11. That is a matter of being uninformed. It is true that some people who are hyper-flexible and type A people can over stretch the ligaments, but those people are anomalies. I have been doing Yoga for 20 years and have taught thousands of people and many golfers and Yoga can do nothing but help your game. another misconception is that Yoga is just stretching. Yoga is a full body transformation. It is a tool that can build strength in the entire body, especially the core while at the same time adding balance. This gives the golf body everything it needs to perform the best swing possible
  12. I recommend starting a Yoga program all year round. That relatively small investment in time will give you huge rewards that the weights will not. When we do things like swinging golf clubs with tight muscles we are traumatizing the muscles. I am never sore from playing golf
  13. what other reason would anyone want to do Yoga ? LOL
  14. JCrane

    Weight loss and golf

    Hi Chris : Depending on how you lost the weight there is no question you can lose strength along with it and the other side to that is can you keep it off Hi Chris : first of all there is no doubt you can lose strength from weight loss if it is not done right and the other problem is keeping it off. I recommend something called Intermittent fasting. Google it and study it. I have been using it for the last 6 months. It is a schedule of eating where you eat in a window . This along with better choices in food creates the opportunity for the body to shift from burning Glucose to burning fat as energy. As far as exercise goes I would recommend Power Yoga. It builds strength and mobility in the body dynamically and that is how the body works. Weights isolate the muscles as it becomes way too easy to over train certain muscle groups over others. Hope this helps Jim
  15. I can guarantee you will feel the difference over time. Just be patient and consistent

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