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  1. That is a matter of being uninformed. It is true that some people who are hyper-flexible and type A people can over stretch the ligaments, but those people are anomalies. I have been doing Yoga for 20 years and have taught thousands of people and many golfers and Yoga can do nothing but help your game. another misconception is that Yoga is just stretching. Yoga is a full body transformation. It is a tool that can build strength in the entire body, especially the core while at the same time adding balance. This gives the golf body everything it needs to perform the best swing possible
  2. I recommend starting a Yoga program all year round. That relatively small investment in time will give you huge rewards that the weights will not. When we do things like swinging golf clubs with tight muscles we are traumatizing the muscles. I am never sore from playing golf
  3. what other reason would anyone want to do Yoga ? LOL
  4. Weight loss and golf

    Hi Chris : Depending on how you lost the weight there is no question you can lose strength along with it and the other side to that is can you keep it off Hi Chris : first of all there is no doubt you can lose strength from weight loss if it is not done right and the other problem is keeping it off. I recommend something called Intermittent fasting. Google it and study it. I have been using it for the last 6 months. It is a schedule of eating where you eat in a window . This along with better choices in food creates the opportunity for the body to shift from burning Glucose to burning fat as energy. As far as exercise goes I would recommend Power Yoga. It builds strength and mobility in the body dynamically and that is how the body works. Weights isolate the muscles as it becomes way too easy to over train certain muscle groups over others. Hope this helps Jim
  5. I can guarantee you will feel the difference over time. Just be patient and consistent
  6. good for you ! great post ! I have a friend who named his dog Five Miles, just so he can say he walks five miles every day LOL
  7. If golfers knew how much Yoga could help their golf game, they would all be doing it. First of all lengthening the muscles allow easier and greater rotation in the swing. secondly it builds dynamic strength in the body by forcing the various muscle groups to work together, especially if you do a slow version which is what I do and recommend. Next it builds balance which we tend to lose as we age and need to keep it in check. Now we it improve your golf score ? I do not know. How do you put. ? LOL It should but more importantly you will be able to play golf pain free which is well worth the effort
  8. why don't you try doing some Yoga. It is low impact and will produce the same benefits that exercise produces. I have been doing it for 20 years and it beats any other form of exercise I had done before. It is not necessary to beat ourselves up to get into shape in regards to food, It is a proven fact food manufactures put chemicals into our food supply that cause us to feel hungry after we have eaten enough. Since 1970 the rise in sugar in all it's forms in foods has risen exponentially along with diabetes. I have never heard of anyone gaining weight from eating too many salads.
  9. I think the idea of exercising for the purpose of losing weight can lead one to stop once the weight is attained. It is easy to lose the overall goal which should be health. One would assume that would be the reason to lose weight. There is no doubt that keeping our weight down is part our desired health goal. I believe the calorie thing is way over done and will eventually give way to more informed way of eating and losing weight. The new Paradigm will be to move away from processed foods that are laced with chemicals, riding ourselves of our sugar addiction and moving toward nutrient dense foods such as plant based foods so our bodies are receiving the fuel it needs to energize itself. If we commit to a regular exercise program as part of an overall heath goal and educate ourselves on how healthy foods fuel the body and move in that direction and away from foods that detract from that goal, we will not have to count calories and weight lose will become a result instead of a goal. Just some thoughts
  10. How to Play Through Another Group

    There is a gas station in town here where they pump the gas for you. That used to be the way it was until someone decided it would be cheaper for everyone to pump their own gas. There are times when passing the work onto the customer does make sense, but there are other times when providing that service makes more sense. These posts tell me it makes more sense to provide the service of course management and take it out of the hands of the golfers
  11. How to Play Through Another Group

    They are probably using the government model. LOL Customer service should rate at the top to increase profits. Most golfers do not mind paying a little more to increase their enjoyment of the round. I am a bit surprised this model has not caught on, but judging from the posts many golfers are not even aware of this and continue to blame each other.
  12. How to Play Through Another Group

    you make some great points. I have played on courses that require carts and have field Marshalls not only on the front tees but travel the course keeping their eye on how things are going and decide if groups need to play through. Of course those courses require reservations well in advance because they are so popular. and well managed. good post
  13. How to Play Through Another Group

    I have been guilty of the second one. I am hitting the ball pretty good that day and so I let them putt out and then hit my next ball 50 yds short,but I would bet money if I hit the ball while they were on the green, it would have rolled up along side them.
  14. How to Play Through Another Group

    you should have said No I only play holes I can par or eagle LOL
  15. How to Play Through Another Group

    I agree it probably was a bad analogy especially in these hyper sensitive times we are living in.where everything is taken seriously, and yes they have the right to send 10 carts out there at a time and yes,people have the right to play somewhere else and that is usually what ends up happening. No need to defend your course. If you are alright with it that is great, It just would not be on my list of preferred golf courses, no matter how cheap it was. Thanks for sharing

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