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  1. Stretches to improve flexibility

    it sure does. I have been inverting for 20 years and they are great.
  2. Breath with Movement

    We usually exhale when we are applying force, such as lifting something, so it makes more sense to exhale on the downswing There is lots of studies that show the effect of breath on concentration and relaxation. When our muscles are relaxed we swing the putter through the ball better. Putting is a lot about feel and we can not feel if the muscles are tight
  3. Stretches to improve flexibility

    If you think about it, we live day to day and year to year with gravity pushing down on us. Now add to that all the hard surfaces we walk on like cement floors that have no give. So over a period of time, it is like putting the body in a vice and slowly turning the handle. The muscles become tight and the spine compressed. Then add to that toilets, car seats, and chairs resulting in tight hips. Sooner or later something can give out. Stretching of some kind ( I am biased I practice and teach Yoga ) should be done by everyone. I have often said " We take better care of our cars then we do our bodies because we are well aware of the investment we have in them, but in reality we have a much bigger investment in our bodies.
  4. Breath with Movement

    most of us take our breath for granted until we have trouble breathing. That is because it is controlled by our unconscious. It is said " We come into life on an inhale and leave on an exhale " Thanks for your thoughts
  5. Stretches to improve flexibility

    Maric771 First of all there was no disrespect intended on my part for not recognizing you are a women, but it did play into the stats that led to me making that mistake. Yes, I realize there are men doing these type of programs, but the stats show the percentages are very one sided, Women in general seem to find much more value in developing their strength, flexibility, and balance by working with their own body, while men seem to be more inclined to gravitate more toward weight bearing exercises such as weights and machines. Hopefully this will change as we go on. Next week I will begin working with a male high school soccer team which should prove interesting. This is only because I have their coach in my class and he has gotten it in his body and is a believer. I have worked with swim teams and other athletic teams before and in the past the coach would leave the room which kind of sends a message to the kids. In time It is my hope athletes in general will see the value in this type of training as it complements all the strength training that is done and creates more balance between a strong and flexible muscle. Thanks for your comment check out intermittent fasting I have been doing this for about a month. I have always been able to lose weight but not keep it off. I was always hungry, but this method seems to work for me. You create an widow for eating, mine is 8 hrs and you eat only in that widow. Check it out
  6. Stretches to improve flexibility

    Those are great courses. Are they videos or live online ? I believe it is important to start at very basic levels. The muscles need time to adjust to the change. It is like awakening a sleeping person. They are a little bit crabby and our muscles are the same. They are resistant to that change, so we have to move slowly adding strength, balance and mobility as we go check out intermittent fasting I have been doing this for about a month. I have always been able to lose weight but not keep it off. I was always hungry, but this method seems to work for me. You create an widow for eating, mine is 8 hrs and you eat only in that widow. Check it out
  7. Stretches to improve flexibility

    you are correct. I did assume Shame Shame on me
  8. Stretches to improve flexibility

    I like that. When I teach my classes I never use the word stretch, which implies effort. In fact I do not use the word flexibility because it creates visions of bendy women twisted into pretzels I use the phrase " Release of Tension "
  9. Stretches to improve flexibility

    Pilates is great, I do it myself, You also might want to do some Yoga. I recommended a flow Yoga. This will help connect the core to the rest of your body and add some balance and strength. I have been doing and teaching Yoga for 20 years. Physical Therapists use stretches that are rooted in Yoga. It just has not been marketed very well. It has been aimed at the women who buy the Yoga clothes or presented as some ritual with Sanscrit language to make it appear less accessible, but it actually offers a great deal from a physical point of view. Keep up the good work. You are doing what few men do and you will continue to reap the benefits.
  10. Weight loss and golf

    I have found cutting down leaves me hungry. Instead I have educated myself on healthy foods. At it's basic level food is fuel to the body and if we want the best fuel we want to eat nutrient dense foods. Learn what the body needs to perform at a high level. We are a country of sugar addicts. Read the labels in the grocery stores and it is in everything. It is one of the things that give us a false sense of hunger, not to mention all the chemicals that exist in processed foods
  11. Your Workout Today

    one hour of Yoga = flexibility strength and balance swam daily 40 lengths. easier on the joints and good cardio wash and repeat
  12. Powerlifter to Golfer Need

    I can relate to you. I lifted for about 25 years. I also did Power lifting. I also did a lot of other exercise routines, but for the last 20 years I have done and taught Yoga. Nothing I have done in the past compares to how this has changed my body for golf and anything else. I know you will not like to hear this, but I found the weights trained my body to isolate the muscles instead of training them to work together as a unit. I also believe it is important to strengthen the supportive muscle groups that are not necessarily used directly to perform a certain function. Example strengthen biceps to help support and protect the Triceps. But doing this as part of dynamic movement is one of the most powerful things I ever did. I used to think having a strong core was putting a 25 lb weight behind my head and doing incline setups Now I believe a strong core is one that connects to the rest of the body and works in unison with the rest of the body. Even with the Yoga I changed 10 years ago to moving very slow but controlled in my movements. This has allowed me to created a connection in my body that is a strength that includes all the muscle groups working together. I remember when I started, the instructor would sometimes stop the class to ask if I was alright because I would be moaning from the release of all that tension I had built up in my body. Today at 67 I play volleyball twice a week, swim everyday along with doing and teaching Yoga, and play golf whenever I can find a partner. Hope this helps
  13. new to exercising suggestions

    I have been thinking about how our culture is structured for health. When we are young, we ride our bikes, and walk and run and play. As we get older we get big cars, sit at desks all day and have expensive health club memberships if we do exercise. If you think about it, we put our bodies through a lot of stress over the years. Gravity pushes us down all day every day, year after year. We walk on hard surfaces, such as cement that has no give (wonderful for the joints).We recently installed a 2" spring loaded floor in our new YMCA. We bend forward all the time, but never really counter that by bending backwards. I often wonder what it would be like if employers had a short stretching class before work, what it could do for their employees health. Then we go golfing with this same body and complain that we feel stiff and inflexible. Wonder why !
  14. Yoga for Golfers DVDs

    I certified with the YFG program several years ago. I have been doing and or teaching Yoga for almost 20 years and can tell you, all yoga is not created equal. I have done many styles over the years and I suggest the flow styles are the best for golfers. Katherine's approach is from a golfers point of view and a lot of styles get caught up in a lot of fancy breathing and Sanskrit terms that most golfers could and should care less about. Those that emphasis a connection to breath, strength, balance, and mobility are the ones you want to seek out. The body is dynamic and strength can be built through dynamic movement which connects all the muscle groups and that is what can transfer into your golf game. In my opinion the approach should be slow and controlled movements done over a long period of time. Many styles of Yoga do not use this approach, so I suggest to look around if you are interested in trying this and do not give up if you do not find what you need right away
  15. Chiropractor Kills Playmate

    that is scary stuff, but I have had some very positive sessions with chiropractors, that is until I found what I think are the reasons for many of ourback and neck problems at least mine. Those reasons are tight muscles and compression. I had been seeing a chiropractor for 10 years before I found two things that worked for me. One was Yoga and the other was inversion therapy. After about a year of doing those two things, I realized that chiropractors are constantly fighting tight muscles as they try to manipulate the bones. It is the tight muscles that keep them out of place . Compression occurs over time from gravity constantly pushing down on us and in my case exasperated by doing squats with heavy weights. The fact that most of us walk on cement floors for much of our lives does not help either because tight muscles on a hard surface is a recipe for injury. So the answer for me is decompression by way of inversion. I had no back problems from 1998 until last year when I woke up and could not move my neck. I went to the Chiropractor and he showed me how I was bone on bone. I realized the inversion was not stretching my neck because my head is not heavy enough. I went online and found a plastic pillow that wraps around my neck and pumps up to stretch my neck muscles. I use this with my inversion table and after about a month I stretched the muscles and then the cervical spine and all has been well. I continue to do Yoga and jump on the table a few times a week and this seems to work for me but everyone is different