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  1. I agree with WUTiger, if you like them get them. I bought the 945s even though the 965s are out. After many reviews by different guys on launch monitors there wasn't enough difference in performance to justify twice the cost. Plus I like the weight placement of the 945s compared to the 965s.
  2. Black smudge

    Almost looks like sharpie from marking your ball that's what happens to mine, but it's on the back too so there goes that theory.
  3. Wedge Feel

    just curious why true blade wedges feel different than blade irons. I use srixon 945 irons and Cleveland 588 wedges. Comparing my closest two the 945 PW and my 50 wedge they feel different. Not sure how to explain it but are wedges made with a harder metal? Or is it the forged metal that I'm feeling?
  4. Soft Stepping

    Ok I'll trust ya. Hahaha. I'm actually surprised the industry hasn't got away from R S X flex designation and went to CPMs. I used to mess around in long drive for a couple years and CPMs were way more consistent for feel. But one companies x flex would end up being another companies S flex according to the numbers. The only issue there is making sure everyone clamps the butt end the at the same distance. Like everyone either clamps at 4" or everyone clamps at 6"
  5. Soft Stepping

    School me, is the 1/3 softer/ harder depending on hard or soft stepping the shafts a known amount or is it a guestimation? Trying to learn all I can. My grandpa was small time club builder in his little town building clone sets for all the older guys. I e messed around with it a little and now getting a little more serious about it.
  6. Soft Stepping

    Thanks guys there was a great deal on some tour issue x100. Wanted to soft step and the guy already had so I was a little cautious, didn't want to end up with my 6i too short being different heads and all. Missed out on the deal but I appreciate the replies. Thank you.
  7. Question for you clubfitters, using standard men's length irons, if a taper tip 5i shaft has been trimmed to length but then I decide to soft step the set I will need to retrim the that shaft after I insert it into the 6i head correct?
  8. What's In Your Bag?

    Driver- Callaway RAZR Black 9.5 stock motore shaft S Flex 44.25" 5w- Cleveland Launcher 19* UST Avixcore Red S flex standard length Hybrid- Adams Idea Pro A12 18* Matrix Ozik Altus S flex standard length 4- PW Srixon 945 Dynamic Gold S300 standard length standard loft and lie 50, 55 and 60*- Cleveland Rotex face black finish S300 standard length standard loft and lie Putter- Oddyssey White Ice #2 36" black shaft Super Stroke Tank Grip with 50g weight Looking to replace my 18* hybrid with a 21* also would love to pick up a Scotty Cameron Futura putter.
  9. Ernie Els putter shaft

    Hahahaha I didn't say it was good putter just thought it looked pretty sic. I definitely can't sneak 500 past the wifey
  10. Ernie Els putter shaft

    Anyone notice Ernie Els putter shaft at the US Open. Tapers like normal but looks to be about 1" maybe 1 1/4" in diameter at the top. The whole putter itself looks pretty sic. Blade style head but pretty deep in the back. Looks like it's taylomade by the color scheme.
  11. Tour Head Covers

    Negative not like that one. Like the ones Krupa is talking about. I'm thinking he's right about the ease of removal and replacement. So the callaway one is the style most of us get with our off thenrack drivers. The titliest headcovers are the style that I'm seeing on your a lot. They do look much easier to take off and put on.
  12. Tour Head Covers

    Yea I get that with guys that maybe hitting a different brand driver than their club sponsor but even guys sponsored by callaway or titliest hitting callaway or titleist woods have these cheap looking covers.
  13. Tour Head Covers

    What's up with the two tour style head covers? Is there a reason they don't use the same style that come with the clubs? Kinda gives a Kermit the frog appearance. No real reason I'm asking other than curiosity. Thanks.