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  1. I’d rather give to family before a charity. But if the family has no interest or everyone is geared up then they will go to charity for sure.
  2. CaseyD

    Shot Dispersion

    Hahahaha From 100 yards I’m like hell yea I’m on, that’s a only 73’ putt from there. 😎
  3. Give them to family members. As I get better and spend more money on better quality clubs I pass the old ones down in order of interest. Example i got new srixon irons, son is currently playing grandpas old set. So he will get the Cleveland’s I replaced and grandpas set will get rebuilt into a set for my daughter. And then another set that she used to mess around with will get rebuilt for my nephew.
  4. CaseyD

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Gotcha. It is nice knowing we are using exactly(for the most part) what they are using. Kind of a cool measuring point of skill level.
  5. CaseyD

    USGA Seeking Feedback on Distance "Issue"

    Is there a certain “max” distance the USGA finds acceptable? im with everyone else that it’s not us that’s out driving the courses we play. Couldn’t the usga/pga just cut the fairway grass a little taller? The couple tourneys I’ve been to their fairways look shorter and harder than the greens at my course.( I’m being a little sarcastic but not much) Or for pros just go the nascar route of restrictor plates and dial the professional COR allowances back a little, like .815 or .800 seems like it could be a fairly simple fix for the small group of elite they are worried about.
  6. CaseyD

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    My wife always asks me “why do like playing so much if you get so frustrated with it?” Hahahaha my favorite part about golf is right when you’re ready to smash the cart and break every club in the bag, you hit a sic ass 4i drawing straight into the flag and think wth, that’s the same swing I’ve had all day and I’ve sliced every damn shot before this one 😳😳😳😳
  7. CaseyD

    Bombs away

    Once I got the “long drive” mentality out of my head I was able to go way up on my driver loft. I probably play a swing speed around 120 or so. I have typically used a 9* driver but have recently moved up to a 10.5* as my swing gets better. Training for long drive and practicing for golf are two completely different worlds. Took me a minute to figure that out. Right now hitting a Cobra F6 10.5* with an Accuflex Exolition X stiff shaft. I play it 45.5”. Not my favorite driver head but I won it at a scramble on the longest drive hole. Haha. Had to reshaft it because it had a regular flex shaft originally. Haven’t really ran into your issue with grips so I just a golf pride MCC
  8. CaseyD

    Bombs away

    First set up was a 7* SMT deep bore 455 with accuflex extreme LD shaft(3x) the head Carl Wolter won with. Shortly after started hitting Bang golf Bang O Matics with accuflex assassin shafts. Last and favorite set ups were BOM with SKFibre lite revolution II shafts.(2X tipped1.5”) Heads ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 depending on conditions. I topped out at 142 mph swing speed. You’d be surprised what’s actually competitive, high 130’s and you’d be fine. You wouldn’t think but accuracy is actually more of a threat than speed. Few guys have both. I still use accuflex shafts in my playing driver. Accuflex Evolution. Hard to find but stull floating around. If you can get in the 130s you’ll breeze through locals and have fun at districts. Put enough in the grid and you could make it through districts.
  9. CaseyD

    Bombs away

    You should enter just for the experience. I used to do long drive from 06- 09. Never made tv but would make it pretty deep in districts. It’s a blast. Lots of characters out there that’s for sure. Going to Mesquite with my dad every year were some great trips. Nothin like seeing an entire range full of tour bags with 12-15 drivers...................and a 6 iron😂
  10. CaseyD

    Mystery - Help Solve!

    IACAS I’m not chasin you around I promise, just happened to experience a similar situation when I got my new irons. 👍 when i switched from my Cleveland CG4 tours(cavity back) to my current Srixon 945s(blades) I noticed that my yardages were around 9 to 10 yards off(longer) with the 945s. Same shaft x100 and same grips. Both D3 swing weight. 🤷‍♂️
  11. CaseyD

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I think your survey is broken. I didn’t see an option for “deposit in nearest water hazard”😯 I actually just replied to a different post about my driver failing me as I get better with my irons. Friday I just adjusted my driver up a degree and a half. I usually play a 9* and just haven’t been getting the air time I prefer so went up to 10.5* and it was wonderful. Haven’t used that much loft in quite a while.
  12. CaseyD

    Music on the Course - When did this become a thing?

    I agree with this. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear the wind, the leaves rustling and the birds. We play music often as well but we are pretty aware and considerate. Like you get more than 3-4 feet away from the cart and you can’t really hear it. I think it’s a carry over from scrambles. We play a ton of tournaments for the industry I am in and it’s basically a party on the golf course. It’s not very often I don’t see someone I work with(industry wise) when I go play and they are usually rockin a speaker. Not sure about everyone else’s area but it’s been getting more popular probably the last 2 years in my area.
  13. CaseyD

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    83. The more my irons come around the worse my driver gets. The more my driver comes around the worse my irons get😣
  14. Kinda off topic but the funny swing aide things made me think of it but do you guys remember the old Tim Conway Dorf on golf movies. Those were pretty damn funny. The chain hooked downstairs to the top of the helmet. Good stuff.
  15. Not itching to argue at all. I’ve agreed with a majority of what you said. Just don’t like people having double standards. Like I said way earlier I think golf could have been more popular.

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