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  1. CaseyD

    Golf In Relation With Other Sports

    Go look up Jaime Sadlowski. Probably the most consistant 150+ mph swing speed you’ll see. He won back to back long drive crowns and placed well in many others. He’s trying to make a run at professional golf and has said in many interviews that his time as a high level junior hockey player directly influenced his swing speed. He swings righty in golf and hockey but in hockey a righty actually uses a strong left hand/ arm so it’s helped his golf swing speed.
  2. CaseyD

    What Does Winter Golf Look Like to You?

    you might want to ban the california/ arizona/ florida members for fear of getting beat up by other members. As crappy as California is we are very lucky when it comes to sports. yea early tee times are a little chilly but for the most part even our really cold days are still 50+ degrees. I feel for all you guys/ girls that really deal with a true winter.
  3. CaseyD

    58 vs 60 Degree Wedge

    thanks for the feedback guys
  4. CaseyD

    58 vs 60 Degree Wedge

    When I actually execute the shot I love the 60 but I think I’d be more consistent with a 58. I just don’t know if there is truly enough to make a difference. I guess a 60 is pretty versatile, you can hit a high 10 yard flop and a nice low 200 yard approach 🤬🤬😧
  5. Just looking for thoughts and opinions on one vs the other. Enough difference to worry about? Too similar to worry about? Things of that matter.
  6. I’m not arguing that. But 300 isn’t the mystical number it once was. I think it’s far less believable for some one to say they throw darts from 100 yards but I’m a 20. Never said anyone on here didn’t know how averages work but thanks for letting me know. im just saying because a person is a 20 doesn’t mean they can’t hit driver. Too many variables for some one to make this blanket statement and want to discuss.
  7. So now we are adding another condition. Now it’s he won’t be a 20 for very long. 🤔 Consistently and averaging, two different things. Again, you could have a 40-50 yard difference between drives and “average” 300 yards.
  8. Really? I would definitely disagree with that. 6 good drives that don’t all have to be 300 yards to average 300 yards does not translate to a low or even mid handicap.
  9. With that thought process how do you play golf? Of course you base your distances on your properly hit balls. If a person hits 6 out 10 drives 300 yards but has a few misses I would sure hope they don’t pull the driver on the 206 yard par 3 because they “might” mishit it. What about irons? Do you select your iron off your mishit distance or the distance you know and expect to hit it? Is the issue in this discussion 20 handicappers hitting 300 yards or saying they average 300 yards? The title says hitting 300 yards. Maybe it should have been titled “people need to learn what averages mean”.
  10. If you have access to a bosu ball(half a ball with a flat plate in the other side) do just body weight squats. Your quick twitch muscles will be firing off like crazy as you squat down. The more you do them the stronger those little muscles get stronger and you’ll notice your legs/ hips and ankles shaking much less and eventually not shaking at all. Make sure the ball side is down and you stand on the flat side.
  11. This is quite the comical discussion. It feels a bit filled with jealousy over how much farther a person can hit than the other person. For anyone who would like to see the “unicorn” world of shitty golfers who can hit the ball a mile just jump on your keyboard and type in world long drive challenge, formally know as the remax world long drive challenge. Go and select “locals” and then find the nearest one to your home town. Go watch for little while. You will see 80 guys with the worst golf swings you’ve ever seen, and you’ll see about 10 with decent swings. Hitting a ball 300 yards in this day and age really isn’t that big of a deal.
  12. CaseyD

    What is Holding You Back (In a Few Words)?

    I feel like the car salesman is telling me this car is this best 🤣🤣🤣 I will. its been referenced many times on here.
  13. Nevermind found it. Thanks
  14. Anyone know where a person could have a staff/ tour bag made? Most of us at my work(6 guys) play golf and I would like to run it by the big boss to get some bags made with our colors logo and names.
  15. CaseyD

    Lynx Back in the Game

    Remember when Freddie sported that lynx visor😂😂

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