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  1. One of the things that I have found really helps me is if I take lessons. Took my first one a week ago and changed my game dramatically. The pro instantly recognized some grip flaws and told me I was coming in way to steep. To use his words it was as if I was splitting wood. Since I never had a lesson before I always thought my swing was pretty flat, and it just wasn't so. The other thing was I had my back bent over too far which contributed to coming in so steep. I am puring my irons like I never have before, and the whole swing just feels way better. I wish you the best in figuring it out!
  2. Ok, I will post a video as soon as I can get to the driving range. Thank you!
  3. Hello all. I am fairly new to golf as I have been playing for about a year now. I was wondering if anyone could help me with hitting my iron and driver shots. I had posted on here awhile ago in regards to hitting wedge shots. Everyone was very helpful and now I hit fairly decent wedge shots( the ball goes in the direction I am aiming 95 percent of the time) I went to Dick's sporting goods because I was only hitting my driver about 175 yards max, and thought maybe a new driver would fix the issue. The gentleman there let me use the simulator they have and I was doing the exact same thing I was doing at the range and only hitting it about 175 with a brand new Callaway driver. He told me he thinks that I am breaking my wrists way to early and coming in way to steep to hit the ball. I think he is correct because I have been practicing so much chipping that I have gotten uses to breaking my wrists right away. So how should I fix this so that I can shallow out my swing? I think if I shallow out my swing I should also be able to hit farther. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yes I agree pretty much with what the others have stated. When the ball is sitting up like that you will tend to hit more underneath it. This is the same reason why I like to play the flop shot(Aka the Phil Mickelson shot) because it is so easy to lay the face open and sweep right underneath the ball. Even when you are nicely squared up you will stay hit the ball further up on the club. Especially if you use more of a sweep hitting technique. Just my opinion.
  5. Well I just wanted to give everyone a final update report. I tried everything everyone suggested except changing the shaft(I thought I would try to see if the problem was me first) and I have some good news. I tried really hard to concentrate on hitting through the ball and not at it, and starting the swing with my lower body first. Also I tried putting my left foot a little farther forward than I usually would for my irons, and I watched a instruction video. The instruction video told me to think of using my right arm and hand as pitching a baseball underhand and as I hit through the ball to keep that image in my head. As I kept that image in my head using the 60 degree wedge my very first shot was a beautiful high shot that came down softly and rolled towards the pin(I have a mop handle set up in my yard to practice with). So after I put all your idea's and everything I read and watched online together along with figuring out my own stance and everything I am happy to report that I am now much better then I was before. I would like to sincerely that everyone for all the help they were in helping me to be better at my short range game. Regards, Walster
  6. Ok everyone Update report. I tried the idea's everyone game me(turning belt buckle to the target, weight forward, etc..) however it still was not working. Then as I was taking the club inside the house thoroughly exhausted and frustrated I noticed something. And that something was this, I noticed that the shaft on my 60 degree wedge which is the one I am having so much trouble with is bent. I had just purchased the wedge used from a thrift shop, and did not notice it until today. So my question is, do you all think this is what the problem is? The bend is quite noticeable when you put the club against a flat surface.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone! I will try those idea's and see if they work.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes guys! And thank you for the thread boogielicious, I will defiantly read that and let you know how it goes.
  9. Hello everyone. I am new to these forums but I joined because I have a question concerning my wedge shot. I am using a 60 degree wedge, and my problem is I just can not hit my shots. They will roll or slice or be hit fat. Pretty much everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Than every once in a while it is a decent shot. However I can take my Pitching wedge which I am not positive what degree it is(I think maybe 45) and hit a crisp 90 yard shot straight and narrow. So I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas what I am doing wrong. Thanks everyone!
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