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  1. Midpack

    Poll: Blue Woods?

    Sorry, my mistake. Hopefully ‘prefer blue’ fits in option 1? Among several from Mizuno. As much as I covet their irons...
  2. A silly question probably. I am a huge Mizuno fan, but I just can’t imagine having a blue driver. I know there are others like me, but I know there are others who put results above almost all else.
  3. Midpack

    Are you a brand snob?

    Of ZERO consequence, my current radar is only: Woods: Callaway Epic, Titleist distant second. Used to be a TM disciple. Irons (hybrids): Mizuno or Titleist, maybe Callaway. Used to be a MacGregor (that’ll date me), then Wilson Staff disciple long ago. Wedges: tbd Putter: Sold on Evnroll, PING was only other contender. Only three putters in 53 years, don’t change often. Ball: Was Titleist exclusively, now Snell, maybe Bridgestone next year. Shoes: FJ, Adidas or Skecher. Clothes: Adidas, Under Armour, Nike.
  4. Midpack

    Are you a brand snob?

    There are some brands I just won’t look at, but more that I’m open too, and three favorites. Don’t we all have some unique brand biases, though they may slowly change over time? I only played MacGregor clubs when I started, had to get over that...
  5. Midpack

    How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    The admins answer:
  6. Midpack

    5 Iron or 5 Hybrid

    Thanks. My 4h is about the same distance as my trad loft 3i. I thought hybrids were about 1 club longer than an iron if both were the same loft?
  7. Midpack

    Golf club 180-200 yds

    I’d replace the 5i too. I carry 3i thru SW, so even stopping at 5i would bug me - but there are legit fans of filling the gap between irons and woods with long irons, hybrids or lofted woods.
  8. I certainly hit some irons better than others, but I’ve never had a favorite wedge or any other iron. I use most of if not all of them during a normal 18 hole round. Sorry. I don’t have a lob wedge though, I hit my SW so high I can’t imagine a LW - will it hit me in the face? jk
  9. Hopefully everyone knows most mishits are operator error, not equipment - certainly the case for me. I’d GUESS it wouldn’t make any significant difference what club brand/model I was using for 90% of my poor strikes. I’ve become a firm believer that if you want to improve, lessons are an essential ingredient, plus practice. However thanks to LSW, I’ve also become a believer in “separation values” so I devote the bulk of my time on full swing irons and driving, and less on short game and putting. My game improved noticeably from mid Summer on for three reasons. Relearning to NOT try to kill the ball, Lessons with focused drills/practice, LSW YMMV
  10. Midpack

    How To Properly Repair Ball Marks

    This is how I’ve always fixed ball marks, showing an example that’s more like ball marks I see most often (starts at 1:10 if you want to skip the divot repair). However I have stopped trying to put loose turf back in the mark as a result of this thread.
  11. I always finish the bucket at the range, whether I'm hitting well or not. If I'm not, might as well try to figure out why. And if I'm hitting well, might as well try to reinforce the swing when the parts seem to be working. However, I usually only buy a small bucket vs the large (twice as many balls). I've seen guys buy two large buckets - I wouldn't want to hit that many balls good or bad. I don't like hitting at the driving range because it does not mimic playing on course, but I need the practice so I try to focus on the range. Last season I went to the range once a week and played twice a week for the most part. I'd rather "practice" on course more than the driving range. YMMV

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