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  1. Indianapolis to South Bend couses

    Lots of good options. Price range?
  2. This exchange is from another thread, but I didn't want to hijack that thread, so I started another. I've seen these claims, but never followed through on the discussion. I'm sure it's old news to most here, but I just joined recently and I promise I'll share my follow up thoughts and quit harping on these points thereafter: OP: The things I read about GI irons that gives me pause are b) the jacked up lofts, c) harsher feel (forged vs cast?) Response: b) Lower CoG with traditional lofts cause the ball to launch too high with too much spin, affecting trajectory and control. If the ball is hit too high with too much spin, you can actually lose distance. c) I'm not sure where you get this from. All clubs feel harsh when they aren't hit from the sweetspot and GI irons are designed to effectively increase the size of the sweetspot, making them "softer" over a wider area on the face. Most people complain about GI irons not giving enough feedback because they mask the feel of mishits to some degree. The whole forged vs cast thing is old school nonsense. I've read articles that say most people doing blind tests couldn't tell the two apart. Follow up: b) I keep reading lower CoG has increased launch angles so the lower lofts are necessary to compensate. However, my old (forged CB) 7-iron has a loft of 35° and I hit it 150 yards. Most modern GI 7-irons have lofts from 30°-31° and hit about 160 yards for me. BUT the modern 8-iron in that same set has a loft of 34.5° and I hit it about 150 yards. So it sure looks to me like they've just stamped a 7-iron with an 8 to make players think they hit longer. Makes it hard to believe there's any real distance in the modern sets when the same loft goes the same distance as my old clubs. c) IME there can be a marked difference between the feel of clubs, and that's important to me, more than added distance. There are some clubs that feel awful to me even when I hit them dead center. I am sure it's not just forged vs cast, but I sure wish I could identify which GI clubs still have some of that soft feel and which have that harsh, loud feel no matter how well you it it.
  3. Maltby Playability Factor

    I guess there's no reason I shouldn't use GI irons. I've never been able to work the ball (fade or draw on demand) and I don't ever expect to. I'd be completely happy with straight on demand. The things I read about GI irons that gives me pause are a) lower spin rates - I count on good backspin, b) the jacked up lofts, c) harsher feel (forged vs cast?) and d) I don't understand it but I've read GI irons can yield the occasional "hot shot" going 10 yards longer than normal? That would be unwelcome.
  4. Maltby Playability Factor

    Timely thread for me too. My current 20 yr old forged cavity backs have a MPF of 387. I've never liked the harsh pinging feel of cast clubs, but maybe they're much better now. The new cast cavity backs that I like best are 685. And I am wondering how they'll really play since I can only try them on a mat indoors. The same clubmaker also has a forged cavity back with a 438 MPF, and they feel FAR better (softer). But based on MPF I may not gain anything with the new forged CB's vs my old ones. So I am still on the fence WRT buying.
  5. Anybody use a Chipper?

    Fair enough. But he was the A player in our group and I was the B player. Seems odd his handicap is lower than mine and yet he wasn't very good around the greens, I'd wonder if the specialized chipper was helping, but if he has room in his bag - it's his choice. Again, there is no right answer for all.
  6. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I played with a guy who had a chipper today. We played a scramble, and I chipped far better than he did using my 8-iron mostly. But whatever he likes.
  7. Anybody use a Chipper?

    That's what I do with my 7-iron when chipping from off the green (up to 25 yards or so), just a putting stroke (upright, no wrists). On days when I'm overshooting, I "putt" with an 8i, on days when I'm coming up short I "putt" with my 6i. Someone taught me that trick decades ago and I've used it ever since because it was so easy to learn. Unless I'm faced with a trap or some other obstacle, the 7i works great for me. I've never understood those who lob everything in from short distance even when there's no hazard or other obstacle, I'd have to learn the feel for another stroke to do that vs just "putting." And when you blade a 7i chip it may come out fair, whereas if you blade a PW or SW you're way strong. YMMV But again, whatever works for YOU. I saw a guy with a couple of woods/metals and a bag full of hybrids today, didn't see any irons. But if that works for him, so be it. IMO, confidence in whatever you choose is half the battle.
  8. Anybody use a Chipper?

    I chip with my 7-iron (37 deg loft) all the time. I only use a wedge to chip/pitch when there's a trap between me and the flag and too little green to work with. I'm not sure why I'd give up another club in my 14 club bag for a "chipper" but maybe I'm missing something. Wider sole, but I've never had trouble making good contact with my 7-iron. But we all need to choose the 14 clubs that serve us best, no right answer. Someone gave me an Alien sand wedge as a gift years ago, I tried it a few times and literally gave it away. I've never been a fan of limited utility clubs. YMMV
  9. Is a "double eagle" an albatross?
  10. Thoughts on Scoring Well vs Improving

    I also play on a short course though I'm playing white tees on all holes, and I can (easily) reach GIR on every hole without woods. I've been teeing off with irons and avoiding woods most of this season (first year back playing after a very long layoff), and there's no question I've scored better in league doing so. I was trying to revive my woods on the driving range, and floundering, but I think I finally figured it out less than two weeks ago. Where I was hitting 2 of 3 unplayable/OB with woods the few times I used them, I've been using my woods much more often and hitting 4 of 5 playable/fairway more recently. I regret avoiding my woods now, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Confidence is paramount for me...
  11. I like Day well enough, but it was painful to watch his finishing quad, along with the incredulous commentators (before Day's 2nd shot). IIRC Faldo even said something like 'this is going to be entertaining.' Ouch...
  12. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    I've only been on TST for a few months. I don't remember exactly what led me to this thread and the book, but it started with finding this EXCELLENT thread a couple days ago.
  13. Ordered LSW yesterday afternoon, as a show of appreciation for TST as much as the book/content itself. Looking forward to reading it!
  14. "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    Just became aware of LSW today, ordered my copy just now from the book website. Looking forward to reading it, and hope to apply yet this season (end of Sept here). Better late than never... Guess that's another badge?
  15. +1. For the last two rounds, I've had 12 good holes and 6 where I seemed to be brain dead. Fortunately the good holes, four birdies (two each round), and the truly great shots here and there keep us all coming back. The great drives, sticking approaches, salvaging par with a great up & downs, making long or difficult putts. Even if they're few and far between, it tells your brain you can play better. And I enjoy the social aspect of playing in a foursome. Just as important as golf itself.