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  1. There's no way to make a 2-person scramble fair with the handicap spreads and unknowns. And I don't think anyone can give you a meaningful answer re: best ball vs scramble - and you'll have to estimate handicaps for everyone playing even so. Since you insist on 2 person teams, and there's probably no way to normalize best ball vs scramble scores - I'd consider using net best ball. You don't need to read the whole article, you'll get the idea after reading the first couple paragraphs. http://chance.amstat.org/2015/04/best-ball/
  2. The days of buying a complete set seem to long over/passé - and that's fine. Long ago it seemed you could buy brand T woods and brand C irons and as long as the swing weights were the same, the clubs were like enough for the player. Now I'm finding it hard to even find swing weights - also passé? So if I buy M irons and T woods & hybrids today, what are the odds they won't get along for the player? It's hard to believe any off the shelf irons, hybrids and woods are fine together? My current mismatched set includes std length D0 irons and a D4 (46") driver & woods. Height/WTF charts suggest I should have +0.5-0.75" longer shafts but I'm not enjoying having a 46" driver - but I assume longer shaft irons & hybrids and shorter woods would make them less compatible for the player? Apologies for the dumb questions, I want new clubs but I don't want needlessly waste money. I plan to go to a fitter, but I'd like to understand the basics.
  3. Thankfully no knowledgeable, decent player would do it, and we're all free to object to such a blatant disregard for common courtesy. It doesn't matter who it is/was, my reaction would be the same.
  4. Too late to post much, but an interesting thread. I certainly con myself somewhat. Because I hit a good number of spectacular shots in even my worst rounds, I keep telling myself if I just practice more I could be a single digit player again. But when I hit bad shots (far too often), I rarely know why. I've gone to a pro for two lessons now, she's changed my setup and nothing else. I've tried to make those changes and my game has only gotten worse. The reality is I haven't carried a single digit handicap for decades, and likely never will again.
  5. I'd agree it's not likely pitting low handicappers playing best ball vs high handicappers playing a scramble will even out the playing field - especially playing 2-man teams. But who doesn't like a scramble? I'd just rank everyone as best you can and put together five foursomes each with an A, B, C and D player. They should have fun, especially if there's some social during and after.
  6. I can pick heads but I can't pick shafts for myself beyond flex and maybe length. I gather Dicks, Golf Galaxy and PGA Super Store do free fittings but pick off the shelf clubs/sets? I tried to book an appt online with Club Champion last week, but so far no reply??? Before I call them, if I do (why offer online appts if you're not going to respond?), any recommendations for a great club fitting around Chicago? I want to buy a complete set but thought I'd start with irons.
  7. There's a plausible argument for either to be "better" so I'm not inclined to debate it. But if I have to, I'd give it to JM because he did it on the last day/round to take the lead and win. It wasn't do or die for JT, he had another day. It's pretty well accepted there's added pressure at the end of any sporting event to close the deal - it's often what makes the (sports) greats great (thinking Michael Jordan). All else being equal, Sunday afternoon at The Masters is tougher than any previous days play, not for the faint of heart.
  8. No question. So one day an iron with a 20 degree loft will be stamped as a 6 iron, and there will be 6 wedges...
  9. I've learned a lot about the evolution of loft vs club number on this thread and others, thanks for that. I am most likely going to buy a set of GI irons over the next few weeks. Unfortunately I will have to mentally change what club I use for each distance, and my full swing range will move out longer by 10-20 yards which will force me to consider buying more wedges. And there is no reason club makers couldn't have left loft vs club number as it was, and there is no question they did it to appeal to our "manly" vanity. But onward and upward, moving on.
  10. I'm sure opinions will vary considerably. The last thing I want while playing a friendly game of golf is political debate, good times or bad. A random comment is OK, but not a debate while playing golf IMHO. If it's just one guy, all the other three have to do is not engage, collectively change the subject or tell the guy to knock it off or save it for after the round. If the instigator insists/persists and it's really unpleasant, I just wouldn't play with him again. I play to enjoy golf and socialize with others, if either is missing - I'd move on. YMMV I see more minor rules "infractions" than not when I play (what's a gimmie is classic, I've refused gimmies). I always mark my ball, but I don't really care what another player does. Especially in your example as long as the player is just "spinning" the ball without moving it at all - I've seen lots of people do that. And it depends on the league rules. If it's a winter rules league, not marking to line up a ball to putt might be picking nIts?
  11. Got it. Not arguing, but to be direct so there's no misunderstanding. So if I have the right shafts (honestly I hit very high already, my current iron shafts are supposedly mid weight, mid kick point), I guess height doesn't have to be a problem, I'll just be hitting a 9-iron where I currently use a 7 or 8. And with the added length and the full swing club void inside 150 yards, I'll need four wedges where a PW & SW was all I used to want. I'm going to go to a PGA Super Store or Club Champion for a fitting and see what they suggest. Thanks for your patience all, it's been a shock after a 15 year layoff and seeing how tech has changed (and not) all at once.
  12. I hit my 1996 WS RM Midsize 7-iron 150 on average, not long but plenty for my age. I'm a mid-handicapper who would like a more forgiving club (plenty of them out there), but all the GI irons I look at also seem to offer higher ball flight (higher launch) and 10-20 more yards (lower lofts) - I don't want either! Does anyone make forgiving irons with "traditional" launch & distances? e.g I like the Titleist AP1 but it's too high/long, and I assume the AP2 isn't much more forgiving than my old Wilsons. I know most people can't imagine why anyone doesn't want more distance, but aside from my driver, I don't care about more distance.
  13. Yes, sigh. I started out chipping very well (from sand too), and putting horrible (distance). Then as my putting got better, my chipping started to slide. Last week I forgot how to do either (chipped long mostly, even bladed two chips and 3-putted twice). Only had 6 GIR's too (of 18). So next round should be better, isn't that how golf works?
  14. If I go for a fitting, it'll be a PGA Super Store (free?) or Club Champion ($150-350). The local Dick's was helpful, but they didn't try to pretend they could offer the degree of fitting Club Champion provides. You get what you pay for....
  15. It was never a good odds shot, and with today's huge heads I'd never try it. "Off the deck" I suspect I'd hit a 3w further than a driver at least 90% of the time. YMMV