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  1. Did a trip like that a few years ago and it was the best vacation of my life. The cost has really gone up, so I don't know if we'll ever do it again but would love to some day.
  2. I've lurked here occasionally for awhile but just recently have been coming here almost daily. I haven't seen anything but does iacas give video lessons? If not, is there anyone you would recommend?
  3. I'm not good enough for that stuff. I play in some tournaments on the weekend but it's just average golfers, most in the 10-15 hdcp range. Best is about a 4 and the worst is about a 30. Not too serious but fun comp.
  4. I agree with this, though I'm no 20 something. I work out for exercise and I play golf for fun. If you see me riding a cart on the course , I've likely done an hour of cardio or weightlifting beforehand. Don't judge people by what you see, you don't know what they did before you see them.
  5. Hi, and live in the metro ?Detroit area (Warren) I've been reading TST off and on for awhile now and just realized there's a Michigan club. Doesn't seem to be much action here so not sure who's actually around anymore. I'll be retiring at the end of May and looking for a place to play during the week. Leagues, tournaments, guys just getting together, whatever. Any senior leagues or anything you know of? I'm 62 and live in the metro Detroit area (Warren). About a 12 handicap, putting an issue more than ball striking. If you know of anything or just want to getr out for a round,let me know. Thanks
  6. Saw this question on WRX and while it didn't get many responses it made me think, so asking here. I play jumbo 80 gram grips.Wondering if this has any effect on my swing. I bought a couple Winn light jumbo grips I'm going to try.
  7. They may have been intended to be conforming but when they were deemed too hot they just went with it. Most seniors aren't playing tournaments so who cares. If it helps them out some all the better. There's definitely a market for non conforming golf equipment. DTG has the Felon driver, balls and even a shaft. Even Wishon came out with a high COR head. Most golfers don't frequent golf forums. BTW, I'm pretty sure a guy was playing them in a tournament I was in yesterday. He was a short hitter but I didn't ask.
  8. I played with a guy that had them and he let me try one. Probably just me but they were actually shorter for me than the regular ball I was playing. I tried it again another time and didn't see any real gains, although my one longest drive was with the MG Senior.
  9. I hate the Be Better Golf guy. He gets great guests than doesn't know to shut up and let them speak. Annoying as heck. I was really surprised by the poor play in that video. I though tthose guys would be better. But I do give them credit for showing their bad shots. They could've only shown the good ones .
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