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  1. That's not what I said at all. Go back and read it again and don't cherry pick parts. I said I totally get why people would post negative comments on the swing in the original post because it's an open thread about the swing. Dave posted the same thing to Kingfrenzo and I agreed but said IF it was a thread started for devotees of the swing with the idea of trading tips etc on executing said swing I wouldn't jump in to tell them the swing sucks. I'd respectfully not comment and let them enjoy their conversation. I never said everybody should do the same, just that that's what I'd do.
  2. Yikes! Again with the reading comprehension! My original post on this subject has nothing to do with Gary Edwin or the original post at all. In post #39 Kingfrenzo posted that this was a RSS forum and only users of the swing should post. I totally disagree with that as you stated the title of the thread is "RSS Discussion:. That includes good, bad, and ugly about the swing.No problem there. In post #43 Dave PO43 politely stated that that's not how it works and anybody can reply pro and con. Again I totally agree. I simply replied and said however, if a group of 5 Keys guys, (to get it o
  3. Sometimes I think reading comprehension is not very good on the internet. Did you read my first post? I said if someone asks "What do you think of Gary Edwin's swing" then yes by all means criticize it if you feel it has holes.But if a group of Edwin devotees start a thread to discuss their progress and share tips etc I don't think that's the place to tell them their swing stinks. Let them have their thread. They've likely read the pros and cons and have settled on that method as their swing of choice. Your mileage may vary.
  4. We just disagree then. To me it's a matter of respect.
  5. I do think if someone posts "For Gary Edwin Swing Users" or any other swing, for that matter, people who disagree with the swing should respectfully stay out and let the devotees have at it. Why crash the party? Now if I post "what do you think of the RSS?" then have at it and trash it if you like. But if people are looking for like minded individuals to share ideas and tips on a certain swing I see no reason for me to try to ruin that.
  6. I like the guy also. Very engaging. It does seem he got his "Eureka" swing from Bill Owens "Triangulaid Swing". English - Triangulaid Since he discovered Triangulaid in 1991, Bill Owens has only one dream: Give to everybody the ability to play golf quickly and make our Planet the...
  7. Lots of people just want a swing that's fairly consistent and lets them get out and have some fun. Joe Mama looks like an older guy who's not getting any better physically, so if he's happy with his swing good for him.Not everyone is looking to keep improving, in fact I'd say the vast majority aren't. Those of us on a golf forum are the big minority.
  8. How far outside? A little in front, back, directly across?
  9. I've noticed this in his videos also. He needs to get that checked out. Even a couple full out swings shouldn't get you that winded. And in some of the videos he hasn't even swung a club and sounds like that.
  10. garyt


  11. Hard to argue with that list. I haven't played Westwynd or Stonebridge but the rest are all excellent. I'd have Coyote Preserve over Greystone or Lakes of Taylor.
  12. Can't speak for the OP of course but I'm hitting low liners that if I was aiming to 2nd base they go to first. And thery go no real distance.
  13. Man, I feel the OP's pain. I'm doing the same thing. I have no idea how many degrees the face is open but I'm hitting the ball almost sideways and not off the hosel. Sometimes I think I'm letting my right hand turn under rather than over and some times it feels like I'm stalling my turn. Probably a combination of both. But you can hit it dead right without hitting the hosel.
  14. Again, if we're talking about just moving over a few feet in the box, I agree. But if we're saying move right in the box and aim well left to accommodate a fade I disagree.
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