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  1. Unique Iron Purchasing Situation

    Hey all, thanks again for the replies. I did go into a local golf shop and they were great. ended up getting a set of rocketballz irons after hitting a wide range of clubs into their swing analyzer thing. FWIW my wrist to floor measurement (wore my golf shoes) was 39 1/2" which put me as a maroon on the ping dot chart. I ended up getting the rocketballz irons 5-pw, lengthened (I think 1.5" with med size grips), 2 dozen golf balls and a medium grip put on my driver/3w as well for 325 out the door. It was a great deal. Or so I think. I played saturday at Twin Eagles in Naples and shot 5 strokes under from when I played a few weeks ago. Chunked a few iron shot but I think that has to do with the additional length that Im not familiar with yet
  2. dress code

    I went golfing a few weeks ago and my buddy wore a collared shirt and cargo shorts. The golf shop said you cannot wear cargo shorts and they made him buy a pair of their 'golf shorts.' Part of it makes me think it is just their 'rule' which can force you into an unnecessary purchasing situation to generate additional revenue for the club
  3. Unique Iron Purchasing Situation

    Thanks for the response. I have just looked at the ping dot chart or whatever it is called. I as far as my height + wrist to floor combo I come in at a white. I have read you can really go one color either direction. I plan on taking tomorrow off and visiting a few local used golf shops here that friends have had great success with. The guy there has the following which I am going to check out tomorrow. I am going to try a few new clubs too as I am not totally out of the idea of buying a few brand new clubs fitted to me if my specs are so out of standard given my characteristics. G15 green dots +1/2" 5-pw (I like the idea of a slightly longer shaft) Callaway Razr XF Forged +3/4" 5-pw Ping G20 blacks 6-pw,uw,sw,lw (not sure I need so many wedges, especially having my trusty sw still bagged) Ping G20 White 6-pw Cobra AMPS 5-pw
  4. Unique Iron Purchasing Situation

    Unfortunately no, I cannot get them back. Well I could but I would have to repurchase them at whatever they decide to sell them for. They gave me 100 for a 5-9+pw and a random putter I had. fyi. Not that that matters now. I just wanted the cash and since my dashboard was coming, why have two sets lol. Although I did find a nice pair of size 14 nike durasport 3 golf shoe for 20 bucks there. Had a like new pair of callaways until my dog decided to eat one. So I made out in that department.
  5. Unique Iron Purchasing Situation

    Hi there, thanks for reading also, I signed up specifically to seek help with this unique issue so I am grateful of any feed back. Okay so heres some background, Ill try to not be overly wordy. I am 28, not the best at golf and was given a set of taylormade R7 irons years ago. I usually shoot 105-110 but I hit pretty decent shots and 3 putt or lose a ball and 1 putt. I have started golfing more and wanted to get a newer (used set under 250) of irons. Hit a few dif 7 irons, jpx-800, tm 2.0, ping g15 and liked jpx's the best. So I found a set on ebay, ordered them, they were supposed to show up today and I got a CAR DASHBOARD. Thats a whole nother thread. So ill get my money back, no big deal but heres the dilema. I went to play it again sports (sporting goods store that pays cash for unwanted gear) and I sold my R7 Irons today. Needless to say, ebay turned me off bc I am just frustrated (more at USPS) but what are thoughts on getting a few brand new custom irons aand slowly piecing together a bag. I am 6ft 7 and big hands, so maybe a custom fitting would benefit me? I cant afford a new set of irons custom, but I could work with my Driver, 3 wood, SW, and putter. If I pay 80-90 for a custom ping g30 for my 'bigness' as my friends put it, would that benefit more? I can stock the rest of the bag with a set of spalding something or others that are at my parents. Was thinking a 6, 7 iron (can hit that off the deck about 150 with my r7) and possibly a 9? Anyways thanks for any input. I really appreciate it.