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  1. Love seeing all the goals and motivation folks! Keep 'em coming! My goals for 2019: 5. Improve strokes gained putting (green reading, consistency, stroke) 4. Find an online golf fitness program that won't cost an arm and a leg 3. Improve swing speed 2. Lower my handicap and play in more tournaments 1. Work on my mental game and keep having fun
  2. Hey Darren! Definitely go get fitted by a club fitter! When I was looking to buy a driver a few years back I messed around at a big box store and got some general stats and advice for a driver I was already looking at (Callaway GBB Epic) but it was too general. I've been going to Cool Clubs since my local fitter fit me in with an emergency fitting before a tournament. They can either sell you a complete custom shaft or tell you what to look for when buying custom from the manufacturer's website. Most importantly, while they will give you options and ask what you like (style, what feels good, etc), they'll make good recs on what stiffness, weight, torque, etc you need in a shaft.
  3. So my better half braved the cold New England weather while I was sick with the flu last week to go out and get the new PING Sigma 2 Tyne Adjustable Putter. She is coming from an Odyssey O-Works #7 Tank (same as I use) with a mid-slim superstroke grip and rolls the ball pretty well with it but finds it a tad too long for her stance. She was fitted to a slightly shorter putter but went with a used 35" for economic reasons. Adjustable putter sounds good, right? The adjustment on the putter is super easy as you do not have to remove the end. Simply insert the (driver) wrench and move one way to increase or another way to decrease length. I thought perhaps the wrench would loosen or tighten a mechanism and you would have to manually adjust the height similar to a driver. After 5 putts with the grip in a lower position we noticed the shaft almost feels like it is waggling or moving inside the grip. It did not do this prior to adjusting. After talking to the guy at our local golf shop he said another customer came in with a similar issue and based upon the only previous attempt at an adjustable putter, this is bound to happen as you cannot lock or tighten the grip into place once adjusted. The putter face and head are quite nice. It is well balanced with a touch more weight on the "fangs" of the putter than the Odyssey tank. It is also a different feel without the counter weights at the top. Supposedly the new face technology is supposed to provide pure roll with less skidding or bouncing even on off-center hits. The new "soft face" with a firmer insert behind it gives a pretty good "feel" for a mallet putter at least to me. We performed a test on a level portion of indoor astroturf green. We hit 10 balls as close to center of the face as possible from 4', 8', 12' and did likewise off the toe and heel. All together, we each putted 90 balls with the PING and 180 with the Odyssey O-Works #7. It was tedious and while not scientific, did lead us to some conclusions! PING Sigma 2 Tyne Odyssey O-Works Center Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent Center Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent 4 9 10 90 4 10 10 100 8 7 10 70 8 8 10 80 12 6 10 60 12 7 10 70 Toe Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent Toe Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent 4 8 10 80 4 7 10 70 8 6 10 60 8 6 10 60 12 4 10 40 12 4 10 40 Heel Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent Heel Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent 4 7 10 70 4 6 10 60 8 5 10 50 8 4 10 40 12 3 10 30 12 3 10 30 61.11111111 61.11111111 Player 2 PING Sigma 2 Tyne Odyssey O-Works Center Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent Center Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent 4 10 10 100 4 10 10 100 8 8 10 80 8 7 10 70 12 7 10 70 12 7 10 70 Toe Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent Toe Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent 4 8 10 80 4 8 10 80 8 7 10 70 8 6 10 60 12 5 10 50 12 5 10 50 Heel Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent Heel Hits Putts Made Putts Attempted Percent 4 7 10 70 4 6 10 60 8 4 10 40 8 5 10 50 12 4 10 40 12 4 10 40 66.66666667 64.44444444 For what it is worth, we both putted a tad better on off-center hits with the PING but I putted slightly better with the Odyssey on center-ish hits. Overall I made the exact same percent of putts with both. My better half who is a better putter than I am was a bit better with the PING but I'm not sure if it is statistically significant. I do believe the face technology on the PING is worthwhile and is as advertised, but I just don't know if it is that big of an improvement over other types of recent putter face technology (like the micro-hinges on Odyssey). Due to the waggling of the grip, she decided to move on from the PING and go back to the Odyssey for now. Just not for us. I think getting fitted and practicing different putting drills are more likely to improve one's putting than the new PING putter. That being said, it's cool!
  4. Hey guys thanks for the info! I appreciate the searches and help. I was able to get a fitting squeezed in tomorrow from Cool Clubs. They have a facility in Natick, MA. Most places in MA, Club Champ and Ace of Clubs are booked solid a few weeks out. Let's see what they fit me in! I am probably more curious to see the shafts than the club heads. Looks like Callaway, PXG, and TM have some good new offerings for heads
  5. Hey everyone! I have a 2011 set of Cleveland CG16 irons that other than wear on the sole and sweet spot were in great shape. Grooves are pretty good and shafts are immaculate. I wipe them after every shot. Yet...I broke three of them this week. Turns out there is a ton of rust under the plastic piece covering the hosel connection to the shaft. I was struggling with consistency of my irons after a 2 week hiatus due to a sprained finger and chunked a couple like we all have and off went the club head! The pro I work with for swing lessons walked by and figured all would have rust so he thought I should have a fitting. My 4 iron broke (barely used anyway) as well as my 7 and 8 irons (lifelines!) Does anyone do quick or emergency club fitting? I have a club tournament on Friday and Saturday of next week and fly to Florida and SC for golf on the following Tuesday.
  6. Been playing with the Callaway GBB Epic for about 4 months now. Absolutely love it. Dialed it in to my swing but it literally fell apart today. It is a hot day up here in MA and I noticed a little bubbling on the bottom of the club head. I took a perfect swing and the bottom came flying off. The glue holding it together was hot and sticky as if it melted off. Contacted Callaway and they are getting another one shipped out asap so I am grateful for that. Anyone else experience this?
  7. Thanks for the info Dave and David. Have to check out Pinehurst now!
  8. Hey everyone, My fiancee and I are planning to drive her car from her current home in Miami, FL back home to Boston, MA. We have a pretty tight timeline in June but were hoping to cross off The Ocean Course at Kiawah on our course bucket list. Although the weather might not be ideal in June (little hot for this Northerner), we have a wedding looming next year and don't know the next time we'll be able to play it. Unfortunately Kiawah is closed for aeration that week. I've played a few munis that are being aerated and although the greens might be a little bumpy, they take care of the aeration during the wee hours of the morning and near sunset. I checked Harbor Town in Hilton Head and while they are open the week in question (June 11-15), they are also aerating. (Although it says aeration from June 1-15) so perhaps the conditions will be better. Part of me would rather play these courses in their best conditions to truly experience them. On the drive we will be staying overnight with a friend in the DC area who often plays Congressional but with golf in the Carolinas did not think we had time to play. I might see if he can get us on the course. Any thoughts on playing nicer courses during aeration? Any course recommendations on the drive up from Florida? Maybe Pinehurst or Greenbrier? Thanks!
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