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  1. played Camarillo springs for the first time today. Very well kept course. Greens and fairways were in very good shape. they did have a bunch of marked off area for repairs though. Course plays pretty long and it was windy today making it a challenge. If it were not for the wind the distance is the only big challenge here. All in All i say great bang for your buck course. I would play more often if it were not so far from me.
  2. Knollwood has great potential but i think the management there must be horrible. Slowest course i have ever played and course is typically in bad shape. Alta dena is a great 9 hole course for the money. I miss playing that course.
  3. about time to get this thread going again. I played Rustic Canyon over the weekend. I was very pleased with the experience. Pace of play was great for a Saturday, only found myself waiting once. Course was in great condition. This is the type of course that you will enjoy more after playing it a few times. Those greens are wicked! very fast and tons of breaks. Going to give knollwood another shot this weekend. It often lets me down but it is so local that I really want to like it.
  4. I continue to question the proper position of my lead hand thumb (Im a lefty so its my right hand) Should the thumb be bent or strait? should the V formed by my thumb and index finger be wide or narrow? I understand a strong and weak grip but you can do either of those with muliple thumb positions. Any thoughts?
  5. im with most people here that has a love hate relationship with my 60. its high risk high reward. but i still don't stop using it around the green and in bunkers, i think its a must have for me. Once i master it I will be glad i put up with the skull shots i produce with it time to time.
  6. If i played full rounds of golf more often i would try that experiement but my range time has to supplement my lack of course time right now. I know some of the guys i golf with would benefit. I play with some guys that have had the exact same long game since i have played with them and continue to practice it but not the short game, I would mention something to them but hey, then they would probably beat me lol.
  7. have not watched all of the DVD yet but so far so good. Its much more simple than i expected but I do feel he lacks small details that many want to hear. I do think the method works but you have to make little adjustments to fit your own style.
  8. I play with a couple guys who use one. i think for someone with poor short game they are useful, usually the weight and shape helps get under the ball. I have noticed both guys hit less skulled flingers around the green. however I don't think they are the ideal way to play around the green if you intend to become a low handicapper.
  9. So i played a course that i frequent this weekend and I beat my best score there by 9 strokes. I wasn't hitting fairways and greens as much as usual but my short game was on fire. That round made me realize how important the short game is, the ability to get up and down is HUGE. I know that having a good short game is always stressed but 9 strokes off a personal best when my irons/and drivers were less than average was a huge eye opener. I will be spending more time dedicated to short game now that i have had that experience.
  10. Would you guys suggest joining a mens club at my local course as the best way to start playing in tournaments?
  11. okay, sounds like for the most part i need an established handicap prior to playing a tourny with either local association or the USGA. Thanks guys out of curiosity, what was your handicap when you first entered tournaments?
  12. I have never played in a tournament but would like to in the future. I know that your scores are adjusted with your handicap. My question is, how do they figure your handicap on the first tournament? or even first few tournaments if you do not have an official hanicap.
  13. So watching the pros i noticed something i dont understand. Some of the pros will take very fast/hard putting practice strokes before the actual putt. Now i know the have no intention on using that fast high speed stroke so why use it in the practice stroke? does this help them with keeping the stroke on line once they slow it down? am i missing something?
  14. thanks guys, i wasn't aware it was such a bad idea to try a long iron from the thick rough, it makes perfect sense though. I don't own a 5 wood or a rescue, i guess i now know m x-mas gift idea lol, for now ill work with my 3 hybrid and practice starting my takeaway inches behind the ball.
  15. Since im still working on getting a halfway decent swing i spend more time on the range and less on the course. One issue I run into is my initial takeaway when i get into some thick rough. Obviously on the range or fairway i have no restrictions and the takeaway can be nice and smooth. Once i get into the rough I get uncomfortable with my takeaway with longer irons due to the thick grass restricting the club head. I have tried to lift the club head up quicker but it takes me out of plane. Any advice on this situation? bring it back faster causing more force out of the grass?
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