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  1. Road to becoming a Pro golfer

    Hi everyone I'm Po and I'm planning on becoming a professional golfer(PGA tour). I'm a 21 year old guy attending college at the moment. I'm gonna be using this thread as a journal of my golf journey. A little bit about myself. I've been playing golf on and off since I was about 14, was the captain of my high school team. However, when I got to college I decided to major in engineering so I had to put off golf for 3 years, until now. I've have started playing against last week since finals were over and I'm using a course near my apartment as a practice place. It's a short part 34 course, where on my second day I was hitting about 6 over. I'm planning on committing a lot of time to that course to hone my basics and become a consistent hitter. My plan: - Hit the gym about 3 -4 times a week in the morning in order to maintain optimal fitness. Will be a mix of cardio and weight lifting. - Since the golf course has a membership plan where I can play as much as a I want(yearly) for $450. I will be going there everyday. They also have chipping and putting greens where I will be working on my short game. After I get better at my long and short game, I will be looking at more difficult courses in my area. - Dedicating about 20 - 25 hours per week to golf I love the game and I really want to be able to play it professionally. thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D