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  1. Thanks for all the responses. I think this boils down to the context of the situation. I had two of the foursome busting chops about hitting out of order on previous holes. Then the first time it was mildly inconvenient for them to wait, the holed out just as i hit the green. Mind you. This wasnt an "adventure" hole.. I hit the green on stroke 5 because of a flub shot that went about 10 ft. And an errant approach that left me about 10 yards short of the green. In any other case I agree that its perfectly fine to hit when ready, but not if you complain about hitting out of order. I guess to paint the picture, one whipped a club on the 3rd hole due to sculling a shout out of the bunker.. on another hole had one of them walking towards green right in front of my approach.. he nicely moved about 3 yards to the right as i asked him to move. As karma would have it, i hit the shot straight at him and nearly hit him.. these were friends of mine.. so a lesson learned to play golf with different friends..
  2. So a quick question. I was out with a foursome today, and we were definitely not playing "ready golf". Two members made remarks when others went out of turn, albeit "busting chops". I personally waited for each golfer in order, as I find it's rather disrespectful unless you are actually playing ready golf. So on the 7th hole, I hit a couple of errant shots causing me not to reach the green until my 5th shot. Upon reaching the green, the other three golfers were putting to hole out. Is it just me? But if you're going to complain when someone else goes out of order.. is it really kosher to be holing out before the last player even reaches the green?
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