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  1. I've been Playing Golf for: 8 years My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: high draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hook, push
  2. Ok. It was just a general question. I might start a Member Swing topic. Thanks!
  3. I've got some videos if you'd like to see. I'm always curious about info and feedback
  4. Hey everyone, I've recently read Ben Hogans book the five fundamentals of golf. It was interesting, talking about the key points of making a good golf swing. It was based on traditional golf principles, stance, grip, etc. I've always played with the "swing your own swing". I have gotten better by being a bit "unconventional" but doing what works for me. What are everyone else's thoughts? Traditional or swing your swing?
  5. Which I would assume is from the late release? Any ideas on a drill to try?
  6. Hey guys. Earlier this year I tore my calf and was in a walking boot for 6 weeks. Ever I’ve come back, I’ve had a nasty slice. Before I was working the ball both ways with ease. I have had a couple golf buddies it looks like my hands just release late. I can. Hit a draw and fade with everything but my driver. It’s getting frustrating. I’ve tried an in to out path for a draw but it just seems to be a push slice. It may be hard with no video. But does anyone have some ideas?
  7. Hey guys, Just a quick note, over the last couple years I’ve brought my handicap down from a 16 to an 8. I was golfing really well. I have a little bit of an unorthodox swing. But I get back to a good position and hit the ball well and have good distance. I feel like overthinking and trying a have “perfect” form is ruining my game. Should I just stop overthinrking and play how I’m comfortable?
  8. Hello everybody, last Year I struggled a little with hits towards the toe. Not like a shank, but off center towards the toe. I worked on my swing a bit but nothing really stuck. I switched from interlock to overlap grip and my contact improved immensely. I’m not sure why just changing that would help? Any ideas? Or do I need to post a video of my swing DTL?
  9. I’ve been wanting to get a smart watch with GPS capabilities for golf and some fitness tracking. I’ve looked at the Apple Watch and some Garmin products. Anybody have something they like to use? Just looking for some opinions.
  10. Hey guys, Ive been thinking about getting some new irons. I’m an 8 handicap. Right now I am playing Taylormade RSI TP irons. Should I stay with players irons or go back to game improvement irons? I like the feed back of players irons. But could I also benefit from game improvement irons? Just asking to see what people have to say.
  11. I hit my 3 iron about 225-230. I'm about 8 handicap. 3 hybrid is about 240 for me and 3 wood 255-260. I just don't use the 3 wood or hybrid much. I also have 4 wedges. I use everyone of them through out a round.
  12. Hey everybody, i was was just looking for opinions.... i was thinking of getting rid of my 3 wood and hybrid and relplacing them with a 5 wood or strong hybrid. I would then add my 3 iron back in bag. I like hitting my irons and am a fairly good ball striker. Courses in my area don't really have many par 5s that I need a 3 wood for anyways. Should I just get rid of the 3 wood and hybrid and go with a 5 wood?
  13. When you say too strong grip, do you mean both hands turned a little to the right? I have experimented with and overlap grip with some success. It feels like my hands work s little more in unison rather than letting the right hand do most of the work.
  14. I haven't set one up. I'm fairly new to the forum. Is that something I should try?
  15. I have never taken lessons. I've heard mixed reviews. Some friends loved them, some hated them. I just golf for fun, I'll never play any competitive golf other than golf leagues and scrambles. I love scrambles! I just love to golf.
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