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  1. I could also just learn to perfect my draw as the article said. Become good/great at a certain shot type.
  2. Thanks for the Welcome! That link was very helpful. I am just looking to improve and try new stuff with my game. I used to hit a big slice and over the years turned it into a draw. Just trying to elevate my game a little. I have a golf app called TheGrint and my handicap on there is an 8. Not sure if that takes into account slope and rating of courses.
  3. Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum but have read lots of threads and interested on some feedback. I started golfing seriously about 8 years ago. My handicap is about 15. My normal ball flight is a slight draw. I've been trying to hit fades with the conventional open stance. All I seem to do is start left of target and stay left of target, or even hook farther Left. I am most comfortable with a slightly closed stance. Any one play a fade from a closed stance? Or any thought?