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  1. 3 wood or 5 wood

    I hit my 3 iron about 225-230. I'm about 8 handicap. 3 hybrid is about 240 for me and 3 wood 255-260. I just don't use the 3 wood or hybrid much. I also have 4 wedges. I use everyone of them through out a round.
  2. 3 wood or 5 wood

    Hey everybody, i was was just looking for opinions.... i was thinking of getting rid of my 3 wood and hybrid and relplacing them with a 5 wood or strong hybrid. I would then add my 3 iron back in bag. I like hitting my irons and am a fairly good ball striker. Courses in my area don't really have many par 5s that I need a 3 wood for anyways. Should I just get rid of the 3 wood and hybrid and go with a 5 wood?
  3. Closed Stance Advice

    When you say too strong grip, do you mean both hands turned a little to the right? I have experimented with and overlap grip with some success. It feels like my hands work s little more in unison rather than letting the right hand do most of the work.
  4. Closed Stance Advice

    I haven't set one up. I'm fairly new to the forum. Is that something I should try?
  5. Closed Stance Advice

    I have never taken lessons. I've heard mixed reviews. Some friends loved them, some hated them. I just golf for fun, I'll never play any competitive golf other than golf leagues and scrambles. I love scrambles! I just love to golf.
  6. Hey everybody, i started golfing around 6 years ago, and have always preferred and felt most comfortable with a closed stance. I am a 9 handicap. I recently tried going to a more open stance because of the benefits I've read about an open stance. Since switching, my play has struggled. I hit hooks and pulls from an open stance. With my closed stance I hit the ball straogjt and where i want. I can even work the ball both ways. Should I just stop over thinking and stick with what works for me?
  7. Hitting fade with closed stance

    I could also just learn to perfect my draw as the article said. Become good/great at a certain shot type.
  8. Hitting fade with closed stance

    Thanks for the Welcome! That link was very helpful. I am just looking to improve and try new stuff with my game. I used to hit a big slice and over the years turned it into a draw. Just trying to elevate my game a little. I have a golf app called TheGrint and my handicap on there is an 8. Not sure if that takes into account slope and rating of courses.
  9. Hitting fade with closed stance

    Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum but have read lots of threads and interested on some feedback. I started golfing seriously about 8 years ago. My handicap is about 15. My normal ball flight is a slight draw. I've been trying to hit fades with the conventional open stance. All I seem to do is start left of target and stay left of target, or even hook farther Left. I am most comfortable with a slightly closed stance. Any one play a fade from a closed stance? Or any thought?