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  1. I tried a set of G2 irons (G10 clones) and thought they were inferior to the real thing. I wanted to like them, they would have saved me $200-300, but the Pings were just far better in my opinion. I say play what works best for your game that you can afford.
  2. I started playing in late May of last year and shot an 89 in November. I've been hovering in the 95-105 range since then, but I'm hoping to break 85 or even 80 this year.
  3. I just picked up a set of the P2 irons from GigaGolf out of curiosity and have been VERY pleasantly surprised. Every bit as good as the set of Ping G10s I had last year, for less than $150 new.
  4. Or maybe just make a funny joke next time so that it's apparent.
  5. No shredding that I've noticed with my 54° (standard bounce, does great in the sand). I hit a semi-flop shot over a small tree with it today, the ball spun back a few feet feet but there was no damage to the Srixon AD333 I was playing.
  6. I picked up a box of the Srixon and a box of the Bridgestone E6+ recently, found them to be somewhat comparable although I preferred the Bridgestone. It felt a little better all around, most notably off the putter (not as clicky). I also found the covers on the Srixon to get damaged pretty quickly, I've already resigned three or four to my shag bag.
  7. You may find great results for less $$$ by re-shafting your current driver. Something to consider at least.
  8. It's just a way to get you swinging inside out, or "towards right field". Combined with a good release it will encourage a draw, which is naturally a stronger/longer shot.
  9. Black Footjoy glove (I hate white gloves getting all blacked up by grips, pet peeve) and a dozen Srixon AD333 balls to try out.
  10. I'll definitely keep it in mind. I did snag the SQ, mainly because of the price and my curiosity about the club, but even if I fall in love with it I'd like the keep the Dymo around. As I said before I am pretty accurate with it, it just doesn't have the right flight/trajectory.
  11. A decent shaft will most likely be more than this club (it's a steal at $80), but I think the 11.5 degree loft on my current driver is just as much at fault. I got great numbers when I was fitted for this club but since then I've had some lessons and my swing has improved greatly. My swing speed has also increased, and I've started hitting moon balls with this guy as a result. I think I'm going to give the SQ Tour a shot, hard to pass it up at this price. If nothing else, I may just need to try other shafts in this 9.5 degree head.
  12. I'm not looking to go square with the driver, that's for sure. I hit my current driver straight or the occasional draw, but the ball flight is just too high. It's all carry and no roll, in fact there have been several times I've found my ball in the fairway a foot or so *behind* the crater it left. I'm looking for something that will give me a more boring flight that will have greater potential to roll out a bit, I just don't want it to be impossible for me to hit .
  13. Nike SQ Tour owners, fill me in on this guy. I've run across a 9.5 degree with a stiff Fujikura 26.3 shaft that has piqued my interest. My driver swing speed is in the 95-105mph range, so the flex should be controllable for me. Is the face very open? Is this a reasonably forgiving club or will it eat me for lunch? Is that a decent shaft? I'm looking for a mid-high flight, ideally. I'm around a 15 handicap and hit my current driver pretty well, but the flight is very high and kills me if there's even a hint of wind. That's what I get for buying it in 11.5 degree loft and regular flex... thank
  14. I can move my arms around all day without my hips budging in that position. But, if my arms are tension free and relaxed as they should be, they'll drop into the slot on their own when the lower body makes its move. Let's do a test similar to the one you've described. Take your backswing and stop at the top, or even halfway back. Now, just bump your left hip towards the target. If your arms are relaxed they should drop right in place.
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