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  1. I've never tried single length clubs but since learning about Dechambeau and his single length irons, I've been dying to try them. I'm a high handicapper (used to be mid :( ) but I've always been pretty handy with the shorter irons in the bag - from 8 down to wedges. If I'm having an 'off day' with my irons, it usually comes from the longer irons, Stick a shorter one in my hand and the swing feels fine. I don't think the loft of the club has any effect on my swing, it's certainly always been the shaft length...
  2. I've been there! The course is a proper links track. Sylt island is a little tricky to get to (It was about a 3hr train ride from Hamburg) but totally worth it, it's unlike anywhere else in Germany. The hotel is amazing as well! - Fun fact, the lady who owns it is one of the family who owned 'Wella'. Lots of good courses in the Bavaria region too - which is the opposite end of the country.
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