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  1. There is one public course near me that I frequently use GN to book...but, it's because as you say, the rates are just ridiculously low. The last time I played there I paid $14 for a 11:50 tee time on Sunday for 18 holes with a cart. Because I'm not a resident, the course would charge me $67 for the same round if I called to book with them. Most of the other courses I like in the area have decent specials on their own. I played one of my favorites yesterday for $40 with a cart, and it included lunch (pretty decent burger and fries) and $2 drafts after.
  2. Rickie Fowler puts it in his pocket after every hole, or at least he has every time today.
  3. Thanks for the welcome, gentleman. It seems like a swing thread might be a good first step. I have the appropriate technology, but I'm still scared of seeing what the swing actually looks like. Discomfort is definitely part of improving though!
  4. Hey there everyone. I'm an aspiring golfer who took up the game about a year ago. I've always been interested in golf, but with no one else in my family playing, I wasn't exposed until I could afford to on my own. I've lurking on the site for almost the same amount of time, and I've made a bunch of progress by using ideas from the Swing Thoughts area. I figured it was time to get a voice on the forum. My contact is becoming more consistent as the spring this year continues. I'm hoping I'll regularly be in the 90s during the summer, but we'll see.