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  1. I know it's hard to do this without looking at my swing but I am hitting all of my pitch shots high on the face and out on the toe. I don't have any issues with this with my irons or even knock down wedge shots. But for some reason when I get around the green and try to elevate the ball I hit it out on the toe and high on the face. Any ideas?
  2. M2 vs XR Fairway Woods

    I play about a 10. I use a stiff shaft and they are both still stock. The problems with the M2 range from pulls to fat shots. I really think it is between the ears. I got the M2 from a buddy for pretty cheap so I am not really heart broken to move on. I think really I don't see the extra distance that I read about. It just doesn't seem to be much longer that my 5 wood or old Callaway X 3 wood. Again though I may be setting myself up for failure on the tee box mentally.
  3. I know this may be difficult to discuss without looking at my swing; I have a M2 3 wood and a Callaway XR 5 wood. I hit my 5 wood really well. I hit it off the deck, on the tee box, from any lie, etc. It may be my favorite club in the bag. I normally only hit my M2 off the box. I have on occasion hit it off the deck. For some reason I struggle with the M2. Now it may just be a mental issue now but are there any reasons why (spec, length, etc.) anyone can think of as to why this makes sense? Am I crazy for looking to move away from the M2 and getting a XR 3 wood?