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  1. Great swing! I would keep on hitting balls and focus on how to get a great feeling of the swing and thinking of the target instead of the tecnical part of the swing.
  2. My first thought after a quick look is that I would try to get a longer backswing to get more power.
  3. I believe that you have to connect everything in your swing to a feeling. You can`t think of your swing when playing under pressure. If you are gonna shoot a good score its your feelings that are important and everyone feels different things. If you feel confident you will hit a good shot, you do. But that feeling and the reality may not be the same. Your swing may look in a different way than it feels. It`s when the feeling goes away or changes, thats when you lose your game.
  4. My homecourse in Sweden, Sand Golf Club. Great course and the photos are from the second and 14th hole.
  5. Good work! I think you should practise you shortgame and play more on the course and learn to shoot a low score
  6. A good Swedish hockeygame between Brynäs and HV 71 or downhill skiing
  7. Good swing! you should practise your shortgame and play more on the course
  8. Good swing! Look like you hit the driver on the heel. That always produces a cut or big slice. And if you hit the ball on the way down in the swing it will go high, short and even more to the right.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years My current handicap index or average score is: professional My typical ball flight is: a little cut The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I never miss ;) Videos: [ ]
  10. Thanks :) Great tournament! No, I played the monday qualifying but did not make it. Gothenburg is very nice! Where you here in the summer? I`m from Jönköping, 150 km straight in to the country from Gothenburg. Just in the bottom of the big long lake in south of Sweden
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