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  1. I get the reality of this and why they’re doing it, but I don’t have to like it personally. I’m the old guy that grew up when “grand standing” and “show boating” self promotion was not looked upon as a positive thing. The whole “get off my lawn” to a tee, so to speak. I don’t care how much money these guys make, especially not compared to other sports. The top players on tour already live in a fantasy land. I think, for me, it comes down to just another case in this world of rewarding shallowness over substance. Yes, I should have been born in the 20’s and not the 60’s.
  2. I have and will always be on the side of play it as it lies. It’s simple and it’s golf. Having said that, this argument that comes up from time to time really shouldn’t be about fairway divots because as has been shown in this thread, it becomes way too complicated. If someone wanted to make an argument it should be about preferred lies always in the fairway. I am absolutely against this, but hey, it’s at least an argument I guess. In other words, should lift, clean, and place always be allowed in the fairway? Don’t like your lie in the fairway, move it to nearest preferred
  3. Generally speaking, casual amateur golf is an outlet from the real world where most things are gray. In golf, it’s black and white-the scorecard doesn’t lie. That is extremely appealing in an ever growing more complicated world. You get to be outside in a nice setting being moderately physical with a simple overall goal in mind. You not only use the analytical left side of your brain, you also can use the creative right side of your brain-usually very appealing to the human condition.
  4. Hey gents and ladies, Just joined to respond to this thread as I have used the Ernest Jones method which is essentially the same as the Manuel De La Torre method the last couple years. My experience showed me that I needed decent mechanics first and then this type of method did work for me. I had a severely cupped left wrist at the top and my grip was bad so that when I started using "swing the clubhead from here to there" the club face came through wide open and I was slicing badly, although my slices did seem to be hit a little harder. Once i got my mechanics in order, or ju
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