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  1. Right...no one wants that! The device I'm developing will easily accommodate your shoes.
  2. I'm just curious how many golfers store their clubs in their car. There are several schools of thought regarding this practice. My own situation makes it difficult to tote my clubs back and forth from condo to car. I have to carry my bag (which is a full load) down two very long hallways and ride an elevator three floors to my parking spot. Keeping the bag in the car just seems easier. But here in the Florida sun, my car heats up quickly as it's on the garage rooftop with no shade. This compromises the glue in my grips and the hosel. Plus has the potential to shorten the life of my balls.
  3. Yes, Patch But another part of the mental game is muscle memory. If, on the range, you can develop and repeat a swing that's successful 75 per cent of the time, your body is more likely to transfer that swing to the course and more consistently.
  4. I know what you mean about the effects of aging on the body. I hit only small buckets of balls. Usually practicing my wedges. (Last summer I spent several days refining my short game.) I then might save 20 or so balls for my irons and woods. Over practicing typically doesn't improve my swing. You mentioned tendonitis and other issues when using mats. I avoid mats like the plague. Something else that works for me is turmeric capsules. They reduce inflammation and provide an overall energy boost. There are many articles about it on the web.
  5. Also, don't forget that most range balls at best have very low compression and won't fly as far as a ball you'd have in your bag. Add to that the fact that driving ranges often don't mow low, which means ball roll is reduced.
  6. Kalnoky, there's also the difference between range balls and our own plus the possible difference in hitting surfaces. Basically, I like to hit a few range balls to loosen up plus 5 minutes of putting practice before a round.
  7. I'm with you on the LW. Opening the face in the SW is sufficient but many golfers struggle with that.
  8. Many golfers have difficulty transferring their performance from the range to the course. Maybe you can make some adjustments on the range to challenge yourself more, like being on the course.
  9. Like you, I see lots of pros using iPads to record their students. I teach beginners and do it the old school way. They hit the ball just fine without me fussing with the technology. My alignments sticks are a cheap pair of white curtain rods from Big Lots. I spray painted them fluorescent orange and I'm able to adjust the length. Works quite well.
  10. My grandfather taught me how to use a 1940s Wilson chip iron and I still use it. Sweet club from 5-10' off the green!
  11. I've tried to hit it as a fairway 3 wood. Not much luck so I bought a 3 metal wood. But the GX7 IS definitely my driver.
  12. It works great on my irons but today took the finish off my Adams Tight Lies 3 wood after a practice session. Be careful.
  13. Hey there, I'm in south Tampa. I'm mostly an inconsistent golfer. Sometimes hit a great shot and other times the ball goes where it wants!
  14. It's hot here which means green fees are low. If anyone wants to play, let me know. I don't have a handicap and don't expect a scratch golfer!
  15. Overlooking the commercials and YouTube videos for the GX-7 Metal which are a bit on the slick side, I decided at my age (65) that I could afford to try one and send it back if not satisfied. I've taken it to the range a few times and played 18 the other day with it. I'm averaging 210 yards with it off the tee, but haven't worked much from the fairway. Today, I was at the range with it and hit the ball 230-250 yards. Everyone complains about the noise at ball strike which I've discovered. However, the ball I hit today seemed to be hit in the sweet spot with little noise when striking the ball.
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