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  1. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    Russ, pretty much so , tho there is only one member who does use the broomstick . I must point out that this golf club is over one hundred years old and has quite few members approaching that age themselves , it's a nine holer and it's a slice of heaven Its the Frankston Golf Club , google it if you like ,there is a bit about it and it's history .
  2. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    I belong to a golf club that is very private one that runs their own handicapping system, and is totally off the grid as far as R&A and world golf is concerned. So I'll still be able play with it In our comps ! The club is very resistant to change and it's like going back into the 40's , I love it ! cheers
  3. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    Further news re this Howitzer It has now been examined by the the R&A , and it has failed the groove test . Does not conform unfortunately. What a bummer !! I will report what they found shortly ! ps I am Ballestairrods
  4. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    I sent these same photos and they decided they'd like to see it in the flesh . They said they'd stand the return shipping , I spoke RA member who is a golf historian buff who volunteered to take it in person and return it . He says he'll get a quick turn around fingers firmly crossed. I feel the grooves maybe a bit iffy !!
  5. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    I'll try
  6. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    I have been in touch with the R and A about this club. This model was used by Henry Cotton in winning The Open at Royal St George back in the day .. he's the thing , the club was never submitted for testing , never! I'm wondering if Henry Cotton was using illegal clubs at the time ! A member of my club in Australia is also a member of the Royal and Ancient and he is going to St Andrews in August with the club to have it tested. I will keep you posted on what transpires .
  7. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    Another thing about the club, it has the original shaft with the finish that makes it look like cane ! Also the original grip ! Sort of a red ribbed effort ! I'm reluctant to change anything like the shaft , grip in case it breaks the spell !
  8. George Nicoll The Howitzer Sandwedge

    I believe Tad Moore has made a replica of this club . Also George Nicoll was purchased by the St Andrews golf company many years ago and they also have disappeared! Thanks very much for your reply Woodzie
  9. New to this forum , and I need to your collective brains!! i have found a wonderful sand iron from the 30's .. I have had trouble extracting the pill from bunkers for a number of years now and this club was languishing in the shed until I recently called it up for duty! Well, it was fantastic , completely blew me away , then I had a horrible thought , is it legal to use in comps? I would be distraught if it wasn't ! Could anybody help with this issue ? oh yes , it's the George Nicoll Howitzer Couldnt find anything on R &A site Hopefully and fingers crossed