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  1. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night so I feel qualified to comment. @bones75 you stated You’ve talked to a physician and PT about all of this but what about finding a person who specializes in training athletes. A strength coach, particularly one who works with athletes and holds a CSCS, might be able to provide some insight on what you are missing in your training. IMHO, it sounds like you need some more anaerobic training, high intensity training. Someone mentioned kettlebell work.... might be a good place to start. But again, I might not have any idea what I am talking about since I haven’t ever trained a recreational golfer.
  2. I’m sure it is called many things... part of the issue with exercise naming. Don’t know why we can’t just call exercises by one name.
  3. Look up “hip switches” on YouTube. Fabulous mobility exercise.
  4. I agree resistance exercises are great! But let’s not confuse a knee dominant exercise with a hinge. Squats (any variation) and deadlift (again any variation) should be included in any program. Start light, work on form, perfect it and then the weight will increase.
  5. Like anything there are the good and the bad. Now, you say you have your own experience due to lifting and you feel better now doing CrossFit. What is it you are doing now that you didn’t do before?
  6. You didn't say that but you said that unless you plan to use PEDs or get huge, you won’t have mobility issues (in your opinion). I have worked with plenty of people who have mobility issues just based on they every day lives.
  7. Well yes the goal is to have a fairway finder but I could do that with a 7i if that’s all I wanted. Want a club I can get distance with and also know I’m going to find a fairway a majority of the time.
  8. Plenty of people have mobility issues who aren’t on PEDs and who aren’t HUGE. Have you worked with people in a training setting to see how mobility is affected/corrected by lifting/mobility work? Seems like you are heading in the right direction for your fitness goals. Low reps for lifting weights can be a good thing as we get older to build strength so I’d say don’t avoid it all together.
  9. Thanks for the response but not really what I was asking. In relation to a driver swing speed how fast should a driving iron be swung? The same? Slightly slower? Harder?
  10. I don’t know if I’m posting in the right spot but I’m looking to get a driving iron. What should swing speed be in relation to a driver? I’m trying to fill a gap between 3i and 3w and also trying to have a go-to club off the tee if I NEED to find a fairway. Pretty new to golf, only been golfing about 2 years, and I am really starting to get my bag in order now that I am starting to play more and striking balls better.
  11. Strength training is important but if you aren’t doing mobility work to maintain what you have, it’ll be detrimental to your golf game. You need enough mobility to get into proper positions.
  12. tap2284


  13. I am a strength and conditioning coach working for a MLB organization. I am currently with a minor league team and loving every minute of it. And it affords me plenty of time to golf. I love to talk training so if anyone has questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  14. Good evening all. I am new to the forum and the golf world. I have started playing golf as many of my co-workers play and it is a way to have some fun outside of work. I find the challenge to be awesome and I strive to be the best golfer I can become. Being able to shoot consistent 80s is the goal now and constantly working towards lowering my scores. Looking forward to interacting with everyone here.
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