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  1. Haven't done this in a while... here's my current swing with 6 iron Haven't kept a legit handicap, but first three rounds this year have been +3, +4, +2 what i'm working on: 1. shortening my backswing in order to stay more connected going forward 2. more side tilt in the downswing/getting the bottom of my swing forward to eliminate that unsightly flippy action and lower ball flight 3. eliminating the early extension just before impact... which should straighten itself out once I take care of #2. any advice appreciated gents!
  2. gotcha... well that changes pretty much everything except the sway. lol Have to work on that, any suggestions ?? try to keep the weight in the backswing on the inside of the right foot. again, it may be the camera angle, but it looks like your feet are toed in a little bit, which could be a contributing factor. so fan them out a bit so that they're slightly open to your line. and i think most importantly, make small 3/4 slow swings where you can feel yourself making the turn without moving your body backwards. when you take your backswing, feel like your head stays
  3. 1. Close your stance so you're more square to the target. That's probably what's prompting your "out to in" path. From that angle it appears as thought you're not actually coming over the top, but you are aimed left so that you have to swing out to in and slice it to keep it in the fairway. 2. Backswing sway is bringing you off the ball and can cause a number of inconsistencies. When you start your downswing, your whole body has to come forward in order to hit the ball, that's very difficult to repeat with success in a pressure situation. You can do it with success, but it's much more r
  4. Very last swing looks good. But like Erik said, you need a FO pic to determine some of the important things like backswing sway, and it appears you're dipping your head just before the transition which can be indicative of improper weight transfer. Still early extending and swing is a little disconnected regarding the upper and lower body. Try to feel like your upper body hangs and waits on the lower body to initiate it. The swing is one chain of events and your upper body initiating its own separate movement will throw off the end result. But definitely a lot better than the firs
  5. Wasn't sore... Just joking mostly, hence the "lol." i began posting here early on when TST was up and coming. I took a long hiatus from golf and the boards, and was a forum leader before that.
  6. Sounds like the root cause might be a weight shift issue. If you don't have anything solid to pivot from, sequencing becomes very difficult. get a club, take a backswing and post on your left foot, such that if you move it you're going to fall down; really exaggerate this. Then swing from there. You'll notice that your club has dropped a bit and you can hit from the inside without coming over the top and feeling like you're rushing the swing. I think you'll notice that it's very difficult to throw away your lag as well. Usually when you fix the biggest problem, many other things fall into plac
  7. Looks pretty good, a little bit of early extension, but some time at the range and getting back into the swing of things should cure that. Get more pressure into your lead leg before you start the downswing so you're not pivoting via your knees. Feet together drills and one leg drills(if you've got the balance) will help you out with that.
  8. something I just thought about... how is your weight shift? Are you posting up and pivoting on your lead leg? If not, nothing else really matters that much.
  9. haha! yeah, the little ball definitely makes things harder. Just try and pause at the top to allow your right hand to set back and your left hand to hinge before you swing. it takes a bit of patience and softening of the wrists. remember, the left and right hands should NOT be doing the same thing.
  10. NP... imho, the best way to get that feeling engrained is to take a piece of 6-8 ft PVC pipe and make it whoosh out in front of you. Your body will naturally coordinate itself to accommodate this, it's hardwired into us.
  11. Are you still casting? If so, just going by what you're saying I firmly believe that if you tried the drill in the video you will feel the pressure of the club "loaded" onto your hand and arm. I'm not sure what you mean by "reduce the right side," but I don't believe that's your problem at all and you probably shouldn't do it. Again, this is all based on not having seen your swing. If you're not sure whether or not you're loading the club, you aren't because you'd know. Early extension is directly related to a lack of loading, which done properly sets the plane going into the ball and sh
  12. i'm a low single digit cap and am an OG on this board, of course I have a point! lol. Golf can become very technical in its analysis; but physically, if you can get a few moves down in proper sequence it's really not that complicated. It's just hard. And of course the right hand should be aware of lag and loading... it's the body part that's doing all the work!
  13. over years of watching people hit at the range and my own personal struggles when getting back into the game, I think it's a lack of understanding of the right arm at the top of the backswing and downswing, dependent upon at what point you "load" your right arm. If you don't get that pressure from the club laying down properly in your hand you're pretty much gonna flip every time. It can also be cause by arms crashing into the body, but when you have the right arm loaded in the downswing it's almost impossible to crash into the body, it instinctively makes room for them to swing forward.
  14. Haha... Yeah we had a few good rounds back in the day at Luna Vista and Indian Creek I think. I'd be down for something like that again. I'm still in touch with UTtexas and Big Perm, both of whom have started playing again as well so they might be interested as well. Haha... Yeah we had a few good rounds back in the day at Luna Vista and Indian Creek I think. I'd be down for something like that again. I'm still in touch with UTtexas and Big Perm, both of whom have started playing again as well so they might be interested as well.
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