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  1. Check out this video by @ClayB . Got to give credit because I've never heard of the bow and arrow drill anywhere else. It works. By moving back, instead of down, it keeps the weight of the club head back so your hands can lead. But yea grip doesn't matter for lag... and like said below, you must have the sequence down before any of these drills will really help.
  2. Thanks for summing it up. After a lot of work, I've gotten a better set up posture and finally let my arms hang proper. Now I can feel the club head at all times. Club head hangs back a fraction longer at the top now so my hips can clear. Helps with realizing a real release too. Golf!
  3. I play as serious as the guy I'm paired with. Love being ultra competitive but always lose..ha. Just can't stand hypocrites. The other day I was following the last group of 5 in a mens tourney. They screamed/hoot/hollered after every shot. Then one tee box they were genuinely whining about a family playing a fairway over that had some kind of loud/excited kids. "We should notify the ranger. Unacceptable. Control your kids." Self awareness people..all I need.
  4. I think an early set shortens the back swing which reduces time for mistakes for me. I originally started learning with a one piece takeaway. Turns out I was making me way overactive with starting my body too early, then a late wrist break. I was over swinging and over the line and had no idea how much control I was losing. One day I was struggling with my irons so I started chipping to reset my brain. I was chipping great and thought to try and use that swing with my irons. Quiet lower body, slow and low takeaway for 12"(almost pushing down with my hands), then start setting wrists, then just added a bigger shoulder turn. The lower body stays quiet and eventually follows the arms back while building torque. Turned my swing from a couple seconds of too much thought, into a quick compact simple swing. Maybe some people are over doing the action of the early set. It's not a quick motion. And you definitely don't want to "pick up" the club head. I'm just slowly setting the wrists on my way back and then I'm already set at top. Full shoulder turn but I don't get parallel to the ground with the shaft. Also, I used to be really OTT so I had it engrained the thought of "swing to the right". I'd recently gotten away from OTT but I was still swinging right, which was subconsciously making me pick up the club head and pulling my takeaway inside. I've switched to thinking "swing left" and that causes my takeaway to stay low and away. It feels dramatic in my head but it's really not a huge swing change on tape. Amazing results though. So.. I guess if you know what you're doing you can do a one piece or early set. Just gotta find what is most comfortable. Of course I'm just realizing all of this over the past few months and I'm sure no one wants to listen to a guy with a 20 HC. But I'm close to greatness! ha
  5. Still carrying these numbers. And still melting down on 3 or 4 holes. I'll buy you a round next time you're in Orlando and you can witness my frustration first hand.
  6. Yes. My 4 iron is consistent but not my driver. I have been playing evenings with a box of balls, a range finder and walking distances off to try and figure out my distances. I just got new forged irons. Could be helping. if I don't hit my driver OB I'm landing 240. My big swing hits go further but I'm trying to figure out hitting fairways. Maybe I'm scared of the driver and not swinging as fast/confident. I started an obsessive approach to learning golf in November. I could always occasional hit bombs with any club but never knew why. My first 20 scores were 110-120. Now I'm consistently breaking 100 and if I didn't hit some drives OB and made putts I would be breaking 90. Really just started hitting this far this last month. I think it's going to take a long time to get my handicap down from all my crap scores.
  7. I land my 4 iron 205. driver only lands 245. I'm told this doesn't make any sense. I know nothing of swing speeds. Maybe some people hit irons better/faster?
  8. after having callaway x-12's for 14 years I finally caved and bought a new set. bought the apex pro's yesterday. I'm beyond happy.
  9. funny I'm dealing with the same issue. I golfed a lot 13 years ago. I took a juco class for fun, was hovering around shooting 100, couldn't really score with irons, but could bomb the ball off the tee. Had a nice draw too. I just started playing again last November. I tried starting from scratch via google, learned a neutral grip and eventually began playing well. I've shot low 90's for the past month. But I've pretty much had to ditch the woods and driver. I couldn't figure out my insane slice off the tee and random snap hooks. My best drives that actually went straight were only going about 240. My irons also had a push fade. I thought back to how I used to swing and realized I used to use a strong grip. I always thought that a strong grip was a crutch because I didn't feel comfortable with a "real" golf grip. Well just the other day I tried a strong grip and am just absolutely crushing a draw. Golf feels normal again. Everyone is different. Grips match swings. Also realized moving from strong to weak I can hit draws and fades. I'm sure others are a 180 opposite but..pretty cool.
  10. I will. I see it used all the time on the moving pictures. Just haven't taken the time needed.
  11. Yea I do read the slope, and yes I like have confirmation. Also, if I'm really having a hard time with the direction of the slope I bob both sides of the ball. Whichever looks closest to what the break should be I use that one. It's not perfect but helps me strike the ball confident. Occasionally I'm just flat out wrong ha. I have work to do and would like to learn every method possible. Every putt is different. And sometimes bobbing does nothing to help.
  12. Here's what I've gotten from here. Most people think it's stupid and doesn't work. But it depends what you mean by "work". Bobbing is not a magic method that reads the whole green perfectly and instantly. It's something you can use to confirm what you think the break is after you've gone through your mental checklist. This can all be done while walking up to green or waiting for your turn, then a bob takes 3 seconds. You do have to know how your putter is weighted to hold it straight. And use the correct arm and eye. This can be done on the practice green and it becomes second nature. Don't see what's wrong with finding vertical. That said, I don't want to be a hypocrite. I am going to listen to the skeptics here and take a break from using it and see if it really is helping or hindering me. Either way, flame on folks.
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I am open minded and am taking in what you say, I just always thought it worked. I do use it as a final assessment of the break. A quick bob to confirm what I thought the break was. So I guess it's pointless if you're already reading the green well..but if it matches what I thought the break was, and turns out to be what the break actually is, doesn't it help in giving myself a final target to aim for? Something concrete in my head to help get any doubt out of my stroke. I'm having trouble letting go of this because it means I look like a dummy out there with my club out in front of me. Hate to look like/ be "that guy"
  14. Well yea you have to be lined up with the hole. Not that hard. Works really well for me when there's just one break in the putt. You have to have an understanding of the break first. Then can use it to find an aiming point. Landmarks in the background and marks on the green work great for me. My handicap is awful and am clearly not an expert..but for simply reading one break putts, if you plumb bob correct, it works.
  15. It does not tell you which way the break is going. You have to know which way the break is going before you plumb bob. For a right to left break: Right arm holding club and right eye closed, bottom of putter lined up on the right side of the ball, then move your gaze up to the hole. The distance between the shaft and the hole is the amount of break. Do the opposite for left to right break. Left arm holding club, left eye closed, bottom of putter lined on left side of ball. It takes 2 seconds to do this, and is easy to do while waiting for your turn. Not sure why all the hate on here, it works.
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