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  1. So I have lots more rounds under my belt with the F9 OL so I thought I'd update this thread. Here are the 'performance average' numbers as ShotScope calls it (the normal distance you hit the club when it's well struck, highs and lows removed). The 6 and 7 are almost the same but I think that's mostly because I rarely hit a 6 iron. I consider it my 170-ish club and I don't usually end up with that yardage unless it's a windy day or something. I really love that I just setup to the ball the exact same way each time unless I need to hit a low/high shot. Handicap has dropped from around 8.5 to 6.0
  2. The only thing I change is the 3w or 4w based on how windy the day is. My standard bag is D, 4W, 3-4H, 5-PW, GW, 54, 58, putter. I've been known to swap out the putter too but that's usually because the current one isn't cooperating and needs to sit in the corner for a spell!
  3. Day 1 completed. Good drill to tighten up the takeaway and the distance the club is from my body. Thanks!
  4. I think that's a loaded question. Graphite shafts for irons start around $15/ea. and go up quickly from there. So assuming you're going to shaft them yourself and you get something in the $25/ea. range, then you're looking at $225 +shipping (9 clubs x $25) plus a few dollars for the epoxy. And don't forget you'd have to move the grips from the old shafts to the new ones. Unless you're getting new grips too, then you can add about $50-100 onto the total depending on what grips you get. I checked on 2nd Swing and they're selling a 6 club set of M2's around $320. So unless you're
  5. That's a lot of golf in a short time but it sounds like you made it thru OK. What was your favorite course? I think I was in Orlando about the same time (we also got rained out on a Wed).
  6. Adjusting for the elevation difference (Orlando vs Minnesota), windy conditions, and limited number rounds registered yet, I think I'll be pretty close to the same yardages @DrvFrShow. I was at the golf dome tonight with a couple of the irons to work on my swing and check on yardages. The PW and 8 iron are the same carry yardages as yours. The 6 is more like 165. Are your 5 and 4 hybrid single length or standard?
  7. Yep, I hit the 5 on a couple of par 3s and found a smooth swing worked best, then I'd get around 170-ish. I just have to keep telling myself it's a 7 iron that will go 5 iron distances.
  8. @DrvFrShow it sounds like we have very similar tastes! Love the CP2 Midsize grips! I'm back from my golf trip and I can confidently say that I will be playing these irons this year. I still want to see how the 5 iron distance compares to the 6 iron and 4 hybrid. There may not be a big enough gap to justify keeping it in the bag. I forgot to recharge the Shot Scope watch a couple times so I didn't get as many rounds recorded as I'd like. It was fairly windy most days so the yardage numbers are a bit skewed until I get more rounds recorded. Playing Averages so far for the F9 One Leng
  9. I only go down to the PW in single length and so far I like it testing in simulators. I'll be using my ShotScope GPS so I'll have actual measured distances to report. Saturday can't get here soon enough! I forgot to add that I ordered a Mavrik Max driver and Mavrik 3h thru Global Golf's UTry program ($25/ea to play/test for 2 weeks) so I'll report how they work out too.
  10. Winter is the worst. I get bored and start browsing eBay for golf club deals. Of course I usually find something that makes me go 'hmmm'. This time it's a barely-used set of Cobra F9 Speedback One Length irons (5-PW). I was the only bidder so I got a great deal on them. I had to change the grips to my usual midsize CP2 (hated the feel of the standard Cobra Arccos grips) and then added some tungsten to the heads to get the swing weight back to D1. I really like them except for the 5i. I'm guessing the problem is in my head (swinging too hard?) because I hit the rest of them great. The distances
  11. You don't say if you're looking for extra stiff, stiff, regular, etc. But a 10 second search on the web found: apollo stepless trim chart
  12. I lucked out. A coworker is part of a men's club at a local course. A couple years ago, he asked if I wanted to play one weekend to fill out a foursome. I've been playing there most weekends ever since. There's only 1 or 2 guys in the club that I'd rather not golf with. Joining the club ($110/yr) isn't the same as being a member of the golf course but the fee includes your GHIN. I still have to pay for each round, but the men's club organizes various games/events during the season and you have a chance to win some small amount of money (usually $10 - $40) depending on how well you do (net and
  13. Sunday I played Highland National and shot a personal best 76. I've been recovering from a back injury that started the 1st weekend in August. I'm finally pain free but I didn't want to re-injure it so I kept telling myself not to 'over swing' and play an extra club if necessary. Only 1 birdie but I left 3 birdie putts on the edge of the cup and almost chipped in another.
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