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  1. Crap! I was hoping it was an April Fool's thing. I was enjoying being able to leave the flagstick in!
  2. Hmmm - Funny coincidence this info comes out on April Fool's Day or just my suspicious nature? Source for this @iacas?
  3. I've witnessed the exact same thing happen twice in my foursome. The 1st time was because the wind was blowing the flag stick to the side and the ball bounced off the stick and stopped about 1 foot away. The 2nd time, the hole for the flag stick at the bottom of the cup was really worn out and loose and the ball did the same thing. We all agreed leaving the flag in was the best thing to do except in these types of situations.
  4. Uneekor was at the PGA show this year and showed off a new simulator that looks really interesting and would solve the righty/lefty problem since it's mounted overhead. I think they said it's around $6K. I've never heard of it before so I'm not sure how good it is.
  5. I paid $300 for my TM Spider and that included a fitting. It's much better than the Yes! Marilyn that I had. I kept putting to the left with that thing and the feel is much better on the Spider.
  6. I really like GolfTec. My handicap went from 11 to 9 and for a brief 2 week window I was an 8. I paid for 15 lessons and I've been there 9 times so far. I liked the way the instructor concentrated on fixing just one thing and when I have that ingrained, we move on to the next thing. Currently working on the 'chicken wing' which is really hard for me to do for some reason.
  7. OK - I'll get a new vid to show soon. Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. OK - it's only been over a year since I updated this so I figured it's time. I took lessons from Golf Tec this last summer and it helped a ton! I've gotten rid of the forward press to start, the swaying to my right on the backswing, and have been able to keep my head fairly steady thru the swing now. These swings were at about 75% of full speed. If I go much harder then the 'chicken wing' in my left arm creeps in, but it's gotten MUCH better with the drills GT has given me to work on. 7 Iron - Head on 7 Iron DTL
  9. I think they will make their goal this time. They are only $3000 short of their $50K goal and still have 2 weeks left. If you look at the previous attempt, the goal was $400K and he only raised $58K of it so it died.
  10. Hey everybody - I came across this on Kickstarter and thought I'd pass it along. I am not associated with them in any way but I did pledge to buy one. Moderators - if it's not OK to post this, I apologize and please remove it.
  11. Yikes! Those look like something Bill Murray would wear at a Pro-Am!
  12. I like it! I'll have to try that sometime!
  13. Zander - Hail fellow Minnesotan! I have bought Rmotion about this time last year and think it's a nice tool for the money, especially for us Northerners who only get to play half of the year. This is kinda long but here's my take on it: Cons: My biggest complaint is that the driving range won't keep a record of previous shots. For example: If you go to GG or 2ndSwing and hit a bunch of shots in their simulator, you get to see a chart with the all the stats from each swing. Rmotion doesn't do that at all. It will show you the results of each swing but once you make another swing, those stats are gone. The software can't be installed on just any old PC. Check the required specs or you will not be happy with the golf simulator games. The clips for the sensor easy to put on but will get snagged when you put them in/out of your bag. I usually just lean the club up against the wall in my garage until I use it. Pro/Con This is both a good and bad thing (in my opinion) - To get an accurate reading, you HAVE to set the club head square to your target. Their software uses this 'starting point/angle' to calculate how the ball flies. Let's say you have a tendency to setup with the club hooded (aka closed face) to guard against a slice. The software assumes you're lined up straight down the fairway so you will get some wonky ball flight stats. In this example, it would show the ball slicing every time. So you're forced to setup square to get good results. Which is what we're supposed to be doing anyways so that's why it's a good thing I guess. Foot Wedge has it right in that the software has to make some assumptions for ball strike but it's pretty close in my experience. Pros: Super easy to use. Just move the sensor from one club to another and tell the software what club you're swinging. Fairly accurate distances and flight (assuming you have taken the time to setup the specs of your clubs - loft, length from the sensor to the ground, etc) If you install the software on a PC, the golf simulator 'games' can be kinda fun to play. The phone app is pretty nice. I hadn't thought about using it at a dome. I have everything setup in my garage but I can see how that would be a big plus for golfers without a garage or the room to swing a club at home. I'm on the north side of 50 now and this really helps me keep my golf muscles in shape over winter. 2 years ago I went to Orlando with friends for a week long golf trip. After the 1st day, my back hurt so bad that I could hardly play the rest of the week. After using Rmotion last winter, this year's Orlando trip was a piece of cake! No back pain at all 'cause I made sure to 'play' a couple of times each week all winter long. Overall, it's good value for your money based on what you get. It's sort of like Optishot but easier to use. I don't know if I'd buy it just to replace going to a dome. But if you can find room to use it at home or in the garage, then I think it's well worth it.
  14. I've been taking lessons from GolfTec this year too. The gear they strap onto you (shoulder harness and waist) can take a bit to get used to but it's not bad. I met my goal this year by lowering my handicap by almost 2 strokes from 10.5 to 8.6 so I'm happy. I liked the way my instructor had me fixing one thing at a time in my swing. First we got rid of swaying and concentrated on making a good turn instead. Then it was onto the next phase. Very similar to the 5 keys I think.
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