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  1. I'm the same way. I know if I'm having a good or bad round. And if it's a match play format I make sure to know where my/our score is relative to the other person/team. But if a playing partner is keeping score and asks me at the turn if they have the correct score, 90% of the time I have to go over it in my head before I can answer. I find using the app 'The Grint' is helpful in those situations cause I can just click on 'view scorecard' and verify the score for them.
  2. Saturday at Monticello CC for Sr MPGA tournament. Hole #7 is closest to pin (152 yards I think?), used my 7 iron (and a lucky bounce) to 1 foot 3.5 inches. Won $50 for it. Best shot of the weekend for me. Finished middle of the pack in 1st flight on Sunday.
  3. I agree that a scramble sounds best in your situation. If you're handing out any prizes, then I suggest doing a random draw so every team still has a chance to win something. So maybe 1st and 2nd get a prize and then draw for any other prizes.
  4. I use The Grint too. It's nice since I have some buddies that live a few hours away. With this app I can see what they shot and it shows where you stand in stats vs the other guy(s).
  5. Your link for the live stream is working for me.
  6. 9 hole league last night with high winds and hot muggy weather. I shot a +3 (38) and got 13 points from my competitor (and a free beer for winning the last hole).
  7. I am a Unix/AIX/Linux system administrator for a major lawn mower manufacturer. I think it's cool playing a golf course and seeing which ones use our mowers.
  8. FNG here. I broke 80 earlier this year (April I think) when the golf gods smiled on me and I shot a 74 (+2). I also bought your Lowest Score Wins and I'm currently working my way thru it. I've had a hole in one 2 years in a row. Hopefully this will be the 3rd!