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  1. Sunday I played Highland National and shot a personal best 76. I've been recovering from a back injury that started the 1st weekend in August. I'm finally pain free but I didn't want to re-injure it so I kept telling myself not to 'over swing' and play an extra club if necessary. Only 1 birdie but I left 3 birdie putts on the edge of the cup and almost chipped in another.
  2. I rode one of these a couple weekends ago at Hawktree in Bismarck, ND and had a blast. Great course BTW. The brakes needed to be a bit more 'grabbier'. I really had to pull on both brake levers (front/rear) to stop. There isn't enough torque to spin the tires but it has a decent top speed (faster than a typical 2 person cart by far). The ranger was very adamant that the normal carts could only enter/exit the fairways thru the 'gates' that they had setup. But the scooter is light enough that I could drive anywhere within reason. 2 thumbs up! I usually walk 18 but would do pay for the scooter a couple times/year just for the fun factor. Only $3700 to own your own, according to their website!
  3. I did this over the weekend at the driving range at the end of my bucket of balls. No full practice swings, just a couple loose waggles to get the feel of it a bit. The drastically strong grip was the harder of the two in my opinion. It didn't draw and was straight and about 10 yards left of my target. The weak grip was right of the target by about 10 yards too. Both were about the same distance (135-ish if I had to guess). I didn't have anyone around to video it unfortunately. It was an interesting experiment.
  4. It would be interesting to know what the swing weight of each club is too. You can get a pretty good idea of it by a couple of measurements. You just need a scale (in grams) and a tape measure to measure the balance point. See this website for exact instructions: https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-club-swingweight-calculator
  5. May 29 - Stonebrook in Shakopee league play filling in for a co-worker. Shot 37 (+2) on the front 9 with a birdie on #9. Then we played the back 9 for fun and shot 41 (+6) for a 79.
  6. Shot 80 (front 40, back 40) at Highland National in St Paul this weekend. 4 birdies and would have broke 80 easily if not for a triple bogey on a par 3!
  7. There's an Irishman in our men's club that golfs this way for every shot. He said it's because he learned to play cricket first, so gripping the club the traditional way feels 'backwards'. I've seen him play firsthand and he does well (6-9 handicap I think).
  8. I went to my local DSG yesterday and the salesman said all of the forms were snatched up in the first day or so. So I bought an M5 with the Tensei Orange shaft and will be keeping the cellophane on it in case Rory doesn't win and I have to return it. They had all of the drivers zip tied to the display. The salesman said they had 8 walk out the door last week so now they zip tie them down. 😩
  9. I have Maltby TS2's (5-PW) in my bad and really like them. The KE4 is good club too and you can easily adjust the weight on it. I enjoy building my own set and tinkering with the various shafts and swing weights so Maltby components are right up my alley. @Piz has it right when he recommended ordering one club and trying it out. I usually go with a 7 or 8 iron since that's usually the easiest club to hit in my experience.
  10. Very interesting data indeed! I've been playing Chrome Soft since the middle of last summer. But I see the Oncore Elixr scored fairly well and I just happen to have received a free sleeve. I'll definitely give them a try now.
  11. Last year's goal was to get to hdcp of 8 and I did that but it was only for a brief time before it slid up again. 2019 Goals Get handicap to 8 or better and keep it there Eliminate bent left arm (aka chicken wing) at impact! <-- new drills have improved this considerably Get total putts down to around 27 - 31 consistently (currently averaging 34) Get 10+ rounds in the 70's (I had 5 in 2018)
  12. It finally warmed up around here this weekend so I didn't need 3 layers of clothes to golf. So much easier to swing! I managed to get no 6's for the first time ever on Saturday. Usually I double a par 4 or bogey one of the par 5's but I guess all the GolfTec lessons over winter and the drills paid off. I broke 80 5 times last year (a PB for me) but my goal for 2019 is to have 10+ rounds in the 70's this year. So this is a great start!
  13. Crap! I was hoping it was an April Fool's thing. I was enjoying being able to leave the flagstick in!
  14. Hmmm - Funny coincidence this info comes out on April Fool's Day or just my suspicious nature? Source for this @iacas?
  15. I've witnessed the exact same thing happen twice in my foursome. The 1st time was because the wind was blowing the flag stick to the side and the ball bounced off the stick and stopped about 1 foot away. The 2nd time, the hole for the flag stick at the bottom of the cup was really worn out and loose and the ball did the same thing. We all agreed leaving the flag in was the best thing to do except in these types of situations.
  16. Uneekor was at the PGA show this year and showed off a new simulator that looks really interesting and would solve the righty/lefty problem since it's mounted overhead. I think they said it's around $6K. I've never heard of it before so I'm not sure how good it is.
  17. I paid $300 for my TM Spider and that included a fitting. It's much better than the Yes! Marilyn that I had. I kept putting to the left with that thing and the feel is much better on the Spider.
  18. I really like GolfTec. My handicap went from 11 to 9 and for a brief 2 week window I was an 8. I paid for 15 lessons and I've been there 9 times so far. I liked the way the instructor concentrated on fixing just one thing and when I have that ingrained, we move on to the next thing. Currently working on the 'chicken wing' which is really hard for me to do for some reason.
  19. OK - I'll get a new vid to show soon. Thanks for pointing that out.
  20. OK - it's only been over a year since I updated this so I figured it's time. I took lessons from Golf Tec this last summer and it helped a ton! I've gotten rid of the forward press to start, the swaying to my right on the backswing, and have been able to keep my head fairly steady thru the swing now. These swings were at about 75% of full speed. If I go much harder then the 'chicken wing' in my left arm creeps in, but it's gotten MUCH better with the drills GT has given me to work on. 7 Iron - Head on 7 Iron DTL
  21. I think they will make their goal this time. They are only $3000 short of their $50K goal and still have 2 weeks left. If you look at the previous attempt, the goal was $400K and he only raised $58K of it so it died.
  22. Hey everybody - I came across this on Kickstarter and thought I'd pass it along. I am not associated with them in any way but I did pledge to buy one. Moderators - if it's not OK to post this, I apologize and please remove it.
  23. Yikes! Those look like something Bill Murray would wear at a Pro-Am!
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