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  1. Great idea with the tape on the hitting mat. I'll do that and make another video in a week or so.
  2. Thanks for the analysis! I'll work on those things and post a high speed video next time.
  3. So if the rebel fleet could jump to light speed to destroy a ship, why didn't they do that to destroy the Death Star any time they wanted in the first trilogy??
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 25+ years My current handicap index or average score is: 10.5 hdcp My typical ball flight is: mid height draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push Now that winter is here I've moved some things around in the garage, added a heater and am ready to do some practicing. I'm usually a fairly straight hitter but sometimes push it to the right. I'd love to increase my swing speed and get more distance out of all my clubs. All thoughts on my swing are welcome! Videos:
  5. I bought the Rukket Haack Golf Net off Amazon this spring so I could start to get in 'golf shape' early. I really like it. It's easy to assemble/disassemble, the net is well made, the base is heavy enough that it can't tip over easily and the ball will roll back to you (I use it in my garage with a hitting mat).
  6. We don't have anyone quite THAT bad but there is one older gentleman that most golfers don't want to be paired with. His signature move is to throw his club if the shot is even a bit offline. The best retort to one of his temper tantrums that I heard was "Hey XXXX, you're not that good of a golfer to get that mad!" It's my latest favorite saying to anyone that gets mad at their shot (myself included)!
  7. Well I survived and was able to get 100 holes completed in 12 hours. It was really windy but at least it didn't rain. One par 3 (180 yards) was straight into the 20 mph wind, and no matter what I did, I could not get the ball on the green. If you hit a low shot, you either ended up short in the bunkers or you'd go over the green to the back slope. If you hit it higher, then the wind grabbed it and put you in the other bunkers. Bogey was the best I could do all day. The important part is that 28 golfers raised over $21,000 for United Way and everyone had a good time. I tallied up my 'best'
  8. Ha! 54 holes walking is more than I could take! I walk 18 regularly but that's enough. In this event, each golfer has their own cart and it has built-in GPS that shows the yardage to the pin and even where the other carts in the area are so you know if you have to wait before playing your shot. It's pretty hilly and there are some blind tee shots so that's a big help to keep up the pace of play.
  9. The day after Labor Day I'm going to try to play 100 holes in one day. I've done this the previous 2 years and its basically a golf marathon (but it's worth it). It's a charity event for United Way that my company is sponsoring. Everyone gets their own cart and there are 2 golfers per hole (the course is closed to everyone except those of us doing the charity event). We will have about 13 hrs of daylight so that means I need to average just under 8 minutes/hole! The first year we got 100 holes in but we finished in the dark. Last year we had a 45 minute rain delay and then it was cart path onl
  10. I just stumbled across a new golf ball site today that will sell a sleeve as a 'trial'. Cutgolfco.com has 3 types of balls available (4 piece, 3 and 2 piece). I just ordered a sleeve of their 4 piece ball to test for $6.50. A dozen is only $19.95 so I hope I like them! BTW - I am not associated with them in any way.
  11. Hireko Golf is another component website that has comparable prices (hirekogolf.com).
  12. I'm the same way. I know if I'm having a good or bad round. And if it's a match play format I make sure to know where my/our score is relative to the other person/team. But if a playing partner is keeping score and asks me at the turn if they have the correct score, 90% of the time I have to go over it in my head before I can answer. I find using the app 'The Grint' is helpful in those situations cause I can just click on 'view scorecard' and verify the score for them.
  13. Saturday at Monticello CC for Sr MPGA tournament. Hole #7 is closest to pin (152 yards I think?), used my 7 iron (and a lucky bounce) to 1 foot 3.5 inches. Won $50 for it. Best shot of the weekend for me. Finished middle of the pack in 1st flight on Sunday.
  14. I agree that a scramble sounds best in your situation. If you're handing out any prizes, then I suggest doing a random draw so every team still has a chance to win something. So maybe 1st and 2nd get a prize and then draw for any other prizes.
  15. I use The Grint too. It's nice since I have some buddies that live a few hours away. With this app I can see what they shot and it shows where you stand in stats vs the other guy(s).
  16. Your link for the live stream is working for me.
  17. 9 hole league last night with high winds and hot muggy weather. I shot a +3 (38) and got 13 points from my competitor (and a free beer for winning the last hole).
  18. I am a Unix/AIX/Linux system administrator for a major lawn mower manufacturer. I think it's cool playing a golf course and seeing which ones use our mowers.
  19. FNG here. I broke 80 earlier this year (April I think) when the golf gods smiled on me and I shot a 74 (+2). I also bought your Lowest Score Wins and I'm currently working my way thru it. I've had a hole in one 2 years in a row. Hopefully this will be the 3rd!
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