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  1. I have done this to break 100. I used my 7 iron from the tee box. This was also on my league nights, so you can imagine the comments I was receiving. They weren't laughing when my high handicap beat them, with them giving me strokes. I did not start each hole off with an OB shot, or a terrible lie. I dont even even have my driver in my golf bag and and i use my 3 wood (witch I think I am going to be leaving at home also). This is the area where I have the most trouble, is getting out of the box with a decent second shot.
  2. I think it is funny when I am reading a review on a new set of clubs and the appearance portion is just as large as the performance. To me, unless the club is ugly as sin, appearance would not stop me from purchasing it. Professional and personal reviews is what really sells me. When looking at personal reviews I tend to put more stock into what the golfers handicap is. Handicaps closer to mine are placed higher than someone closer to scratch. I was once told a scratch golfer could pick up a set of beat up clubs from a garage sale and still shoot pretty well. So what the higher handicapper feels, sees and how the clubs performs really helps steer me. Maybe be I am way off and maybe that is a contributing factor into my current high handicap.
  3. Double Par

    My Swing (Double Par)

    This is a great point. I know I fall into trying to make up that distance with one good Swing of the club and I just can't do it. Funny thing is that I have removed my driver from my bag completely to remove temptation during a round to try and hit a "good" shot with it. I use a 3 wood off the tee, it acts like my "driver". Another side of the mental segment is that is that there are holes where I have a bad drive and that seems to even throw off some of my iron game. Even when I am not trying to make up for it in one Swing. I seem to get sucked into a black hole with a bad drive and it progressively gets deeper and deeper. What can change mentally from the first couple of holes to the last? How can bad drives make the rest of your swings start to suffer? Maybe subconsciously I am over swinging to help make up that distance lost. Or make up for that drop I had to take because of an OB drive.
  4. Double Par

    My Swing (Antneye)

    That is a great feeling. Seeing and or feeling progress made. It makes all the work you have put in worth it, and makes it easier to continue working.
  5. Double Par

    My Swing (Double Par)

    I will be posting more swings with my three wood and also my hip movement with my shots. Any tips on the mental side of the game? I think my head gets in the way sometimes.
  6. Double Par

    My Swing (Double Par)

    Went out last Thursday for my league night and tried to work on my hips. (Note, we only golf 9 on league night) the first 5 holes I was shooting boggy golf. I was extremely happy about that. The last four holes were terrible. Double boggy was my best score for final holes. The difference between those first five and last four, my drive. I don't use a driver because I never know where it's going to go. I use a three wood. My question is why can I hit my irons so well but my dives are so terrible. I am all over the place. Normally I am happy if I have one to two drives that are nice. Last night I thought I was going to shoot a personal record, and then the wheels fell off. Hit a bad drive, creates bad second shot, leads to swinging way to hard to try and catch up. Are there any tips for the driver that I could use. I have been hitting mid and short irons great lately and long are have been pretty good also.
  7. Double Par

    My Swing (Double Par)

    Thank you for the input. I will search the internet for some good drills and practice those while I am at the range next. I dont know why, but I have it in my head that my shoulder turn on backswing and downswing are not where they are supposed to be, i.e correct plane. Do you see any truth to this or is this all in my head?
  8. Double Par

    My Swing (Antneye)

    I know the feeling. It has rained the last couple of days that I could go to the range. Maybe that's for the better tho...focusing on your problem areas and hopefully build some muscle memory.
  9. Last year I started out doing really well. The other guys in my league were very impressed. I dropped my handicap from last year by 4 points. Then sometime during the middle of the season the wheels fell off. I raised my handicap back up to "same old Double Par". So I feel your pain.
  10. Double Par

    My Swing (Double Par)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years or so. I recently started to take it more seriously. I received three lessons last year. My current handicap index or average score is: 22 handicap. My typical ball flight is: 3w I slice and occasionally hit a fades. Long Irons I tend to fade mid and short Irons I hit fairly straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice with my 3wood. I would like to try and get my ball to draw slightly. Videos: This is my 3W. The shot I managed to record was a decent shot and wouldn't be posting if this was the result of 80% or more of my shots This is my 8 Iron I believe this is my 9 Iron. After watching this, I believe the ball is a little to far back in my stance. My biggest thing I would like to take away from this post is some direction on what I should be trying to work on. I have been trying to get out to the range at least twice a week with upwards up to 4. I have already written this years league off, I am not even in contention for to many wins. So I have been trying to incorporate good technique to shots on the course. This year I have been trying not to have my arms move my shoulders. I am also trying to slow down my backswing, when I take a slow steady backswing good things tend to happen for me. I have recently read a post about flaring my feet out to help with my knees moving to much, that is something that was really bad last year. With my 3wood I have noticed that if I center my ball position more (less forward in my stance) my slice seems to be a lot less and resemble a fade. I am also not the biggest terminology type of guy, so please respond with simple terms. If not, no big deal, I guess that's what they made the internet for.
  11. I have posted worse scores so far this year than last, but I believe my swings have improved. So if "better" golfer is defined by score, then no. My contact is better and more consistent than last year. I am not holding myself to low scores this year as long as I progress my golf Swing and next year I would like to see my scores start to lower.
  12. Double Par

    My Swing (Antneye)

    What software did you download. Easy to use?
  13. Double Par

    My Swing (Peanut)

    Let me start by saying I am also not an instructor. I am not a very good golfer either. But I have watched a lot of you tube videos. Lol So take my words as you would like. On on the start of your backswing it looks like your start to rotate your arms a little quick. The Swing itself looks a little flat as well. Again, I am not an instructor nor a very good golfer. I am sure if you keep checking this forum you will see my Swing up there soon needing advice.
  14. Double Par

    My Swing (Antneye)

    I believe I have some of the same issues as your experiencing. Like Jack Watson mentioned the start of your downswing looks rushed. I purchased an orange whip knock off by Skilz and that seemed to help. It really enforced the pendulum Swing mentioned. If you rush the down swing with your arms or wrists you can feel the whip pull you forward. One thing i have have been doing at the range is "trying" 50% downswings. "Trying" because when your at the range you always want to see the ball go straight and LONG.

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